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  1. Closing..
  2. Closed..
  3. Keep it civil gentlemen or this thread will be locked Thank you
  4. There is already a wish list please use it. Thanks
  5. Thread closed. Please use bug tracker. Thanks
  6. Thread closed. Blanket statements on forum members are not welcome or acceptable. Feedback should be in the correct threads and forums.
  7. Timeout everyone.. This thread will be closed for a day or so.. when it reopens keep it civil or it will be closed permanently and holidays from the forum will be issued to offenders. Thank you.
  8. I honestly cannot say I am surprised.. which is a sad fact.. Again as I have already said I shall be VERY disappointed if the men at the top are not held accountable and taken to task over their shocking mismanagement and greed motivated deception. Given the opportunity to offer creative sentancing... they should be expected to work ONSITE and help clear up the mess.. that way the reality of their own arrogance and greed will be very real to them..
  9. I am sorry walker but Greenpeace? HAHAHAHA no.. While I will agree with you those with vested financial interests clearly have shown to be untrustworthy.. Greenpeace are the other extreme.. imho they are borderline Eco Warrior terrorists. Concering Japan.. the existing controlling corporate should not only be disolved.. but the CEO's and board members should be held not only accountable but criminally prosecuted for concealling the truth.
  10. Ok folks lets stay on track.. peoples individual choice of purchase is their business.. this is not a thread for the the discussion of the merits/pro's and con's of steam or any other digital outlet. Thank you.
  11. I have to admit what angers me the most is the attitude of TEPCO and there board members.. their track record as a business is appaulling is anyone really shocked this has happened? and by that I mean greed over safety, saving face over saving lives.. It is VERY clear at least to me decisions have been made that are clearly financially motivated.. Will they ever be held to account..? I certainly hope so.. Do they care? clearly not.. except to save their own reputation.. Corporate greed with the highest possible negative consequences.. and it depresses me to think they will likely get away with it..
  12. Thread now reopened.. Keep it civil.. or holidays from the forum will be imposed.