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  1. Arma3 Altis Life Server idea

    And ? How is this 'an idea' ?
  2. Free Games

    Got it, thanks mate
  3. France General

    Officially, yes. They cannot say otherwise, but it's obviously not the case, their job isn't to train or council, but to act. http://www.lci.fr/international/irak-syrie-la-traques-des-djihadistes-francais-2054865.html
  4. France General

    Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls to US-backed Syrian forces Finally Raqqa has fallen. The final stand was made by a bunch a foreign jihadists, including numerous French ones (reminds me of the fall of Berlin in 45 where the bunker was also defended by French waffen ss). French special forces seem to have been given the order to eliminate as many French jihadists as possible, Raqqa being the place where terror attack against France were planned and ordered.
  5. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Ugh, spot the intruder
  6. Ah, ok then , i stand corrected. For such an old game, it seems great to me, even if it's decreasing, which is quite obvious after sometimes, despite the DCL's. I for myself do not play ArmA3 each day, but from times to times, depending on mods or DLC or my mood. But i never quit playing it (nor ArmA:CWA), contrary to most of other games i play.
  7. The gaming world doesn't evolve only around mupliplayer base.
  8. I need fix lag

    No clue
  9. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Fox has replied on his website, case closed.
  10. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Pure speculation.
  11. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Come on mate, stop the drama queen and wait for Foxhound to reply.
  12. Forums Upgrade

    Yup, same for me.
  13. Explosion and fire script

    Yes. The calculation of _lifeTick is at the beginning : _lifeTime = 600 _object = _this select 0 _soundloop = 0 _delay = 0.23 _lifeTicks = _lifeTime / _delay _lifeTick = _lifeTicks Given the parameters, _lifeTick is equal to 600/0,23 which is equal to 2608. At each loop, _lifeTick decreases of 1. So you'll have a lot of bang loops before the end of the script. To stop the bangs after 30 seconds, you'll have to change the following line from ?_lifeTick > 0 : goto "Begin" To ?_lifeTick > 2578 : goto "Begin" Or something like that.