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  1. I don't like eating frogs, but well...
  2. Who is 'we' ? I won't click on a random Internet link.
  3. Le français est certes très bas, mais ce forum est anglophone, il faut poster en anglais. This is an English speaking forum, please post in English.
  4. Glad to see that Reyhard is part of it.
  5. Yeah, same for me. The login thingy is back again
  6. OFP = Arma:CWA
  7. No OFP in your poll ? It's called ArmA:CWA now.
  8. dayz minidayz

    Learn how to post politely, mate.
  9. Check cache integrity with Steam.
  10. Thats's a hell of a good job
  11. I'm not used to "Object builder", but in a previous version (Oxygen light) you could change vertex properties and set it to "on surface".
  12. weapons

    (1) Try on Vanilla without any mods ; (2) check game's integrity on Steam.
  13. There's a dedicated video topic for a reason mate.
  14. This is an English speaking forum mate.