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  1. Yeah, same for me. It's my favourite A3 island sofar.
  2. I somehow agree that SP players need more love from BIS.
  3. Yup, check your PM. Nope, it's over for me :)
  4. Nope.
  5. Nope, not in Arma, OFP only.
  6. Come on mate, that Star wars mod is full of ripped off content : https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/205715-star-wars-mod-what-is-going-on/
  7. BI is live on PC gaming show, for Ylands ATM. Finished. That was short.
  8. Yes this is strange, the only mod i launch together with this one is dxdll. I still experience lag, while having no problem with others...i'll check further asap.
  9. So ? BI PR are very silent, nope ?
  10. Using Pbox myself too. Having some glitches on Win7 though, but you can go through.
  11. Yup you're right, we see BI here (partners and speakers) : https://www.pcgamingshow.com/
  12. For my part i've got huge lag at the start, probably because of the seagull script. So i got rid of it, it's better but after some times it starts to lag again...
  13. From what i see here : http://mp037jm24.mapyourshow.com/7_0/alphalist.cfm?alpha=B They won't be present at E3.
  14. The fact is I was genuinely surprised by the fact you want to remove strong words in a game aimed at killing AI bots. Anybody can place his morality where he wants...About strong words, you don't seem to be embarassed to use some in a forum, calling me a troll.
  15. Yeah that's lame but it is lasting since OFP, AI infantry ignoring doors and non functional geometry and pathfindings on large objects. What's not clever is having created such objects for Apex, as if the dev team never played those games.