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  1. Good find. I will think of a way to fix this without touching all markers.
  2. Caching will most likely interfere with Escape as it uses it's own caching system. Even if it works, you will most likely not gain any performance from it. You can't really edit a sqm in texteditor, you need to open the mission in the ingame editor and place planes by hand.
  3. The boats are hand placed in the editor, so you will find them in the mission.sqm. Just search for the classnames. For example: class Item49 { dataType="Object"; class PositionInfo { position[]={11600.451,1.2970161,2515.7061}; angles[]={0,5.5055714,0}; }; side="Empty"; class Attributes { presence=0.2; }; id=168; type="C_Boat_Civil_01_F"; atlOffset=2.3900001; [...] presence is the probability for spawning. The question is not "how?" but "why?". Hehe. Anyway: Good job. We don't ask for donation because we love Arma, we love playing Escape together and we love sharing this expierence and all improvements we made with you guys. But if you really insist on buying us a coffee (or a tea for Scruffy to be precise), you can write me a PM.
  4. Doubt it, there is nothing special about Escape AI. It is basically just normal ArmA3 AI with waypoints as they were placed in editor. The while dynamic of the AI is just because of the scripts that place and move those waypoints.
  5. Adanteh wrote some awesome new UI tech for the next MapBuilder update (WIP):
  6. That answer still doesn't help me in trying to figure out what your problem is. You sould state: What is EXACTLY the problem? Does the mission not show up on your server? Does it show up but does not start? Does it start but is unplayable due to an error? What steps did you tried already? Have you read the readme and description? Have you ever installed another mission on your server that works? Are you familiar with the differences of addons pbos and mission pbos? Have you checked your arma error log (called RPT) for error and warning messages?
  7. With CUP Core you mean CUP Terrains Core? Than no, you definitly don't need it for the Hueys. The problem must be something else. The error sounds like a probem or missing dependency with NAM/Unsung
  8. Sorry for that, but it is outdated aonce 0.9 anyway. I will update the docs as soon as I have some free time and wrapped up the UI overhaul. If you need help, feel free to ask here.
  9. What is the problem?
  10. Experimental build with an attempt to fix the Pitch/Bank export to TB: I need some feedback if this worked and, if not, how the objects end in TB. Unfortunatly I don't have a test terrain in TB to test it right now. Pitch is Shift+Ctrl+Left mouse and Bank is Ctrl+Alt+Left mouse. Kudos to zgmrvn for his find of the TB value range of pitch/bank.
  11. Sorry, I was very busy the last few weeks with RL stuff. But the good news: I fixed the text problem and took the chance to also update a few other aspects of MB for a proper update. You can find version 0.9.1 here. The changelog is here. I updated the controls for better useability and to reflect the controls in EDEN that got released in the mean time. This way people don't have to memorise two completly different 3D editor controls. Still Map Builder has some unique twists to controls to help with object placement. You now select objects with a left click and deselect them with a right click. Middle mouse button is used to draw a selection and right mouse button is now the camera control. All other object manipulation is now bound to the left mouse button: Movement, rotation (Shift pressed) and height adjustment (Alt pressed). Hope this helps to make MB easier to understand. I will try to update the docs in the near future. Help is always welcome. I can't believe the last update was more than two years ago :(
  12. Exactly. But thanks for bringing "setUnitLoadout" to my attention^^ *Goes updating some missions*
  13. Check that your server doe snot have an auto-init entry in config/startparameters. That is a known A3 server bug. Otherweise upload a rpt from a single test of co10_Escape_RHS.Lythium
  14. I am against adding scripted features to mission that change the overall arma gameplay. Such stuff is always better kept in real addon for multiple purposes (if you ask me): Such script can quickly become outdated and need be updated just in time for an A3 patch. This is better handled by addons. I personally expect a mission to run regardless of the game version and future game updates (aslong as script commands are not touched by BI). Not everybody likes altered game mechanics, especially when they come from a mission and you can't "opt-out". I personally use mag repack by Outlawled myself and I assume everyone who wants such a feature already has this addon installed anyway. Slightly touching point 2): Redundancy. When the mission adds a feature that most people already have as addon, this may break something or render the mission unplayable. Hope that answers your question and why I a not thinging about adding something like mag repack. I never added planes, so you most likely played a mission modiefied by somebody else. Maybe Roy Escape or the co10+6 by phantom.
  15. Glad you like the changes. The reson for the different setups is mostly the mods and their individual setup. Maybe I will add some function to make it more balanced between mods. Regarding the planes: Did we ever had civilian planes in 1.8? I don't think so. But Escape has civ boats spawning in harbours on Tanoa to move between islands. Nevertheless I like the idea of the planes.