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  1. As far as I know there are no MLODs for Apex objects available as of now. If you want to use them for mission/template creation your best option is to have a look at how the A2/A3 MB compatibility addons work (you can unpack the pbos bundled with MB). Presets are loaded and saved from clipboard: Ctrl + C -> Ctrl + V
  2. It wasn't changed, it is a a new key and it was stated in the changelog ;)
  3. Typo fixed ;) Testen newest build on Tanoa two times and helis came every time as intended :(
  4. I think it is this way so you have atleast one panel accessible all the time when no key is bound to those actions.
  5. If the domain is blocked by your ISP, Browser or AntiVir, request them to recheck or unblock it. Looks like some blocked my domain because of a false-positive and they didn't recognized the server and IP changed...
  6. That is the old server that is taken down in a few days. Don't use it. works splendid for me from different locations.
  7. Works fine for me but Note that the folder names have changed.
  8. terrain

    What is your grid size? From the screens it looks smaller than 2m.
  9. Thanks for the investigation and your long text, really appreaciate when I am not the only one bug hunting in the code. I can't imagine that the surplus functions are the cause for the trouble. That just isn't how A3 functions work. Also they are written in a state-of-the-art way, meaning all local variables are declared as private so there can't be a sideeffect issue (especially as those functions are never called). I suspect here just bad luck, it worked when you had the functions removed and didn't worked when they were in by pure chance. Also the last builds we played, the extraction worked every time without problems. Next time you test and the helis don't arrive, could you please check if the global variables for the helis are non-null? They are A3E_EvacHeli1 to A3E_EvacHeli3 and they should be broadcasted across all clients. The LOP classnames we used were not supported anymore and so we dropped em to prevent mission classnames and such. Keeping the mission up-to-date with all modpacks is quite time consuming, so the less modpacks, the faster we can update the mission. Mods might be readded when 1.9 comes.
  10. Just a heads-up, this is the Git update log from today with a total of 14 commits from me and Scruffy: We also tested non-dedicated hosting and we had no problems. More stuff coming in the upcoming week.
  11. Write this in a triggers activation field that triggers for all units present and multiple activation allowed: {if(headgear _x != "AAF_pilot_headhelmet") then {_x setdamage 1;};} foreach thislist; Untested but should work as you described.
  12. There is no real spawntime. The chopper starts when AI reports you as escaped. And yes, you can even kill the guards and escape without alerting anybody. I have a pull request for a slight config change to make the chopper settings not "Easy, Normal and Hard" but rather "Unarmed, Lightly-armed and heavily-armed"
  13. Thanks, the problem was already resolved but seems like Google and Sophos keep the warning. I can assure you, that you can safely browse the side.
  14. When the MB module is placed in an MP mission all users can access the interface and objects are synchronized. Everyone can than save/export all of the objects. Make sure to save often and start with a clean map after ~200 objects (better export in small chunks).
  15. No, but many things can go wrong. AFAIK using thw new binarized mission.sqm format can cause problems. Try to pack your mission with an untouched mission.sqm matching the terrain.