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  1. No more Armaholic.com ?!

    If you need technical assistance (if it f**ks you all up) drop me a PM.
  2. co10 Escape

    The config from the enemy units. Escape is mostly using the vanilla loadouts from mods and vanilla and is only removing objects (for example the map). When you want to add other unit classes, you have to edit unitclasses.sqf. If you want other loadouts, the best way is to create a config addon which adds those loadouts to the units.
  3. Why? You can just click the error message away and play australia.
  4. Or (more likely) a thirdparty terrain is tinkering with the CAWorld class (or similar). Run CUP Terrains without any other terrain mods and readd them bit by bit to find the one with faulty config. TerrainSynth config parameter was not in A1. CUP Terrains fixes this for most terrains but some A1 terrains may alter the config and removing the fix by itself.
  5. Google Drive on website is updated. Other mirrors and torrents aswell as the terrain updates will follow Soon™
  6. GD should be updated soon™.
  7. What you describe sounds like a hardware failure that only comes into play, when a program taps more RAM than usual (64bit + Terrains). You can test this with Memtest.exe or something like this. You could also try running A3 64bit with -maxmem=2047 (or lower). Just an idea
  8. co10 Escape

    Okay, sounded like it with "Continue" and "Crash to desktop". The other points are still valid. And make sure your server config doesn't have autoinit value. Australia is a very error prone map (like most "life"-terrains). There is a lot of model and config stuff going on that may break server/clients when combined with other mods or units. I am pretty sure that your CTD is not because of the mission itself but because of the terrain and maybe an interaction with the units in the mission.
  9. co10 Escape

    @darkfurby1 is right. The wall of the shack is to thin to have random placed units inside without the possibility of some to spawn outside. Actually they don't spawn outside, they spawn on the inside and another unit is pushing them through the wall. The shack template will most likely be removed and/or replaced completly.
  10. co10 Escape

    Heyho. That sounds like you are hosting the mission in your client. As the download page states, client hosting is not supported. You can start a dedicated server on your computer in the background with "-server" commandline. The falling in the sea is the result of some player not having the australia terrain or having a different/corrupted version. This is not a problem with the mission itself.
  11. Select objects, hit Ctrl+C, tab out of Arma and into an texteditor of your choice, hit Ctrl + V. When you paste it in a fn_something it is even the type of function you want. All objects are relative to the mouse position when you hit Ctrl+C.
  12. MapBuilder can import stuff placed in Editor and export them as sqf scripts (that recreate the composition on original or another spot when called).
  13. co10 Escape

    That is intentional but was broken due to a bug. The alarm goes off, when the AI becomes aware of a player having a weapon (not the other way around).
  14. Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    No... "video signal" is not possible from a modding standpoint. For testing I used either VorpX or Reshade with stereo shader, but both look crappy in the headset when full body tracking is in. In the vidoe above I didn't even had a signal in the headset and just played with the controllers. Real stereo rendering from the engine is the only mandatory tech vor VR that does not work for A3 as of now.
  15. co10 Escape

    Devbuild 139 fixed a logic bug and tweaked some values. Especially "Cadet" and "Easy" are easier now (Easy comparable to before the AI patch) and "Normal" should be as it was meant to be back in early A3. Please note that the AI in the last year was dumber as intended as BI broke AI a few patches back. Now it is more like it was meant to be.