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  1. Preventing players from not waiting for revive was on my list for quite some time. Maybe now is the right time to add something in that regard :)
  2. I am quite certain that has to be a problem with the new A3 patch. There is nothing in Escape that would create an AI when a player leaves. Regarding the revive: Why do you go back to lobby and back in when you die? Do you mean getting unconscious or really "dying and triggering vanilla respawn"? Any addons running? Me and my squad don't have these problems. May you guys have a look into your RPTs and search for supicious error messages?
  3. Probably not as that would be a completly new mission with a very different gameplay. Also there are some design challenges for this. That is how fire behaves in Arma: Making an unreasonable lot of damage to units standing near. And it would have killed you but the revive kicked in to prevent that ;)
  4. Said before: No. Dynamic Simulation is not something that can be simply attached to any mission and works as replacement. In fact Escape uses a system very similar to BIs dynamic simulation but is more geared towards how Escape is played (small player group that nearly crosses the complete map with curated locations like villages). So there will neither be a performance gain nor a gameplay advantage by using Dynamic Simulations (in the near future atleast). Escape has its own "Dynamic Simulation"
  5. Try changing the mission parameters back to defaults (in lobby). It might have saved the Debug value to true somehow (maybe accidentally changed and saved it, or a user changed it when voted as admin).
  6. The functions that removes and adds gear from enemies is in "Scripts\Escape\functions.sqf" and is called drn_fnc_Escape_OnSpawnGeneralSoldierUnit I suggest recycling one of the random functions for randomly adding EPI etc.
  7. Search this topic, that is exactly the error that occurs when the server is misconfigured. This has nothing to do with the mission itself. AFAIK some server settings for e.g. Exile break other missions (most common case)
  8. Local host is NOT supported as stated on the first page. Neither me nor a few other groups that play the current build can't reproduce your errors. If you have errors, please check your RPTs for possibly related errors and post them (the errors not the RPT) here. I can't fix stuff I can't reproduce. Also note that the mission should always be played on A3 stable branch.
  9. Are you using a dedicated server?
  10. Don't use "-init" in your client/server command line ( and don't specify a default mission and mission rotation in your server.cfg ( Oh, also use a dedicated server. This mission doesn't work when hosted on a client as mentioned in the first post.
  11. Remove autoinit from your serverstartup and remove any default mission from config. That is a known A3 bug.
  12. Missing view geo is definitly a bug. We will fix it ASAP.
  13. Scruffy made some changes to extraction and some stuff wasn't behaving correctly. We thought it was all fixed, but we will look into it some more.
  14. Are you sure you set the first parameter to "Use below and save"? After that you normally don't need to touch anything in the parameters and it stays as it is (in mission only, the parameters will NOT reflect the stored settings, they will always revert to default, engine limitation). It works for me splendid. If the values are really applied and NOT restored, your profile namespace may be read only (make sure A3 can write the profile data, start server as admin for example).
  15. I meant "reading" not "lecture" ;) Still I am unable to make a any sense of your picture. Maybe you could have taken the 5 mins to photoshop it to actually find the answer to your script problems ;)