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  1. Your screen says 29xxx tiles, so that should be approx. the number of rvmats.
  2. That amount of rvmats is normal. Nearly every tile has its own rvmat. Only similar tiles (for example only ocean surface) use the same. Also they are text only and easy to pack/load for buldozer/Arma.
  3. Sorry, don't habe a quick fix, but I am struggling with the offsetted text myself.
  4. Do you say this, because of the format or did you tested it?
  5. Make your Sat and Mask in a different file format. I think BMP takes incredibly long while png is pretty fast (or the other way round).
  6. Vive has the same stuff, it is just branded differently. Also DCS and Arma are two completly different things. DCS has mostly a cockpit so you don't need to rely your vision on far away objects when moving your head. @KeyCat You also need to take into account that Arma needs to be rendered twice for VR. So you should halve your 50-60 FPS in Arma vor VR. Also A3 has a big problem with ever changing framerates depending on what you are looking at. This can cause severe nausea.
  7. See first post:
  8. See parameter list in the role selection screen (as logged in admin). You can set the starting time to somewhat around 07:00 and store it for the next sessions.
  9. I quite agree @mondkalb. But luckily a lot of these communities with illegaly monetized servers are hostile against each other. You might receive a lot of emails and PMs from players and server admins reporting illegal use of your content, because thease people actually go through the onion of registrations and paywalls to cook the goose of their rival server. And sure, this is just a little bit helpful while the complete approved server stuff is still a big blackbox for us.
  10. The roadnet of main roads is much denser than on "normal" terrains. I think it compares well to CUP Malden.
  11. 1.75 is the newest release but there is a build server (in the first post) with the 1.8 branch with 1-2 week updates. Also a pic of beating Escape with style:
  12. It is in the dev repository listed in the frirst post. Check build 120. Missions with *.Malden are on the new Malden while *.Abel is on CUP (OFP) Malden.
  13. Bug with terrain builder txt import. Place objects without any pitch and bank (only apply rotation and nothing more). When pitch and/or bank is needed apply it directly in terrain builder after import.
  14. Yes, because that doesn't make sense from the missions gameplay perspective: As Scruffy said: BLUFOR is always the players side in config. In this terms, BLUFOR does not mean "NATO/USMC/etc" but "Players"-side. In the Escape configs BLUFOR can actually mean the russian/iranian/chinese, etc sides. If you want to have East as player and Ind+West as enemy, make sure you have East as BLUFOR, West as OPFOR and Ind as Indep. Check the "xyz is friendly to zyx" settings (in eden editor or mission sqm) aswell as the config.sqf entries.
  15. When the message contains "Archangel" it definitly spawns fine as the name is read from the unit itself. Otherwise it would say "Null-Object is down" ;) So it was shot down out of your sight and enabled the other helis to reach you. Hurray for Archangel!