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  1. [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Hey Undeceived, thank you for the enthusiastic remark, but hold your horses, my comeback is not a scripting marvel like your masterpieces! ;)
  2. [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Thank you guys, hope this one is enjoyable for you as well! :)
  3. [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Yay, first new mission release since January 2016! Version: 1.0 Required Addons: UN Units 2030 by SabreD http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26799 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374644346 Contents: -One folder for use in the editor (feel free to learn and copy from this mission). -One pbo that goes into the "missions" folder to play right away. Overview: After a brutal 4-year civil war, the Jerusalem treaty brought an unsteady peace to Altis. Frequent clashes throughout the first months of 2030 caused the ruling, but powerless political parties to turn to the UN for help. As of June 1, 2030, the UN Force Intervention Brigade is beginning to forge a peace in Altis. With UN Transition Support Altis mission in effect, your task as Pakistani Marines offier is to clear the mines on the main road towards Topolia and spread the reach of the UN outside of the capital Kavala. Known Issues: The objectve does not tick off, despite having a trigger with SetTaskState "Succeeded". Mission does end anyway. Download http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/V4ONKoqp/file.html http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1191658387 Credits: [Dust]Sabre for his versatile UN addon Kronzky for his handy UPS BIS for a great game series Cheers Mathias
  4. [SP/Dynamic] Heli Crash

    This is a mammoth mission, but a proper briefing is missing..... what is the significance of the yellow and black circles. Why will some red circles remain undeleted? Any clues where to find a helo to escape? Right now it's a massive "me vs the world" scenario one could play for a whole day on end without a path towards winning it.
  5. [SP]Resistance: The Invasion

    This is a very well executed little mission, I love the immersion you created with the soundbites and camera angles. I hope there's more of your stuff out there, because that would surely be worth playing.
  6. Invasion of Altis

    As already posted on Steam, this mission does not show up in the Scenarios list when subscribed.
  7. [SP Campaign] Conquer/Control/Collapse

    I tried the first mission via Steam subscription, it is called "Invasion Central". Is this a campaign that is made of just 3 missions? Then the whole load of addons is hard to justify, and the mission in question features nothing more than a bit show of combat and a pitch black firefight. Control Mission 1 "Prologue" cannot be played due to a deleted jsrs2-amv marshal file, despite having JSRS mod installed as listed in the links available on the misson's Steam entry. I tried the Control campaign v.1.14 off mediafire. The first mission I already tried on steam, the second mission has plenty of action, and fairly well distributed save points, but the whole background story is a bit weird.... a base in a country that is obviously hostile to the US, then sending just 2 squads to help that hostile force, which is battling super soldiers from the future (CSAT)... I could not suspend my disbelief. The mission did not end as the extraction helo never came. The third mission also has plenty of action and well placed saves, yet the same problem at the end, it simply does not end. The 4th mission is too dark - I really need NVG's so I have very high losses in encountering that patrol. The rest of the mission is good though and does end properly, so I won't spoil the rest of it. The 5th mission is in general a good idea, but simply impossible to beat because the tanks are rolling too fast and always mow me and my squad down. I remember an original OFP mission with that same premise that executed this scenario perfectly. The enemy needs just a bit of delay to allow the mission to function as intended. The 6th mission is a short, transitional mission that features one ambush only, but it works and ends. The 7th mission overdoes the enemy onslaught. First, the player is put into total open ground devoid of any cover or concealment, and secondly, there are so many enemies and bullets in the air, that they always get you while crawling to the "Fall back" waypoint. Had to cheat-end the mission. The 8th and last mission is basically just an in-game end credits mission and could have been done as an outro as well.
  8. [KOTS] Singleplayer & Coop Scenarios

    I overlooked this mission for all these years, and it is great, but one notch above my capability... it would be perfect if there would be no helo... tried the SP version by the way.
  9. Tanoa Infantry Unit

    Hi gentlemen, Tanoa just got another addition: The Tanoa Infantry Unit Author: mathias1978 Author Website: http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: Official APEX expansion: https://arma3.com/apex Version: 1.0 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds just some basic Tanona infantry grunts in a self made camo pattern and an armored APC to ride around before going for a hump in the jungle. Units can be found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Infantry Unit-->Men. The APC can bei found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Infantry Unit -->Cars, and there is a full squad also available under "Tanoa Infantry Unit" when you hit the "Groups" tab (F2) Changelog: v1.0 first release. Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. R0adki11 for continous support and advice. IndeedPete for handy retexture templates. Armaholic Download, thanks to Foxhound: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32499 Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883058944
  10. [SP/CAMP] Broken Arrow

    About time to beta test this campaign ;) First mission: On patrol The overall campaign and mission overview has some low-res pics, but they serve their purpose as being overview pics, one line of text is ok for this format. The cinematics are rather long and well made, which is a real plus. The briefing is short and to the point, whereas the overall mission is only mildly challenging as befits an intro mission. I have not played this campaign in a long time, so I am eager to re-discover the next missions. Second mission: Get Started Overview, briefing, and cinematics display the same solid standard as in the first mission, and without spoiling anything, the second mission is a mildly challenging shootout with out any bugs. Pretty enjoyable. Third mission: Destroy and Search All the above mentioned "frills" are ok, and the ambush is pretty do-able but then you resort to the cardinal sin of spawning the enemy in open terrain out of thin air in the player's back. After a few retries I gave up because this is just, well, sub-par editing. Fourth mission: Locals This one has one mission critical bug of a missing sniper rifle in the motorcycle, so I cannot kill the general, which apparently would reveal the second contact's location, so the mission cannot be ended. Fifth mission: Rob the enemy I gave up trying to raid the northern camp after the 15th retry - it just feels silly to attack with just 5 men, when there ar quite some Guerillas at hand that should advance in concert with your wave, and not start moving out once my squad is being cut to pieces. Sixth mission: Defend Ravany The intro does not end on this one, but other than that, it is a solid mission which features numerous firefights.... towards the end there is a lull that led me to search the hills for remaining enemy, but after killing the last BMP-2, the mission did indeed end. Capture Zavarak This is a very hard mission with plenty of firefights.Only at the end, I could not be arsed anymore to check every building in that village for hostages - they need to be placed somwehere obvious - so I used the endmission cheat. Last mission: Radar This mission was plagued by enemies appearing out of thin air again - sorry, I just could not stand this any longer so I never played through this.
  11. [SP] Operation Scotch Lass

    I tried this one today, and it really kept me on my toes. Took a Ghillie suit and a non-silenced MX rifle, and also the car insertion, but I could not find any option to skip the time? Where at the starting location would that be? Combing the villages was just great, really awesome, and very challenging. I opened up any crate I came across, but none contained an UAV Terminal. It's true. Once at the airport, searching the many crates in the barracks was a major disgrace and the only letdown in the mission, save for not finding the UAV terminal at all. So sad. Bottom line: Would I have come across the UAV terminal, this would have been a great mission!
  12. [SP/MP] Hunting Party

    Ok, I just tried this one in SP and it is really short. Might be quite some fun as a team in MP against each other, but in SP it has limited replay value.
  13. Grand Theft Altis [Official]

    I tried this one today, and while I really like its setup, I think meanwhile, it does not work as advertised. The Hostage Situation tak was registered as completed first, and later as failed on my way back home. I noticed that no action menu popped up that allowed the hostage to join me (I expected something of this nature), As I was shot, I intended to regenerate back at my house, but again, there was no option to initiate sleep. Did not find any custom radio command for that and no action menu entry popped up.
  14. Underwater Mission: Deep Hell

    I am surprised that nobody ever commented on this, as this is a good mission. The objectives feel realistic, there are no bugs, and I really like that little surprise you had waiting for me on the beach of the airbase. Underwater missions are rare beasts, and this one is really recommended to play. A bit more story in the briefing and cinematics would be nice, but the rest of the mission is very much ok.
  15. Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    I still feel that hooking into a real world scenario is easier, because of most people's preconceptions of that historical or current era. But you are right, a good story can be told with any background. Looks like we should attend writer's classes..... ;)