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  1. You can command the AI but if you're new to the mission let the AI Commander (Selected by default) take control until you get used to it. And i play alone alongside the AI for hours on end and it's a lot of fun. Playing with a friend or two is much better though. Stick with it and don't give up.
  2. It's needs to be played Multiplayer, you can put it in your MPMission folder and play it alone that way hosting your own game but dedicated Multiplayer is the best. Hope that's not too confusing for you. I play it on my own against AI or with a few friends running off my little dedicated server, which is a separate PC running a core i3. I playtest it on my own PC hosting Multiplayer Lan/Internet game and it runs just fine on my core i7.
  3. Here's my latest personal Sari Malden 0.97 LG Edit. About 30 towns to capture. LINKS REMOVED DUE TO BENNY'S 0.98. It's a no brainer!!!! Here's my latest personal Sari Altis 0.97 LG Edit. About 50+ towns to capture. LINKS REMOVED DUE TO BENNY'S 0.98. It's a no brainer!!!! Apologies for removing LINKS in earlier posts above but I've been tinkering so much that my edits where changing daily. Me and my son have been playing this to death so I'm happy with it so far. If you're not i don't care. All towns markers start green instead of default black to reflect Resistance ownership. Unit cams fixed in Benny's unreleased 0.98 so i moved the fix to my Sari edits with an external view (3rd person needs to be enabled if i remember, i did test it a while back but don't play with third enabled. That's for pussies). Added weather parameter from Benny's 0.98. Added Repair & Unlock Skill from 0.98. Default starting loadouts changed due to my 16 year old son moaning, he wanted even more powerful weapon loadouts but i made a compromise. Fuel & Earplug script added. Plus additional shit i've added, changed and/or fixed. Right I can't be assed to write any more, just download, play and leave me alone. Any towers you can't climb let me know and i'll fix them. They should be fine as i painstakingly placed them carefully, even their directions (You'll see a lot of love went into it. ). But there's always one i guess. Same goes with depot's, which i elevated to 0.4 just in case of uneven ground, objects and shit! Thanks to Benny, a true gentleman. And thanks to Sari, Tasty & Onno. Respect to all you guys. If you downloaded my files before the date below they may have been my p*ss about test files. My dropbox was a bit of a mess so i've tidied up and added new links and newer mission files. DOH!!!!!
  4. You just beat me as i was typing. Will have to type faster.
  5. Open the mission pbo and look for the folder "hpp" and inside edit the file "Parameters.hpp".
  6. He's currently working on Becti 0.98. I've been emailing him pretty much daily giving him feedback, error reports etc. Cuz i quit my job what else am i to do? It's still WIP which is why i removed my Altis link above, anyway here's the link to his latest WIP I think this may be his last one though sadly if i read his email correctly.
  7. While playing Benny's latest Current & WIP i liked the fact you can change the weather and turn rain on and off. But while it's still WIP and probably a while before it's released into the wild i decided while the wife was asleep to implement it into my own Sari edit. So a few script edits later here it is for anyone who wants to play while it's pissing down. I played a few times on a local as couldn't be f*cked to fire up my dedi, first time it started sunny but second time it was absolutely chucking it down. I actually love playing it when it rains, kinda relaxing. And I didn't see any errors in my RPT, well i had one when i implemented it but fixed it straight away. These are the parameters at the bottom of the parameters list: class CTI_WEATHER_ALLOWRAIN { title = "WEATHER: Allow Rain"; values[] = {0,1}; texts[] = {"False","True"}; default = 1; }; class CTI_WEATHER_INITIAL { title = "WEATHER: Inital Time"; values[] = {0,1,2,3,10}; texts[] = {"Morning","Noon","Evening","Midnight","Random"}; default = 0; }; class CTI_WEATHER_FAST { title = "WEATHER: Day Duration"; values[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}; texts[] = {"1 hour","2 hours","3 hours","4 hours","5 hours","6 hours","7 hours","8 hours","9 hours","10 hours","11 hours","12 hours"}; default = 5; }; class CTI_WEATHER_FAST_NIGHT { title = "WEATHER: Night Duration"; values[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}; texts[] = {"1 hour","2 hours","3 hours","4 hours","5 hours","6 hours","7 hours","8 hours","9 hours","10 hours","11 hours","12 hours"}; default = 1; LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE - FILES DELETED!! Benny fixed the unit cam so i transferred to my SARI edit. Works a charm! Any problems then play minecraft, i don't give a sh*t! Credits to Benny, Sari, Tasty & Onno. And a teeny weeny bit for me, like 0.0000000001 %.
  8. Take no notice buddy. Just carry on doing what you're doing, plenty of people appreciate what you've done so far. That's all that matters and nothing else.
  9. I've updated Benny's latest Becti WIP with my Altis version linked above. I was having respawn issues so got in touch with Benny and he fixed it bless him. Apparently due to a respawn bug. Will update as he does. Oh and if there's any problems it's Benny's fault. Hehe Will finish the remaining towns tomorrow and then it's a case of keep updating as Benny does.
  10. Done. Thx ;) EDIT: I've since removed the above after going on the Halo script forum page and reading through. It's not for me but anyone can add it since you posted a howto, although they need to download the script and follow the instructions. Just don't ask me for help. I'll be posting an update sometime later on as Benny has released an updated WIP plus i've added more towns. Did a quick playtest on local server as couldn't be *ssed to fire up my dedi. Getting older goes together with laziness very well. I've done about 25 ish towns now and will do more later on after me and my young son finish our workout. Getting older and fitness don't go together very well. But spending time with my son makes it all worth it.
  11. I don't know if anyone is doing an Altis version of Benny's Becti Current WIP, but i have. It's only got 16 towns currently but adding more every day. Probably double that by tomorrow. I've also implemented start time and start month parameters as well as earplug and fuel consumption script as in my previous Sari edits. This is my personal edit but willing to share and to do with as you wish. Sorry but i won't be taking requests as I can't be bothered to do any more than what i wish to do. I'll update as Benny updates and pinch as much as I can be bothered from my Sari edits. I'm getting old and grumpy. LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE - FILES DELETED!! Towns completed so far (25+) Forgot to count them, doh!
  12. @genesis92x I implemented your vcom_ai into Warfare and i'd just started playing again after a break from ArmA3 and noticed my AI instead of using the road decided to swim instead, probably because it was the shortest route. Is there a chance you can make them avoid water unless they have a boat in a future update or whatever magic you can come up with? I was wondering why i seemed to be taking the towns on my own until checking the map, the AI where taking a dip. I will test again without your vcom_ai mod as i have a version without it, but it's kinda sh*t playing without your AI mod. It could be a recent update or just bad luck that this happened, but in all the time I've played I've never noticed them avoiding a road and taking a dip instead. I might try ASR_AI and see if that does it as well. Sorry for the blasphemy in mentioning another AI mod. And thanks for creating such an excellent addon/script. And apologies for even thinking it has anything to do with your addon/script.
  13. @Sari Are these the one's from your server? After firing them up the old errors that have been removed in my edited versions which i pinched from your server are still there? I'm going through it today with a file compare program just to make sure. Either way, thanks for sharing. It's what i like about you guys, the sharing. I still play cRCTI and Sari's version of Warfare. Played both this week after a break from ArmA3 and got my *ss spanked! I'm a little rusty. @-ToR-TheCapulet Nice to see you still working on Becti. I've been reading the updates regularly on steam. I'm kinda stalking you i guess.
  14. I've since sent my love to Dwarden for fixing it. I have also given myself 100 lashes for my tantrum above. May BI forgive my sins!
  15. @dwarden After my tantrum on the becti forum i am now feeling the love again. Thanks for fixing the server issue, using performance_168_141269_v14. Works a charm, really appreciate it mate!