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  1. I've since sent my love to Dwarden for fixing it. I have also given myself 100 lashes for my tantrum above. May BI forgive my sins!
  2. @dwarden After my tantrum on the becti forum i am now feeling the love again. Thanks for fixing the server issue, using performance_168_141269_v14. Works a charm, really appreciate it mate!
  3. This is what annoys me, i'm no scripting guru and enjoyed this a lot, to the point of buying and building a home server. What a waste of f*ckin' money that was. Getting a bit fed up with the ArmA series now, unless you know someone willing to fix it you're basically F*CKED! Time to move on to something new and something better. PONG seems interesting, it's 45 years old and that ain't broke!
  4. Please find the time as there's nothing on TV and all the pubs are closed! Oh and there's a curfew! Now you have time.
  5. You tease Rydygier.
  6. Now i wouldn't have admitted that.
  7. Good job alky' that's a lot of work man. Now rest those sore typing fingers.
  8. Will be hovering around the forum in anticipation. And will miss you while your RL work takes you over, just hurry back.
  9. Yeah i only play as blufor so never bothered implementing it into opfor. And as for hosting with additions i don't have a problem as i believe the forums are about sharing. As long as the credits remain in the mission as i have left them for benny, sari, tasty and onno. It's a show of respect and gratitude. LG
  10. Parameters.hpp is in the RSC folder.
  11. This one has vcom ai implemented, earplug script and kp fuel script. LINK REMOVED DUE TO BIS UPDATE F*CKING IT UP! This is without vcom and with CAS but has earplug script and kp fuel script. LINK REMOVED DUE TO BIS UPDATE F*CKING IT UP! And this one has CAS by Incontinentia in the west commander top slot, if i remember he has CAS in his name West Alpha - CAS. And has earplug script and kp fuel script. LINK REMOVED DUE TO BIS UPDATE F*CKING IT UP! ****Please NOTE guys these are my own edits for personal use for me and my kids so there are changes like camps and depots. I've added extra towns too plus gone through the files with Enigma's Type SQF Editor. They are destructible which is what i prefer but feel free to edit vanilla.sqf in Common\Config\Core_Models\ and change back to Land_BagBunker_Tower_F & Large_F. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_CAMP", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V3_F"/*"Land_BagBunker_Tower_F"*/];//--- Camp classname to be used. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_CAMP_FLAG", "FlagPole_F"];//--- Camp flag. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_CAMP_FLAG_POS", [-5,5]];//--- Camp flag relative position. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_CAMP_RDIR", -90];//--- Camp placement direction. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_DEPOT", "Land_Cargo_House_V3_F"/*"Land_BagBunker_Large_F"*/];//--- Town classname to be used. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_DEPOT_BUY_DIR", 0];//--- Town depot buy direction. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_DEPOT_BUY_DISTANCE", 21];//--- Town depot buy distance. missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_CO_DEPOT_RDIR", 0];//--- Town depot placement direction. Anyway i hope you enjoy, but credits remain, thanks to Benny Sari Tasty & Onno. Love you guys. Any problems, call a priest!
  12. Hi celludriel I did wonder why there were debugs ie: weather and yeah eye on/off made ai light up like a Xmas tree so glad to hear that was a debug. Shame the North Island is a little cramped and very bumpy but it works well enough, and thanks for the boat. I can now slip off to the rear of the Northern island and hopefully sneak in. And i wasn't expecting an Altis version just yet as fully understand you need this to run perfectly first. I see you're going to add vcom_ai, that would be cool as it's something i use when playing sari's becti warfare on my dedi. I've added the above link to my favourites and following this topic, so i will be keeping an eye out for updates etc etc. Thanks for what you have created so far as only yesterday i was looking for a coop mission to put on my dedi that wasn't as script heavy as Sari's becti and Kastenbiers crCTI which are my two favourite MPMissions. One question, will a future update maybe make unused MP slots ai capable via parameter or is that a bit much to ask? Not worried though as me and my sons are very good so a 3 man team will still have fun no matter what. Thanks again LG
  13. @celludriel Just put this on my dedi server at home and what a little gem this is mate. I haven't got a clue what everything is or does yet but i've just alt tabbed out of a game to write on the forum. One thing i think would be nice is too have the option of landing by boat as i found while testing my heli got shot to sh*t. But to be honest i had no clue what to expect lol. Didn't know what eye on/off did but do now, maybe some briefing notes in the near future. Will be watching for future updates mate. Keep up the good work. I think i might play this at the weekend with my two sons instead of becti or crCTI for a change. A thumbs up from me so far. Hope an Altis version is in the pipeline unless it's easy to convert. LG
  14. I implemented vcom_ai into my sari edit. Much more fun, and ai is always going to be a little dumb, but then again some human players are pretty dumb too.
  15. Install texview2 in bi tools 2.5 which will enable you to convert png to paa for example as well as view images. Then just google convert to paa for example. Hope it gets you started.