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  1. I've had a little go at it and I like it. Wasn't able to stick it onto my dedi as I don't like using steam for the server. Some bugs .... I have found that my AI (when they die) do not always respawn :( Inventory needs a little look (as starting with nothing on respawn is a little disheartening. Either give a save option (and remove from the stashes) or respawn with same equipment please. This has GREAT potential.
  2. Excellent ... thanks b00tsy! Could we get a non-Steam link as well please ? Dropbox or GoogleDrive would be cool.
  3. Once again problems with the antialiasing of grass and trees with new performance branch ! They are sourrounded by white!
  4. They removed sleep 5; from the exe :)
  5. I keep checking GitHub every day looking for updates :) I'm even happy to test WIP versions (if there was a branch for it!)
  6. You're right about some wonderful games that haven't been played ... I'm in the same boat. I take a break from the armaverse now and again .... but the bugger ALWAYS drags me back again! Don't be a stranger for too long mate! We'll miss you! PS I have a Rift + Touch too .... handle is still the same 'Kremator'.
  7. ai command

    Yes it is run on the client. AFAIK it doesn't interfere with ACE3. It is THE best AI controller in the armaverse!
  8. Just stopped my dedi server after running it for 11 hours as half AI leaders had stopped moving (this is the Malden version).
  9. ai command

    I'm afraid there is a lot of low level BIS stuff that we cannot access. The AI are really quite dumb in lots of situations - don't get me started on driving !
  10. I'll keep testing myself mate. Could just be one of those things, but the fact that it said CTI_XXXX made me think it was BECTI related. LOL .. good luck with the DIY ! EDIT: I've found that some AI have real difficulty in disembarking vehicles that cannot move (wheels wrecked or stuck on scenery etc) .... there needs to be a 'not able to move' check in there, that then causes units to go on foot.
  11. Got a crash when playing your malden version (running VERY well except for that). Can't be sure that some other mod caused it - but it is a new one for me. 19:51:23 Warning: no type entry inside class CTI_RscRespawnMenu/controls/LineMarker
  12. There is no base respawn. If you die without a defib ... you restart (BUT your base will still be there - you just have to find it again!). With a defib you will respawn where you dropped (sometimes a good idea to wait a minute or so for enemies around you to despawn!)
  13. @law-givermany thanks.... testing now on my dedi
  14. ^^ I don't think so, unless they are labelled as incapacitated. Dead is dead.
  15. A nice feature - but they shouldn't be able to it IF you are in the vehicle (or if you lock it) My main problem was 3 AI groups not moving from a disabled (or certainly not moving on a steep slope!) vehicle, effectively taking them out of the battle instead of transporting them into the battle!