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  1. Superb update. Thanks very muchly.
  2. Surely there is one VERY easy solution. Noone is allowed to re-upload a mission/mod to Steam except the original author. Should any unofficial mods be seen on Steam they are immediately reported and taken down. This would satisfy everyone wouldn't it?
  3. Is it possible to have it appearing on every person always, even when there is no zeus ? I'd like to know who is having a less than optimal time on my server and most missions don't have a zeus.
  4. This indeed sounds like a problem with the server. The server sounds overloaded (too many AI, or too many scripts running). Ping is only a very small part of it. If you own the server you can drastically change things for the better. Arma isn't like most games .. it will biatch slap you all over the place! However once you get her purring there isn't much she cannot do :)
  5. assistance

    Brilliant news on update. This autopilot is in my alwayson mod group.
  6. Would this work ss a mod where All vehicles are tagged and upgraded to setFeatureType 2? I'd be happy to test out on my 1080 rig at 12k VD. Edit: not clever enough to make a mod myself!
  7. The issue is obviously the server you are playing on. It is either not powerful enough or your bandwidth is an issue. I have played on servers in Australia (I'm in the UK) and not had any problem with any lag. There is a Servers and Administration section on these forums that is recommend following. Server settings make all the difference. The only thing we really haven't had it proper input from BIS about the ideal setup for servers.
  8. I've just downloaded again as my vehicles were appearing undamaged (which is lovely but easymode :) )
  9. What pisses me off is that this guy actually says he's using someone's stuff that had been modified. That, my friend, is you using someone elses work ! How come he doesn't get it ?
  10. Your test therefore makes me think that something has gone wrong with the git repo rather than something BIS has done. From my testing, like you, I've found no problems with Proman CTI or with Becti 0.97
  11. Quote of the dayTM
  12. Nope disagree. The latest PERFORMANCE binary works perfectly for Proman AND for BECTI. Have tested both in a dedi environment. No issues for respawning now.
  13. Buying something 'stolen' using real honest money doesn't make is less stolen. The law isn't on the purchaser side and the stolen car would be returned to the rightful owner and you'd be out of pocket. That is the way the law works I'm afraid. In this case, my advice is never to use SteamWorkshop and that way your files are safe. Shocked at all this name calling - for shame /s
  14. Perhaps if you had upgraded to the CORRECT server binary - oh wait you can't cos you didn't BUY THE GAME !
  15. Has anyone made some really good HETMAN missions they could share ?