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  1. Based on duda123's amazing work .... is it possible to have train ambience in tpw mods ?
  2. Dear Devs, Posting here to get some visibility - otherwise it will get lost. Game modes (CTI and Warfare) that rely on AI respawning has been broken by 1.68. So this is a major problem - with no words from DEVs. Can we at least give the mission authors some chance at understand what has been borked in 1.68 please? I'm sure a LOT of people will chime in here. And please DON'T tell me to post it on the fecking tracker.
  3. Yup, have noticed there are no respawns for AI. Needs a fix asap (if anyone knows how :) )
  4. Please don't just put it onto the workshop but release it on here too ! I never use Steam Workshop.
  5. He's back !!! Welcome back mate! I've yet to try Total Conquest on 1.68. Will get back to you. EDIT: Right, just tried Kalataki Bay. On dedi I can spawn and recruit soldiers but they just stand there. No enemies it seems. On a local host, everything works fine.
  6. That is a cheat and the mission will label you a cheater and people will get your position to kill you - and they get free rare magazines! This is NOT a mission for TPing.
  7. With the new sensor improvements we can now hope for BVR engagements for AA weapons (and AAA weapons of course!)
  8. Vehicle in vehicle.
  9. Ahhh 'robots in disguise'TM. Someone should make that into a film :)
  10. Hmmm will have to try with ZBE Caching, but it should effect the gameplay. As soon as groups are <1km from eachother they expand to their original size.
  11. This is going on my dedi server right away !
  12. That one is so small that it can take a shopping trolley ... useful to supply the troops with *FILL IN LOCAL SUPERMARKET HERE* goodies.
  13. I liked your original pbo name (sent via PM) EO :)
  14. I understand your motives dlegion, however the Arma series is MEANT to be a sandbox. Inevitably modders will improve the game and I suppse we like it that way. Yes, lots of things are not great. but if you step back and look what we have it IS incredible. This is the ONLY game that I play every single day (maybe only for a few minutes to check something, up to hoursm because it is so great.