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  1. I don't think that it would be too difficult to make a VR addon, as all of the heavy lifting has been done. In the same way that FlyInside was an addon that allowed people to use VR in Xplane 11. I'd be happy to test something like this. In fact I'd be willing to PAY to test it!
  2. I suppose for a demo people could use Project Argo. That could be classed as a demo of sorts.
  3. Isn't this to do with how YOU are setting up your server? Remove the need for signatures and you should be fine.
  4. What is up with people today necroing threads ?
  5. Wow ... way to necro a thread !
  6. That's a shame. It would be a great mission with AI.
  7. Have downloaded and put it onto my dedi server. Plays well. I tend to play alone however. Are there plans to add recruitable AI into the mission? Are there also plans for wandering enemy AI / patrols along the way ?
  8. Would it be possible to have the missions/mod NOT on Steam Workshop please?
  9. Nope, sorry it doesn't. Sure it has a differently branded ATW, but have never had ASW. There are rumours on reddit that it is being worked on, but not having ASW is the reason why a lot of games run like shit on Vive and are smooth as butter on Rift. Have owned both headsets, and sold Vive due to it.
  10. Please remember that Rift is superior to Vive as it has asynchronous space warp AND asynchronous time warp. That is why Rift is so good and can handle lower FPS.
  11. Playing solo, that should be fine. However, in MP with others it is very useful!
  12. So you are running the MP version? Plot licences are found as loot.
  13. How the hell do you know ? He was last online on Monday. Can't the chap have a holiday ? and NO, you aren't allowed to just take over a mod! Read the rules of these forums.
  14. Report their asses!