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  1. Just pay them here. BB is great at visiting here so there should be no problems.
  2. An OK then mate. I've seen that some triggers have been messed up after Jets. Perhaps that is it.
  3. Stop whining. Look what you get for your 100 euros! They need to tweak it. Send in a report but stop whining!
  4. Now that we have really good 64bit executables I wanted to try this mission again. It works perfectly, however there is an issue when pressing respawn (repeats for ever - when inside the building). Hoping you can take a little look at it - as it is a classic mission with lots of whole island action !
  5. Could we try a test version to see the fps hit?
  6. Thanks for updating!
  7. Apart from using the NLAW I'd be spamming nades and the 40mm too!
  8. The supply part of the mission reminds me very much of what @granQ was doing back in the Arma2 days. Mission is shaping up nicely. Good work genesis92 !
  9. ^^ you can get a mod for that :)
  10. Vanilla AI is pretty decent but only as infantry. I still use ASR_AI(Pooters) to add some extra little tweaks however. I've not found AI mods to be very heavy on FPS in the main. As with Turing's test, the best AI should be indistinguishable from human players .... we're not too far off that for infantry but driving and flying are still DIRE !
  11. They have improved the model over VTOL 3 :)
  12. Just get yourself well again.
  13. bCombat is wonderful but hasn't been updated for quite a while.
  14. Unfortunately I like using AI so it looks like I won't be using the new OFPS version :( There aren't enough people playing BECTI to fill a huge number of servers.