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  1. Thanks man. Unfortunately unitPlay doesn't work on Dedicated Server, so for COOP you have to use a player hosted server.
  2. The Say issue pisses me off too. My work around is to use sideRadio or playSound3D for units speaking. And you can toggle setRandomLip on and off for lip movement while speaking.
  3. Maybe adding a distance condition to trigger condition would make it less "fiddly"? And you might want to adjust the distance to trigger tripwire based on unitPos of unit (i.e., prone would trip wire sooner than crouch or upright if facing trigger).
  4. In my mission Leper Island, I wrote the VelocityBoost script below to force AI to beach the boat (and prevent AI from unloading in deep water and swimming in circles). It does not handle the case of AI turning boat around and leaving. I placed a trigger near shore for each boat calling this script. Trigger should be placed at whatever position the AI will still maintain proper direction toward landing spot. Note that you may want to make _speed and _iterations parameters, rather than hardcoded, in order to get a proper landing for different boats landing at different positions. I've also used UnitCapture/UnitPlay to great effect in my Property of Mabunga mission. This allowed AI driven boats to "navigate" narrow channels in Lake Limni in Altis, and worked every time (something that is impossible for AI boat path finding). You can solve your problem if you stick with it! Good luck! BTW, the community needs a working "AI boat drop off, turn around and motor away" script, so if you get one working, please post it.
  5. @Chris Wilkinson, Here's the full path for Attack commands in English, Persian, Greek-English, and an example. "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\ENG\Male01ENG\RadioProtocolENG\Normal\015_Targeting\Attack_1.ogg" "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\PER\Male01PER\RadioProtocolPER\Normal\015_Targeting\Attack_1.ogg" "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\GRE\Male01GRE\RadioProtocolGRE\Normal\015_Targeting\Attack_1.ogg" "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\ENGB\Male01ENGB\RadioProtocolENG\Normal\015_Targeting\Attack_1.ogg" Here's an example call to make player say "Attack" in Persian: _s = "A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\PER\Male01PER\RadioProtocolPER\Normal\015_Targeting\Attack_1.ogg"; playSound3D [_s, player]; In my sample mission, you can see how I parameter drive saying different commands in different languages in this script file: JBOY_Dog/JBOY_HandlerSpeak.sqf Here's a link to @Larrow's awesome utility to find the files and capture the full paths.
  6. Cool. You can detach animals by repeating this code for each dancer: { detach _x; } forEach attachedObjects dancer_1;
  7. @PSYKO_nz, you kiwi evil genius, I love it. This looks like a very interesting mission you are brewing up. I suggest detaching all the animals when priest is killed, so followers drop them. Love the volcano.
  8. i dont know how to intall the mod JBOY dog you can to explain to me plis!!


  9. @PSYKO_nz sounds beautiful dude. I hope you post a vid of this!
  10. Thanks bro. That was really fun and satisfying to make.
  11. I don't see any code in there that makes them invincible, but try changing this line: while {true} do { to this: while {alive _dancer} do { So the loop ends for each dancer when they are dead. I'm guessing your problem is that switchmove is working on the dancer even if he is dead. I don't know if that is possible or not... To make it more realistic, the loop should stop as soon as one is killed, or if they know about an enemy. So you could add other conditions to the while {} condition to stop dancing if some other condition is true.
  12. @PSYKO_nz: I'm glad you're enjoying the script. Try replacing the while loop in the code posted above with this while loop instead: while {true} do { _dancer switchMove _move; waitUntil {((animationState _dancer) != _move)}; sleep .2; }; This new loop has all the setVelocity and setDir code removed, so dancers should be playing animation only (and not moving left and right). You may need to set the direction of the dancers individually via the editor to get your desired look.
  13. Thanks dude! Great pic. I could script attaching dog to back, but it would probably clip some and not look great. What would this feature add to game play? What advantage is there to carrying your dog to the fight vs. your dog following you to the fight? I am considering carrying an injured dog so you can take him to a medic, or medevac him in a vehicle. And its also been suggested that we allow attaching dog to unit's chest when parachuting/ HALO.
  14. Here is my scripted solution, but it may not work well in combat situations. But it was very good at not getting stuck. See the screenshots of their recorded paths. I had 6 boats run for 4 hours without getting stuck.
  15. Hi @Heartyzee, welcome to the wonderful, time-consuming, frustrating world of ARMA editing. :) I'm not an expert on the problem you want to solve. In this thread I got help on how to create a hidden ladder on a tree to simulate climbing a tree. In your case you are trying to get AI to climb exsiting ladders on buildings. I don't have time to experiment with this, but I would break your problem down to these steps: 1. Find building nearest to AI unit. nearestObjects [myAIdude, ["House", "Building"], 50] select 0; 2. Find ladder position on building. Not sure how to do that. Maybe selectionPosition or some config command. Maybe the same command that finds doors can find ladders? Google finding doors on building. 3. Move unit to position in front of ladder Use moveTo, commandMove, Move, or doMove to send uint to ladder position. 4. Climb up or down. Does AI get an action added when near ladder like a player does? I think so. If yes, then maybe you use Action commands on the AI There is LadderUP, LadderDown, and LadderOff Before trying to script this I would put a player with an AI in his group to command and preview the mission. Order the AI to move to position at bottom of a ladder. Then order the AI to perform an action. Does "Climb Ladder" appear in the AI's action list and you can order him to climb it? If so, then then these Action commands should work for you in a script. I would experiment with this and give you a better answer, but I have no time for it sadly. Good luck to you!