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  1. @accuracythruvolume, thanks much for the vehicle names and attach positions. I'll add them in to my scripts and release them with the next version. Regarding dogs not attacking on dedi I haven't a clue. Are any errors thrown?
  2. Nice work. Smart to parameterize the name of each mine, so mission designer can name them in whatever way fits the mission best.
  3. In the post linked below is the best video tutorial I found for making fool-proof extractions:
  4. I hope you get it to work as desired, and there is some good learning about EpeContact being documented in this thread. But if it was me, I'd say FIMO (f*** it, move on), and just use a loop with a distance check to the razor wire. Add in tire popping sound fx, and maybe skid the car right or left a bit, and you have a cool script. And the old saying "Perfect is the enemy of good" may apply also. Sometimes fighting ARMA engine isn't worth additional time and effort. Save that effort for the next challenge. Of course that is all up to you! :)
  5. Yes sir Mr. Tartar, but how soon that future is I don't know.
  6. Me too brother! lol My favorite comment I got on the JBOY Dog YouTube video was: "Make a mod. I hate scripts." Some people...
  7. Sure, "they" can. Just contact "them" to get it done.
  8. Why not make it a configurable option? It can be set by the mission maker in the init.sqf. Another option would be to add a one time AddAction or Radio command so player can hide/show it, so then its a player preference rather than a mission designer prefererence.
  9. Interesting idea, but sounds very difficult to implement. Since once players know the plot, there will be no surprise regarding overseer betrayal. Maybe you can tweak your idea to where the traitor is randomly selected from team at mission start. The traitor player then receives special instructions, information, and advantages the other players don't get. Structure the mission that teamwork is required to complete objectives, all the while distrust is constant (think John Carpenter's "The Thing" where nobody trusts each other). Structure tasks so team members must split up into smaller groups periodically, thus allowing better opportunities for Traitor treachery. The card game resistance is interesting. Maybe there are some ideas you can get from that. "Spies" or "Traitors" are randomly selected at beginning, and the others must deduce who they are as game progresses. Just some ideas man....good luck with your project.
  10. Sorry to hear that. But I've never claimed MP compatibility. I will likely be converting to use @BadBenson's ported Arma 2 dog in the future, so maybe MP will get better then. Works good in SP. I'm having fun making a real mission with it now.
  11. @bad benson sounds awesome!
  12. That's great news BB. I'll take a look sometime. My problem is I'll be super busy for the next 3 months, so not sure I'll be motivated to rip out my control code and put in the new code. How does the mod work? Is your dog using regular unit AI? I know that in early Arma 3 versions before they broke the dog, controlling the dog (like heeling) was dramatically better. I actually built half this dog module back then, but gave up after the dog was broken. In general, I avoid mods, but if controlling the dog is significantly better and more precise, then I will have to consider it. Thanks! BTW, if you can make dogs run faster than men, that would be awesome as well!
  13. It works for Single Player. And it has problems in Multi-Player, although some people have made it work. Movement and control is not precise due controlling dog movement via PlayMove commnads (they are not like AI units). Sometimes he sits directly in front of detainee, and other times he is a few meters away. Most of the times it works pretty good. I have him growling at the suspect once, rather than barking. The code for Detain is in JBOY_dogCommand.sqf. Search for word "detain" and you will find the section of code for this. I like growling more than barking for detain, so I don't plan to change it. But I make take your suggestion to repeat the growl every minute or so. Another problem is the Sit animation only makes him sit for awhile, then he gets up and walks a few meters forward. I have no control of that. Also, you probably should download latest version of JBOY Dog. It might be working better in the current version. I'm making a real mission with the dog now, and plan to work around his weaknesses. I plan to: Detain: Keep Detain tasks short. Detain a guy, question him or search him, release him. Heel: Walk slow and he stays fairly close. (If you run he has a terrible time staying really close). If you have an AI sentry walking a dog, set his speed to Limited and dog will follow pretty good. Clipping: The dog clips through walls and buildings (I can't prevent that), so plan your missions to be more in fields or jungle. Or if in towns, try to keep him to the center of the street, so less likely to clip. Tracking: Tracking works great. Track someone through the fields, forests, jungle, villages. Patrolling through jungle: This works great as dog warns you of near enemies. Dogs are slow: BIS made dogs maximum sprinting speed slower than a mans sprinting speed. I can't change that. If you run, you will have to stop and wait for your dog. But if you have AI squad mates, you often have to wait for them too, so its not too bad. Thanks for your interest!
  14. Very doable I think. Put down a guard with some move waypoints and give him a dog named GuardDog1 (how to do this is described in the init.sqf). Then set up a trigger that will execute the code below. This example assumes the unit to be attacked is named Prisoner1, and the guard dog is named GuardDog1. GuardDog1 setVariable ["vCommand", 'attack', true]; GuardDog1 setVariable ["vTarget", Prisoner1, true]; You should then see the guard give the attack hand signal, hear the guard give the attack order, and the dog will attack the target unit. @foxhound: Thanks!
  15. Testing him in combat pointed out the need for the "SITREP" (i.e., "Speak!") command, as you can lose him in the jungle. Remember, when tracking, you can always pause him (with "Stay" command) while you fight, or pause him so you and your team can catch up. When you are ready to track again, re-issue the "Track" command and he will resume tracking. The "mourning" feature was also a necessity for group respawn missions. If you as player handler get killed in the jungle, and you spawn into another unit in the group, you want to take control of the dog. But he may be hard to find. By having the dog go to his dead handler and cry, you can then hear where he is to find him and take control. I could have had the dog immediately go under control of next alive unit, but I felt there should be a penalty for handler dying, and it shouldn't be that easy. So you must go to the dog to take control. I look forward to seeing your mission someday! Or a vid or screenshots...