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  1. Since we know froggy luvs frogs, and is known to hoist a brew from time to time, I wonder if he is actually the "Fink" in real life? Is this the real FroggyLuv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA965uKhVk4
  2. Dude, remember: Don't drink and code. Don't drink and post. Lessons the old JDawg had to learn the hard way...
  3. That's a shame, but you can script your own limits if its important enough for your particular mission. As always, more work....no rest for the wicked.
  4. Hello there my stylin' 70s amphibian brother... I'm not sure what your issue is, but see 2 odd things. _this = _this select 0; // Is it a good idea to override the _this input parameter like that? And your terminate call is not within the spawn brackers {}, so it looks to me like anim is terminated immediately (its not waiting for the spawned behaviour check).
  5. Hi ayoung. Friendly suggestion: Record a short video and post it, and your chances of getting feedback are much greater. For example, I'm very busy, so I'm unwilling to download mods and a mission to check this out based on your post alone (no offence). But I would give a video a quick look and offer feedback. And if I see a feature I want for a mission, I'd then download your example and check it out in detail. I know its frustrating when you build something cool and want to share it, but get no feedback. A video will help dude!
  6. Placing an invisible target in front of a popup target works. Prove it by placing a player, an AI unit named "dude", and a target in front of the dude named "popup1". Then via the debug console execute the following code. The AI will then fire on the invisible target relentlessly. This approach can be expanded to delete the invisible target when popup is knocked down, and re-add a new one when popup pops back up. Or you could place multiple targets in a range, and script moving the invisible target from one visible target to another. Then you would see the AI fire on each target in sequence. _invisibleTarget = "O_TargetSoldier" createVehicle [0,0,0]; createVehicleCrew _invisibleTarget; dude setUnitPos "DOWN"; _invisibleTarget setpos (popup1 modelToWorld [0,0,2]); dude reveal _invisibleTarget; dude doTarget _invisibleTarget;
  7. Here's a simple example. I placed a player, and a unit named "dude", and a chair named "chair1" on top of a tower object, and through the console ran this code: dude switchmove "Crew"; dude attachTo [chair1,[0,-.2, -.5]]; dude setdir 180; Works every time. Note that you use setDir after attachTo, and the setDir value is then relative to the object it is attached to. You can tweak your script to follow this example. Remove all setpos/getpos stuff. Here's an example of chair on 2nd floor of navigable building:
  8. I don't know if there is a command or a config for that... but if you can't find one a last resort would be to write a simple loop to add weapons/items into the HEMTT until it fails at some maximum, then you will know. A simple experiment might answer this for you.
  9. odd...try getposasl / setposasl also. And if that doesn't work, instead of setpos/getpos, use attachTo in sitdown, and detach in standup (after executing switchmoves). You will have to monkey with the the attachTo relative position until unit is perfectly placed in chair. And do the setdir after the attachTo to insure unit facing correct dir. AttachTo will definitely work. Then post your solution so next guy can benefit! :)
  10. @lordfrith: To solve your issue you could change those scripts to use setPosAtl and getPosAtl instead of setPos and getPos.
  11. Hey Pierre, that is slick. I'm terrible at understanding math and vectors. I get the general idea that this if statement is checking if direction of weapon is pointing at the target object within some tolerance. But could you break down how this code works? I don't get how the combination of vectorCos and vectorDiff works, and I don't get how the values to the right of the ">" are used for the tolerance. If its too hard to explain, that's ok too... :)
  12. I'm using KA weapons pack mod. When an AI is killed, you can often not take his weapon. You see it in inventory for a second then it disappears from inventory screen and from the ground. This did not happen before Steel Pegasus update. Anyone having same problem with other problems? Is this an Arma problem or a KA mod problem? Any ideas? KA has the best shotguns out there, and shotguns are critical to the mission I'm building.
  13. Maybe you should also be using assignAsCargoIndex command when using moveInCargo. See Killzone Kid's comment at bottom of this wiki page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/moveInCargo
  14. If you want to move that predefined collection of objects to different locations, take at look at my script which does exactly that. It will maintain the relative positions of all objects as well. The video is annoying long (lol), so if you skip ahead about 3/4 of the way you will see objects copied from one position to another, with all objects maintaining their relative positions.
  15. And another alternative is to put the following in the waypoint where you want them to wait or hold. I often use a "Talk" waypoint for this...not doing any talking, just a place to put this lockwp line. this lockwp true; And then in your trigger (or some script somewhere that is monitoring this condition), you unlock the waypoint. So if the waypoints were for a unit or group named BadAssMuthaFuggas, you would put this line into the trigger activation: BadAssMuthaFuggas lockwp false; There are many paths up the mountain!