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  1. Hmmm...maybe one object must be a vehicle then. I tried roping 2 tires together and it didn't work. But I could rope a Drone vehicle to a tire non-vehicle no problem.
  2. Solved: Flagpoles aren't physics objects. You can only attach ropes to physics objects. If you want to attach to a non-physics object like a building. Put a physics object on the building (say a tire) at the position where you want the rope, then hide the physics object. Attach the rope to the hidden tire, and it looks like its attached to the build.
  3. Solved: It seems that at least one of the objects must be a vehicle for the rope to create. Hi guys, I'm simply trying to create a rope between to objects using ropeCreate. To just see the command work I tried with two flag poles named flag1 and flag2: rope1 = ropeCreate [flag1, [0,1,5], flag2, [0,0,1]]; // defaulting optional segments and length parameters rope2 = ropeCreate [flag1, [0,1,5], flag2, [0,0,1],2,6]; // specifying segments and length parameters These commands do not fail, but they do not create any visible ropes. I do a "typeOf rope1" in the console, and nothing shows, so I don't think the rope object exists. What am I doing wrong? How do I create a rope between two objects? I am not connecting to vehicles or units.
  4. Perfect! Thanks KK. " Bob's stairway to heaven example" is great.
  5. This is super helpful also, thanks alot. I had no idea their were other ladders available besides the pier one in the editor. The warehouse ladders are taller, and I think will get me close to what I need. Plus the they have the safety barrier at the top so falling less likely, so if I add a second ladder the transition is more likely to to work without falling. Thanks much HallyG!
  6. Thanks HallyG, that is nearly exactly what I was doing. My problem is the tree I'm after is 6 ladders tall. So I created 6 ladders vertically overlapping a little, and climb to the top of first ladder. I then do action "LadderOnUp" to get to next ladder and it won't automatically pop me off the first ladder and on to the next. So I put in an action "LadderOff" immediately followed by action "LadderOnUp" and there is some lag between the 2, and player falls.
  7. I would love to have a climbing script that does not require a mod. Simply going up/down using the ladder climbing animations is good enough for me. This video from @killzone_kid would be perfect. KK, was that a script? Can you share it? I've been trying to use hidden ladders, but when climbing higher than a single ladder height, you have to switch the unit from one ladder to the next, and its not working so good... Probably there is a way combining ladder animations and setVelocity, but I haven't figured it out yet. I know the Urban Climbing/Rappelling script looks awesome, but that is not what I'm looking for.
  8. @Evil Organ, thanks alot man man. That helps. I can change the color of the blood to brown to achieve some dirt. What about the faded blues in your picture. Is there an overlay texture to achieve that?
  9. Does anyone already have some dirty GIMP layers they could share for fading and dirtying up a uniform? I have a couple custom shirts I want to use via setObjectTextureGlobal, but they are too bright and clean. I am a novice GIMP user, and looked at tutorials for making layers to fade the texture and add make it look dirty. I GIMPed out for an hour and got lost and frustrated. I'd rather spend my time writing scripts for the community, than learning to be a GIMP power user... This would save me some time, and I would really appreciate it. Anybody?
  10. I have some custom textures I like to use for uniforms but they are too bright and clean in daylight. I looked at Gimp tutorials on how make my jpegs look faded and dirty, but it look like a lot of work. Does anyone already have some dirt and fading GIMP layers they could share? It would save me alot of time (which I should be spending on improving JBOY dog!). Thanks.
  11. Brilliant workaround @HallyG...where there's a will there's a way. In the beginning of a mission I can record player prints into multiple segments (say 10 prints per segment), and save 10 segments or so, and then leapfrog (setpos) the footprint segments along the track path as the player progesses along the track. Edit: Now that I actually studied your code, I see you actually figured out how to actually create the footsteps. This means I can go back to my original approach of creating footsteps on the AI being tracked...I hope! Sweet! Thanks again. Good point @pedeathtrian, thanks!
  12. Sadly, there is a problem with this. Problem: It turns out foot prints are permanent ONLY if a player was near the unit making footprints at the time. So we cannot have an AI run through waypoints leaving a permanent footprint trail. However, this would still be useful in a scenario where a player is tracking another player. Bummer!! I guess BIS felt there was no sense creating footprints if there are no players nearby to see them (for performance reasons). One step forward, two steps back...
  13. @crewt: Beautiful! Clever to build up the bad array as new ones encountered (more efficient). Thanks for making my life easier! And I didn't know about the very useful pushBackUnique variant of the pushBack command, so thanks for that too!
  14. @crewt Thanks man. I found those also just by skipping around the map. And there's some more with "Stratis" in the name, etc. Good advice. There are different types on different maps. I think I plan to use this as the list of surfaces to NOT show prints. "GdtAsphalt","#GdtStratisForestPine","#GdtStratisConcrete","#GdtStratisRocky","#GdtRocks" Instead of exact name matches, I may exclude if these substrings are found in the name: "Asphalt","Rock","Concrete". That should get better matches on name variants found on different maps. It won't be perfect, but if someone wants to dial it in for a specific map, they can edit the list of names in the script.
  15. I figured out how to make footprints permanent. Run the following code for a given unit, and the loop will find near footprints (objects of type "#mark") and disable simulation on them. When simulation is disabled, they no longer disappear after a few seconds. Better trails for tracking someone are now possible! _d=[player] spawn { params["_man"]; while {alive _man} do { { hint format ["surfaceType=%1",surfaceType getpos _man]; if (typeOf _x == "#mark") then {_x enableSimulation false;}; } foreach (nearestObjects [_man, [], 3]); sleep 1; }; }; And you guys thought "#mark"s were just something in your shorts!