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  1. Make heli land under fire

    This topic is thoroughly explored in the following thread. Here I suggest a helpful tutorial, and offer my solution to this problem that I used in MP mission Property of Mabunga. In this MP mission I had 3 AI evac choppers land at same LZ while under fire. The choppers would then wait until teams to be extracted (players and/or AI) boarded. Once all boarded, choppers would take off and move to next waypoint. It worked every time.
  2. How about changing z velocity of missle? I did that in Property of Mabunga, where I had a static enemy launcher fire on the CSAT zodiacs. I wanted the shots to fly overhead for excitement, but not actually hit the zodiacs. So I used a Fired eventHandler, and reset z velocity. AI would target and fire, but z velocity change guaranteed missle flew high. I also reduced speed of missle so it was more fun to watch. { _x addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; _vel = velocity _missile; _dir_modifier = -3.5 + random(6); if (_dir_modifier >= -1 or _dir_modifier <= 1) then { _dir_modifier = _dir_modifier * 2; }; _dir = direction _missile; _speed = speed _missile; _speed = _speed / 3; _z_modifier = 2.5 + random(3); _missile setVelocity [_speed * sin(_dir), _speed * cos(_dir), (_vel select 2)+_z_modifier]; }; }]; } foreach [rocketMan1];
  3. Just saw this for the first time. Those fireworks effects are OUTSTANDING! Thanks man!
  4. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    Hi HE, thanks for your interest. I don't plan on splitting out the functionality, its not worth the effort to me. The amount of work for a mission editor to include the dog scripts in the mission would be the same regardless (copy the script directories, and add som lines to the init.sqf). I am planning on adding object detection (drugs, explosives, money, etc), and it won't be hard to build. However, I won't get to it for a few months due to RL being super busy.
  5. Gas particle parameter

    If you solve this, please post your solution as I'm interested in that effect. Thanks.
  6. Combat Realism Scripts

    Great work Phronk. Here's another idea to further spice up AI affected by flashbang: Panic firing. Could be a low percentage chance of them spraying in a random direction when blinded. Just an idea...its already great as it is. I remember doing alot of panic firing myself back in my counter strike days... :)
  7. Try changing PLAIN to BLACK IN on first titletext line: titleText ["The battle of Kavala hadn't gone well.\n\nThe scattered survivors wait for sunrise\nas enemy patrols search for them...","BLACK IN",7]; I'm guessing the 7 second delay is not really used with PLAIN. But with BLACK IN, it will truly fade from BLACK to normal over 7 seconds.
  8. @das attorney Hahaha! I gotta dig deeper into this comedian, never seen him before.
  9. @Grumpy Old Man of all the grumpy guys I know, you are the most helpful! You give people fish AND teach people how to fish at the same time. Thanks for all you do.
  10. Good point on detectedBy firing when a weapon is heard. Based on the Grumpster's experiment, knowsabout might be good enough. When he fired while not being in line of sight, he got a low knowsabout value. The value jumped to 4 quickly after he moved into line of sight. So maybe a knowsAbout threshold of 3.5 or so is good enough for an imperfect Armaverse?
  11. Why not use a trigger with condition "blufor detected by opfor"? I think I'm not understanding your need here.
  12. Hmmm, too bad. Please post your solution when you find it. Note that doMove is the equivalent of commandMove without sound and radio messages, so you shouldn't get additional talking. In my Patrol Chatter case, I wanted to hear the order.
  13. Maybe commandMove will help? In JBOY Patrol Chatter script, I used commandMove to send unit to its current exact position. Unit would respond by saying "Ready", and would continue to follow his AI Leader through waypoints. This idea might work with Move, MoveTo, DoMove...you would have to test it. unit1 commandMove (getPos unit1);
  14. I think we need to see the particle script for a better chance of helping.
  15. Sounds good. Tighten the noose slowly! Another idea to increase atmosphere and tension could be to have a few pockets of resistance fighters in the city for the Opfor to take out. Players would then hear firefights in the city. Players could potetially recruit a few AI resistance guys as well if they find them first.