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  1. Any ideas why playable slots don't appear on dedicated, but in SP they do?
  2. I don't make buildings, so prolly a CUP issue? What version r u using along with the map? Thanks!
  3. Goddammit, I really miss coop in your amazing stuff ;)
  4. I've tried contacting Berghoff for months, but unable to do so. I want to fix the trees, but have no permission :/ I even have MLODs from some tests since A2 times. Changing to Apex ones is out of the question - my maps would require Apex and I cannot do that to the community, forcing something like that on them.
  5. Excellent news jigsor! Hopefully other mission makers will follow with "shameless plugs" ;)
  6. This has to be one of the best community 1st April jokes :) p.s. lazy bums, we're active since 2001 :P
  7. That APC rocks! Hopefully BIS would put in units like that not scifi stuff :/ #oldschoolrox
  8. V1.4 of FAP Units is out. Changelog: added Antonov An-12 for several factions (GAL, MOL, CEC) and civilian airlines operating on my islands fixed bug with M1911 recoil, recoil is working properly but gun budge is not animated added police officers to Molatia faction changed native Molatian language to French (finally, yay) proper icons for most of police uniforms in the inventory small saturation fix on Cecanian uniform added stack of US dollars as the pickable item (ask on BIF if you need help setting items as inventory) removed A2/CUP dependency for Zetaborns, they use correct A3 particles/sounds updated police car texture for Abramia (for beacons/lightbars to appear just use 3DEN editor! Download: ss9: I can't figure how to add the recoil to the model.cfg (its just visual), otherwise recoil works on the target.
  9. Ah, shame. Thanks anyway.
  10. Nope, no need for that!
  11. 3.82 is out! Changelog: - fixed several displaced road pieces - removed some underwater stuff not supposed to be there - fixed heights and missing ending road piece NW of Calamar - additional terrain smoothing - mirrored all fixes to Dingor Island Have fun!
  12. ^ We can scratch that, mission bug, right?
  13. FAP Units v1.3 is out! Get it at: Website: Steam Workshop WithSix Changelog: - GAL main assault rifle replaced with M16A2, Grenadier keeps his AUG A1/GL - fixed: one Anti-Air soldier type carried a RPG bag - new visual and sound effects for Zetaborns (Alienz) - alien carbine (Z10) now looks a bit different to a rifle (Z15A) - tweaked Alien AT weapons and they now engage ground and air targets - fixed recoil on M1911 .45 - 5 Thugs added to Molatian faction (Civilians with fancy T-shirts) - made Steyr Aug firing sounds a bit more loud - many other smaller fixes