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  1. ^ We can scratch that, mission bug, right?
  2. FAP Units v1.3 is out! Get it at: Website: Steam Workshop WithSix Changelog: - GAL main assault rifle replaced with M16A2, Grenadier keeps his AUG A1/GL - fixed: one Anti-Air soldier type carried a RPG bag - new visual and sound effects for Zetaborns (Alienz) - alien carbine (Z10) now looks a bit different to a rifle (Z15A) - tweaked Alien AT weapons and they now engage ground and air targets - fixed recoil on M1911 .45 - 5 Thugs added to Molatian faction (Civilians with fancy T-shirts) - made Steyr Aug firing sounds a bit more loud - many other smaller fixes
  3. Emm, did anyone report an issue about that? :o
  4. Thank you Foxhound!
  5. Domokun: best way for now: join us English channel on Discord:
  6. Lingor has been updated to v3.81! This time he brought his tanned brother with him - Dingor: Alternative Desert version ;) Changelog: - substantial terrain smoothing & various improvements - removed CUP CWA dependency (buildings error popup) - built four new bridges, rivers are now inter-connected (great for boat patrols) - rebuilt the central river area, new remote settlement on an isle - fixed long bridges so vehicles don't sink into the asphalt - added: Dingor - alternative desert version map! - fixed rally path (increased visibility) - added more docks to settlements - enabled dust effects for vehicles and units - replaced wrong in/out signs for town of Vidora Download: Download at, Steam Workshop & Enjoy ;)
  7. It must be issue somewhere else. We're running all versions of Duala on our Dedicated (SBP Telesat Slovenia) so far and we got no problems. Even with Essekker that is notorious for breaking up other maps ;)
  8. 109 shots from yesterday's multiplayer Co-Op operation Vasmaak II:
  9. Did you copy the new key to the \keys ?
  10. I hope to add some vehicles but I need donations from authors, permissions to re-skin some stuff. Anyway, back to the island debate, I will release a new update this week, so far I have: - invested over 50 hours into smoothing out terrain and doing fixes - make a new river valley North of Prospero, connecting southern river to the northern one - two new bridges W of Prospero that replaced the river crossings - remade the river sector S of Victorin to feature small isles and also a small settlement on one of them
  11. Slovenian ESD team on yesterday's MP Co-Op event Operation Vasmaak. A: ACE3, RHS, Isla Duala 3.8, sthud, ... 47 more shots available on official Isla Duala FB page.
  12. Gallery of new Mangomak sector from yesterday's coop event:!/sharer.php?fs=0&sid=10154984622577528
  13. That is correct JD Wang. CWA has been separated from the Core. I use one building that I will remove the dependency in the v3.81 soon. Ok?
  14. It's like that for all of you, just follow the license and I'll release new maps soon;)
  15. v3.8 - enabled dust effects for vehicles and units - new improved satellite texture with 1m/px resolution - fixed oasis height near Djolan - remade North-Eastern island of Mangomak ;) - several road and terrain fixes Download: or (via Sync client) or Steam Workshop Enjoy peeps! ;)