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  1. It must be issue somewhere else. We're running all versions of Duala on our Dedicated (SBP Telesat Slovenia) so far and we got no problems. Even with Essekker that is notorious for breaking up other maps ;)
  2. 109 shots from yesterday's multiplayer Co-Op operation Vasmaak II:
  3. Did you copy the new key to the \keys ?
  4. I hope to add some vehicles but I need donations from authors, permissions to re-skin some stuff. Anyway, back to the island debate, I will release a new update this week, so far I have: - invested over 50 hours into smoothing out terrain and doing fixes - make a new river valley North of Prospero, connecting southern river to the northern one - two new bridges W of Prospero that replaced the river crossings - remade the river sector S of Victorin to feature small isles and also a small settlement on one of them
  5. Slovenian ESD team on yesterday's MP Co-Op event Operation Vasmaak. A: ACE3, RHS, Isla Duala 3.8, sthud, ... 47 more shots available on official Isla Duala FB page.
  6. Gallery of new Mangomak sector from yesterday's coop event:!/sharer.php?fs=0&sid=10154984622577528
  7. That is correct JD Wang. CWA has been separated from the Core. I use one building that I will remove the dependency in the v3.81 soon. Ok?
  8. It's like that for all of you, just follow the license and I'll release new maps soon;)
  9. v3.8 - enabled dust effects for vehicles and units - new improved satellite texture with 1m/px resolution - fixed oasis height near Djolan - remade North-Eastern island of Mangomak ;) - several road and terrain fixes Download: or (via Sync client) or Steam Workshop Enjoy peeps! ;)
  10. Release of 3.8 in the late evening hours.
  11. Totally depends on the weather and time settings.
  12. Pennyworth: we've been able to see triangle placeholders for cargo (passengers) on UH60s, like some far lods, flying around 500m away from the camera. Can you check that? Baklava: are you aware that CWA objects are now in separate pack? Terrains Complete probably has them in, but I'm sure Core & Maps exclude them now?
  13. Good news guys, I think I found the issue that hangs Terrain Builder: file Dialogs_new.vdat got corrupted (empty spaces). Objects restored, project files working again...
  14. Got a pic CC? Not sure what exactly are you trying to tell?
  15. A bit of a setback. Entire work folder and files of Isla Duala have been bugged and Terrain Builder crashes on all instances of backup v4d files. Wrp is corrupted and it seems one of the work files in the project folder, too. I have been unable to pinpoint the problem or at least extract the objects from the work files since NOBODY in the community knows how TB files actually work... :/ I'll see what I can do, until them Duala is *gone* or at least on hold if devs help me out with the issue... TB hangs when loading any of the work files...