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  1. They are only blue all over if they are inert rounds. Blue tipped Hydra's are smoke signature rounds. Live are green tipped. WTU/1B is the all blue practice round. M274 is the practice smoke signature round. I hope you have got this correct pettka?
  2. Thanks for the fast replies. I will give it a go! Thanks for your hard work too on improving the game.
  3. Just come across this mod. Couple of questions as I am currently using Zeus AI. How does it perform compared to Zeus as I have been using the latter for some time now and this mod looks a lot more detailed? Does it work on MP (not dedi)?
  4. This is a really good little mission thanks! Fabulous island too and is a nice alternative to the Communist / Taliban story. Made some changes to the mission though that would suit my guys more but other than that it's spot on.
  5. No chance the Comanche would be revived quickly as it just didn't do the job it was supposed to. Stealth Blackhawk is a misnomer. Good luck on hiding radar reflections from the big whirly disc. More likely it was noise reductions. http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/smart-takes/silent-rotor-blades-could-lead-to-true-stealth-helicopters/4663
  6. I am going to hazard a guess with all the substantial changes that would be a no without tweaking?
  7. Yup mine too.
  8. Since they have released the DLC to retail this often means they (the developer) have finished with the current game engine. Not always but it has been the case with many games such as Oblivion Dragon Age Origins etc. I see no reason why 'Reinforcements' was released as a pack if they were going to add more DLC? I am getting the feeling ArmA II is now done and BIS are moving onto ArmA III as the Nvidia drivers is very odd.
  9. This from SIMHQ? ArmA III....? http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3289580/One_from_the_rumor_mill.html#Post3289580 Latest NVIDIA drivers have ArmA III listed and ArmA II as Free.
  10. I am very sorry also to hear of the loss of such hard work. I am also very suprised you never backed anything up? External backup drives are dirt cheap these days and a must really.
  11. Good skills..Thanks!
  12. Sadly it seems a lot of stuff BIS does is a halfway cup. So many great ideas and additions just get left or not updated.
  13. They should have been updated. My personal opinion is that it's pretty poor show by BIS not to have updated all ArmA II features to OA standard.
  14. Tried un pbo'ing the files but it says they are not PBO files. Any ideas as would like to look at one of the ArmA II original vanilla (not campaign) missions?