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  1. I didn't say it's not possible, I said it's not so easy: making a window like this is much work, believe me ;) And as always, it's mainly a question of time: I have to deal between my job, my family and my free time.
  2. @neofit About weapons cost: some gear is freely available in the armory at start-up. But it's quite limited, so you have to manage it. If you need more, you have to order a new crate from the delivery center. About the load option: as I said, I will check in details how R3F scripters made it. But when I tested it with other objects, it was very simple to use that. About the team switch option: I already did that, it will be available in the next update. @victor1234 I will try to adjust enemy armored forces to make it more realistic. @HeroesandvillainsOS There have been many updates since then, now every order (units, gear, vehicles...) has to be done from the delivery area (it's more convenient). @scimitar About the incognito feature: it's a nice idea, thank you for the suggestion. But it seems to be a bit complex to implement it, even if I use an already existing script. I keep it in mind for later. About the time acceleration: some people like it, some other don't. I have implemented a parameter to easily modify it in MP, but as you know, mission parameters are not available in SP (why, Bohemia ???). And it's not so eas to develop a script that would bring the same thing for SP players. As you know, my free time is very limited, unfortunately. About dawn/dusk: I wish I could and I tried to adjust the date to make them as much realistic as possible, but I can't do anything more: it's because of ArmA III's engine, unfortunately. And good news about your video card ;)
  3. I think that enabling a virtual arsenal would kill the credit concept, that obligates players to manage their equipement. But it's possible to enable the in-game virtual Arsenal into the mission parameters. The "load" option should work. In this case, maybe it's because the crate is too big for the vehicle, I will check in details how R3F scripters made that.
  4. Thanks again for your feebacks and for your support, guys. I really appreciate ! @aarnoman Yes, as you can see I'm open to suggestions. But keep in mind that I'm alone and that I have to develop OPEX on my free time when I'm not at work or with my family. I won't be able to satisfy everyone but I'll do my best to improve OPEX and make it as good as possible. @neofit The weapon caches has to be destroyed to get some bonus credits. The attached actions (Take, load...) are bringed by the R3F logistic script wich allows to move objects. In this case, it could be usefull, to move the crates away and avoid destroying civilian houses or killing civilians. I will add an entry into the FAQ to make it clearer. @victor1234 Your suggestion about getting a penaly for leaving dead bodies (or vehicles) on the battlefield is interesting, thank you for that. I have to think about it but at this time I'm not sure it would be so simple to implement a script like this. But I have noted it for later. About insurgents that have tanks: what map are we talking about ? Enemy strenghts are a bit different, depending on the world region you are playing on. Anyway, yes, it's mainly for the challenge but I think it's not so far from reality to let them using a few armored vehicles. By default, artillery, air and other supports are available when you succeed some tasks (e.g.: rescuing the pilot unlocks an air strike). You can also make all of them available from the start in the MP mission parameters, before starting the mission. About a third force: I already had this idea but again, it's a question of time. Moreover, as there's a possibility I will replace R3F units and JackFrench vehicles by OFrP mod when it will be available, I prefer to wait to avoid working for nothing. @neofit @victor1234 Yes, "???" means that the civilian doesn't understand your language. I also already have the idea to add an interpreter speciality that could be learned on the training center but I didn't have time to implement it yet. It's in my to-do list. I hope I have replied to all your questions, guys.
  5. @aarnoman @GEORGE FLOROS GR @neofit @nikssims Thanks you very much dudes for your very positive messages and for these feedbacks ! I will try to reply to every question. @aarnoman Thanks for the confirmation that other maps are working well. It's extremely strange, each script used in OPEX in exactly the same for every map version. I will try ton investigate deeper on this but at this time I have no idea what could be the reason of this trouble. @GEORGE FLOROS GR Thanks again buddy. Did you try the other versions ? There are different maps for different ambiences. @neofit To go faster, you can sell back your teammates and buy new ones at the delivery area. The cost should be the same so you won't waste money. I have already implemented a function for stuck AI units: select it (Fx keys) and use the "reset position" action via the action radio menu (6). Anyway, I understand your point of view, managing AI units could sometimes be a real pain. I will activate the team switch feature for SP in the next update. @nikssims 1) The saving system in ArmA is a real pain, unfortunately. And at this time, even if your request is totally suitable, I don't have enough knowledge to develop it. I will try to learn much more about it but until I find how to implement it in OPEX, you'll have to deal with the default ArmA saving system. But any suggestion and/or help would be welcome ! 2) It's a chose to not implement civilian drivers because the AI in ArmA is a very poor driver, it would deteriorate the ambience. Anyway I will update the mission parameters to let players set the ambient civilian density. By default, I tried to set it up to be smooth for any computer. 3) I can confirm there are IEDs. I just tried to set it up to be realist: don't you think it would be annoying to find IEDs every 2 minutes ? Anyway, I will also update mission parameters to let players select the frequency of spawing.
  6. OPEX has been updated to version 1.17. Changelog: Fixed: empty vehicles and AI ambient units should not be hidden anymore at startup on dedicated servers with persistent mode enabled Added: dynamic group manager (BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups): press the U key (default) to join/leave/invite any other player Added: MP parameter to activate/deactivate ambient civilian parked cars (default: activated) Tweaked: conditions to allow dragging of wounded/dead units Updated: ambient boats are now disabled on Lythium map (because this map has too small water areas) Updated: brightness of some pictures
  7. Thank you for your feedback Remy, I appreciate. Yes, the random parameter is for randomly selecting a task from the list below. And yes, I know that some animations are weird. Unfortunately the BIS_fnc_ambientAnim command is not always working as it should be in MP and I'm still looking for a perfect workaround.
  8. Thank you for your message. It's strange, I made some test with Enhanced Movement mod and it worked fine. There's not reason this mod would not work with OPEX. Maybe there's a conflict between a few keys, did you try to remap them ?
  9. Hi all ! OPEX has been updated to version 1.16 ! It mainly introduces the support of Lythium map ! Here is the full changelog : New compatible map: Lythium (Afghanistan) Added: Zeus can now be activated in mission parameters (be aware, it's a beta test and only recommended for expert users - it may cause unexpected troubles like dispawning units - please report them back if it happens) Added: new parameter in MP to select who is authorized to manage tasks (admin / team leaders / everybody) Added: new customed ambience textures Added: new panel to thank OPEX reviewers and helpers Added: push-up and squat actions into fitness center (it doesn't bring anything, it's just for fun) Fixed: primary needs action is not disappearing anymore after respawn Fixed: having rest is now possible on Taunus version Fixed: mobile HQ is not dispawning enemies anymore Fixed: customed pictures should now be displayed properly to every clients in MP Fixed: spelling mistake in French for "dormitory" (shame on me) Tweaked: conditions to allow dragging of wounded units Tweaked: conditions to allow shouting on civilians Updated: HQ mapping Updated: boxes in the armoury are now also containing gear for divers and pilots Updated: donaters list (big thanks to Terzi !) Special thanks to those who have participated on my Twitch channel: it was very interesting to get your feedbacks in live ! The main HQ in Lythium is a bit yours now ! Enjoy !
  10. Hi scimitar, Sorry about your defective card, I know how much it's frustrating. To be honest I don't know how ArmA saves are working in details. For sure, it's probably better to restart the mission but maybe fixes are applied also on loaded games. Anyway, I don't know how to workaround this at this time. Twitch lives were very interesting to get players feelings about OPEX. But the main goal was to make community participate in building the HQ on Lythium, and I have to say that some very interesting ideas have been submited ! Now I'm working offline to go faster because there's still a few work to do and everybody seems to be very excited about this new version. Anyways, let's stay all of us in touch to optimize OPEX experience as much as possible !
  11. For those who might be interested in, I will be live on Twitch this Thursday from 4:00 pm UTC/GMT (18:00 for French people) to start porting OPEX to Lythium map ! So you will be able to ask any question you may have and participate in the installation of the main FOB (The live will be probably mainly in French but I'll do my best to answer English speaking people too.)
  12. OPEX has been updated to version 1.152. Changelog: Fixed: dispawn problem in the HQ should be finally fixed (again, I apologize about the inconvenience) Updated: map center and map radius are now better detected, there shouldn't be task outside map limits anymore
  13. Hi everybody, I'm trying to simply set a trigger to delete any OPFOR unit that is coming in. So: Type: none Activation: OPFOR Activation type: present Repeatable: yes Condition: this On activation: {{deleteVehicle _x} forEach ((crew _x) + [_x])} forEach thisList No delay or any other thing than the default ones As soon as an enemy squad is entering the area, only the first units are deleted but the rest of the squad is moving into the trigger. It looks like the trigger is not reactivating fast enough. I could understand if there was hundred squads moving at the same time or if it was involving complexe conditions but this case is quite simple. I have tested with both 32 et 64-bit version, without any unofficial addon activated. What do you think ? Edit: I found a workaround by using this in the "On activation" field: "{{deleteVehicle _x} forEach ((crew _x) + (units group _x) + [_x])} forEach thisList" to be sure the trigger deletes the whole squad. But I suppose the problem remains, it could still cause some troubles on some occasions.
  14. @magicbus 9 I think it's because some buildings on customed map doesn't seem to be detected by ArmA III 's engine. I'm still working on it but unfortunately I still didn't find a 100% reliable way to spawn civilian vehicles. @GSRI_Calden Merci beaucoup ! Units, vehicles and weapons used in OPEX can be customized by editing files into the "custom___addons" folder of the mission. But I already planned to replace R3F by OFrP when it will be released. And yes, Lythium should be the next map supported ! @Everybody I hope this time is the good one: disappearing problem in the HQ should now be really fixed. I have updated OPEX to version 1.151. I apologize again for the inconvenience.