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  1. Hi code34, I have discovered this kind of missions for the first time with MSO. I didn't know that it was inspired from your missions, sorry. So thanks for this information, I'm updating the first page right now. Edit: and so, thank you very much for your creativity, it seems you have inspired many of us
  2. Isla Duala, Africa (by Minimalaco) --> it adds an African style map

    OPEX 1st post... I believe I'm the author of that map ;)

    1. Gemini


      Hi icebreakr,


      I'm very sorry, please accept my apologies, I think I made a bad copy/paste.


      I'm fixing it right now.


      And thank you for your work and your great maps by the way :)

    2. icebreakr
  3. OPEX has been updated to version 1.216. Changelog: Fixed: player is not teleported anymore to the objective position on task "19 - Find the enemy compound" Fixed: AI teammates specializations are now properly saved Added: wheel action to reset player (it restores main wheel actions - usefull if player persistent data are corrupted, for example after a game crash) Tweaked: compatibility with ACE revive system Tweaked: player AI teammates behaviour after team switching Tweaked: a few other minor things Updated: maximum players amount has been increased to 50
  4. After new series of tests: Car explosions I can confirm they are less often than previously. But these explosions are caused by a bad building detection on ArmA II customed maps. I used both BIS_fnc_findSafePos and findEmptyPosition commands but none are 100% reliable. If somone has a more reliable idea, I'm for sure open to any suggestion. TPW save/load issue I can confirm TPW air, animals, houselights, soap and hud scripts are perfectly working from my side (the next update of OPEX will include a small tweak to make sure the hud is automatically refreshed after a reload). They are already included into OPEX, so make sure you are not using mod versions at the same time, otherwise it will obviously cause some troubles. Team switch leader issue You are right, I have found the issue. It wil be fixed with the next update.
  5. I have made a few more tests: what makes you believe that TPW scripts are not working anymore after loading a saved game ? They seem to work on my side, and team switch function as well. About car explosions: could you confirm the version of OPEX you are playing with ? Maybe it's not perfect yet but I improved vehicle spawn function with last 1.215 update.
  6. No they shouldn't. Task should immediately succeed if every 5 supplies have been uploaded into the marker area.
  7. OPEX has been updated to version 1.215. Changelog: Fixed: a debug hint message was displayed when it should not have Fixed: wheel actions are not deleted anymore after team switches Tweaked: there should be less unexpected civilian vehicle explosions Updated: available vehicles at startup for Isla Duala version
  8. OPEX has been updated to version 1.214. Changelog: Fixed: action to install spy microphone (task 13) is now working properly again (thanks to Adonaiis for his feedback) Tweaked: civilians amount on task "09 - Capture a suspect" has be increased Tweaked: injured friendlies are not marked anymore if friendly tag is disabled in game options Removed: carry option for injured soldiers is temporary disabled because animations are not working properly (waiting for an update of Psychobastard's AIS script) Updated: player movements are now slower when he has reached its primary limits (thanks to Kilian for the suggestion) Updated: donater's board (big thanks to Tatoune !)
  9. Hi Baton, I wish I could but unfortunately I'm currently spending almost all my free time on debugging and improving OPEX. But if no more major bugs are reported and if current version is staying stable, I will think about it as soon as I can.
  10. Great news, thank you for keeping me informed, it should be usefull for some other players too.
  11. I'm very sorry, I can't reproduce this error messages ? - Did you download JackFrench mod from Steam or from another source ? - The 4 last ones are relative to last Orange ArmA's update: make sure your game is up-to-date.
  12. @Sergey Tereshin Very strange... Is it happening on every OPEX missions ? @iWazaru Thank you very much for your message ! Yes, OPEX persistancy is saved into server ArmA's profile, unfortunately I have no solution at this time for this type of server :( I think it would require an external database mod but it's much more complex.