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  1. @scimitar I have checked, the wire cutter is on the support crate. It's between MicroDAGR GPS and map tools. @BLE-OPs Great news if it's finally working now
  2. The tool to compile/upload addon is not very clear so maybe I did a mistake when giving name to the addon folder. Anyway, make sure you are calling the mod the right way. Examples: @@gemini folder on the server and @gemini in the command line won't work @gemini folder on the server and @@gemini in the command line won't work @gemini folder on the server and @gemini in the command line should work @@gemini folder on the server and @@gemini in the command line should work
  3. OPEX and Gemini_items mod are working on dedicated server too. Just make sure you have put the right path on the server options. Not at this time but... I'll see what I can do ASAP. Wire cutter should already be available in the accessory box
  4. Hi BLE-OPs, it seems that something is not properly installed on your server. I suggest to try to: - start the server without any mod - progressively activate the mods until you find the one that is involved (this should not be a problem as long as the mission is not started)
  5. It's already done on my website (Armaholic needs much more time because each update requires approval from one of their moderator).
  6. OK you were right, there was 2 variables that were not properly defined when playing in MP. So, OPEX has been updated to version 1.197. Changelog: Fixed: ambient civilian functions are now working properly when playing in MP Tweaked: if bCombat mod is detected then forcing deactivation of R3F's AIComTarget script to avoid any conflict And no problem if you want to host OPEX on your server (Edit a few hours after...) OPEX has been updated to version 1.198. Changelog: Fixed: small error message when running a new task (if showScriptErrors command was enabled)
  7. Salut Benjamin, Désolé je vais devoir te répondre en Anglais, c'est la langue imposée sur ce forum. Thank you for this feedback. Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the troubles you are reporting. Could you please provide the full .rpt file ? Maybe some scripts are broken because some mods are not loaded properly on your server (Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted - rhs_us_a2_airimport). Please make sure you have installed and activated last updates of all required mods on your server. For TFAR issue you are not the only one to report that, I have contacted the author of the mod to have more information. I'm still investigate on what could lead to TFAR crash.
  8. Great news if it's working again, thank you for the feedback ! And sorry about that, I'm still working on a way to save data without having to restart from scratch each time OPEX is updated, but it's a complex thing. Thank you for the feedback, I'm proceed to some additional tests on this map.
  9. Hi hugueso, thank you for your message and sorry about the inconvenience. I think it's my fault, I jumbled some files during a previous update. OPEX is becoming hard to update because of the amount of files and the different versions to manage... Anyway, I am not able to reproduce the issue you are reporting (especialliy if it's since yesterday's update) but I've seen something that could lead to performance issues, maybe it's because of that. I have updated OPEX to version 1.196 a few minutes ago, please tell me if the problem is solved on your computer ? Changelog: Fixed: auto-cleaning function was causing serious issues on some computers
  10. Sorry guys, here is a new small update to fix some annoying issues that have been reported: version 1.195. Changelog: Fixed: civilian ID verification menu is now working properly Fixed: local text for non-polyglot civilians is replaced back by "???" because ArmA doesn't seem to be able to display arabic and greek alphabets Fixed: no more error message when disembarking a suspect from a vehicle
  11. Yes, maybe it's because of a mod that is chaning the AI. Or maybe it's because on several maps AI is sometimes stucked because of the lack of empty space available in the main base. I suggest to call the transport in a large empty space. Also, throwing a smoke grenade before the chopper is landing can help to indicate him a more precise position.
  12. I apologize for this new inconvenience... OPEX has been uploaded to version 1.194. Changelog: Fixed: saving/loading game should now work properly again Fixed: Zeus interface should work again on every map The issue about saving/loading should be solved. But I'm not able to reproduce the issue with transport helicopters. Is it always happening ? Maybe you ordered the AI to move to a position that is not empty enough for the pilot ? Anyway, thanks for this new precious feedback.
  13. Sorry about that There are so many differences fore coding between SP (editor, scenarios) and MP (local server, dedicated, headless clients...)... Even if I'm used to deal with it, this game is driving me totally crazy ! OPEX has been updated to version 1.193. Changelog: Fixed: new screen at startup is now working in SP I have tested it from my side and it seems to be ok (editor, SP & MP), let me know if it works for you too.
  14. OPEX has been updated to version 1.191. Changelog: Fixed: action to drag/load/unload wounded/dead units should now work properly for ACE3 users (this post has been edited a few hours later...) OPEX has been updated to version 1.192. Changelog: Fixed: task "09 - Capture a suspect" is now working properly again