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  1. HA, I love it. This is pure genius, and the AI looks almost intelligent.
  2. So far, not impressed with the visuals. Player models are better, but everything I'm seeing in the background is not what I'd expect from a new game this day in age. I didn't wait this many years for last year's game. That aside, I don't know what kind of gameplay improvements they have in store, so I'm still pretty excited to hear anything about that.
  3. missions work now but i still get on the load screen something like; no entry dev-cpp.bin CFGweapons.INQ_mavericklauncher.
  4. I'm having some problems with this one. I dled all the required add-ons and installed them and replaced the config.bin but every time i try to run a mission i crash back to the desktop. I also get an error message at the main menu, something about a bin file to do with the barretm82. Kurayami's config works pretty good, so I don't really know what the problem is. BTW, the version I'm trying to use is the one with the optional resistance skins and m113s