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  1. Are there any plans to expand on the Armata chasis, like, self propelled Arty or recovery vehicles? just asking, I am more than happy with what we have :)
  2. OMG and just as I was about to go to bed... when I read your "being packed right now" part, I went nearly crazy. But then I thought "no way he meant that the way you understood it" :D just had a very quick toy around with the new vehicles, they are so beautiful and just wow :D many thanks you guys, keep on with this mod :)
  3. Hi Bnae, very nice update, I love the Enfield so much :D also, many thanks for letting the Remington pack a punch with the new ammo. It saved my virtual butt quite often already :D I noticed one thing however: neither the Enfields nor the Sako nor the Model 1897 fit in a backpack anymore. Could you look into that, or is it done by choice? Sooo, now what's left to say? Oh yeah: many thanks for your high quality arsenal :)
  4. In the Arma Storyline it is clearly mentioned that Russia is not part of CSAT. So, if SCO became CSAT, then it has changed quite a lot, of course it may have started out as sco, and Russia felt strong enough on its own, who knows...
  5. @bars91: I know that, but it's the Armaverse, and I said "decade long budget cuts". ;) also, it's just an idea thrown into the ring. speaking off topic, I still think the death of the G36 was because "Ursel" von der Leyen wanted to show that she is serious about cleaning up the mess the Bundeswehr is, and picked a random relatively cheap item to get rid off.
  6. Excellent as always :D (Gosh, I'm turning into quite a fanboy :D but it feels good :D) quick question, seeing you are doing european NATO units with, where possible, authentic weapons: I might overstretch my luck here, but are you familiar with Toadie2Ks work? he made an 'Armarized' version of the G36, which accepts ARMAs standard mags, and he also released the sourcefiles for it, too. Seeing that this rifle is used quite widely in Europe, and given the according to the Armaverse "decade long budget cuts" I could imagine, that this gun would still be around in 2035. So erhm, the question was: Is it possible to include it in your mod? what ever the answer is, many thanks for your continued work on the mod! this is gonna be an epic one :D
  7. Hi Nightmare, screen looks mouthwatering as usual :D really, so many ideas running through my head already :) and now the most important thing: you don't owe us anything, it is rather us owing you gratitude for your dedication to modding. Take your time, get well and then, then! continue working on the mod ;) so, get well and have a nice day :)
  8. This made my day :D Back on topic, well, all I say is: the more content, the better. But it sounds like a hell of a lot of work. But in general, cool idea
  9. Hey guys, just dropped by to say, that I'm extremely excited for this mod, and that I am looking forward to the next release. One thing that I noticed, and if I remember right, it was brought up once here allready is, that with this mod loaded many language protocols stop working. By that I mean, that you revert from let's say mandarin to english. also when using mods like CUP, the Czech voices stop working. My question would now be: Is there a solution to this, or is Arma only able to handle a limited ammount of different languages (nothing can be done about it)? anyway, looking forward to the russkies :D p.s.: I got a brand new box of tissues ready :D
  10. Dear god, I just came.
  11. Everything that includes drones has my vote
  12. Sad but true. Would have loved to see some more variants of the "Tempest" in the first place, like a true MRAP troop carrier truck... But apart from that, man this mod gets me hyped. I love realistic current timeframe equipment, but the Arma3 Timeline also has something fascinating about it, and seeing it expanded, and enhanced makes me, well, hyped :D
  13. ohhhhhhhhhh nice one! HURRY UP GODDAMN IT! :P man, this is one fine mod. I just can't enough of it. @Bnae: I Just noticed something in the Arsenal: With the slide back, the R1 shows a little red dot at the place, where the front sight should be. Not a big thing, I actually only noticed it, while zooming in on it, but I'd thought I share it with you. And also: thanks for the quick resonse to my question about the mag size. I already did think it had something to do with real life limitations :) different amuniton types? hmmm, now I'm interested. :)
  14. Hello there :) Just a quick question: Is anyone else experiencing issues with TPW Fall? I mean, that sometimes units that get knocked down refuse to stand up again, breaking the mission flow. The thing is, it's not happening regularly, but rather very random. It used to happen in the past on a much broader scale I might add, and was fixed for some time, but now it is slowly coming back :( . One example where I encountered it just this morning, would be in the main campaign, where towards the end you attack Pyrgos. Your convoy gets ambushed, and for some reason my entire squad gets knocked down and after that stubbornly refuses to get up again. I've waited for 5 minutes, but no luck. apart from that, I want to take the oppurtinity to thank you TPW, as you created (at least to me) the single most important mod in Arma. Many thanks for your hard work!
  15. I agree that it is unfortunate that this mod isn't getting the attention it deserves, outstanding quality, very diverse and unique choice of weapons, just a+ all across the board. And may I say, thank you so much for the brushed pistols, the R1 is my absolute go to pistol for all situations now :) quick question though: is it intentional that you can't use the vanilla magazine with it? Many thanks for these babies, and I'm looking forward to your knifeing mod :)