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  1. Found the issue, and, it is literally the weirdest thing I've ever seen. So, I took the code from the linked thread, and stuck it in a pbo with a different classname, then, determining the issue with something you had in the code, rather than something you didn't, by the highly scientific process of randomly commenting out lines until it works, I have discovered that this line: cursor = gl; Is the problem. The only thing I can think of why this might be causing issue is it's something BIS built into the arsenal to prevent vehicle weapons/underslung GLs from showing up? Here's the code I used that works, in case I've got this wrong: (I changed some other stuff in case it was causing problems, but I'm pretty confident it's the cursor line that's the problem, comment it out, it shows up in the arsenal, uncomment it, it doesn't) class XM25_Fix: Rifle_Base_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; _generalMacro = GL_XM25_F; baseWeapon = XM25_Fix; scope = 2; displayName = "XM25 Fix"; model = "\A3\Weapons_F_Aegis\Launchers\XM25\XM25_F.p3d"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F_Aegis\Launchers\XM25\Data\UI\gear_XM25_CA.paa"; UiPicture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\UI\icon_gl_CA.paa"; weaponInfoType = "RscOptics_punisher"; modelOptics = "\A3\Weapons_F\Acc\reticle_cdtes"; magazines[] = {5Rnd_HE_Grenade_mag}; //cursor = gl; handAnim[] = { OFP2_ManSkeleton, "\A3\Weapons_F_Aegis\Launchers\XM25\Data\Anim\XM25.rtm" }; reloadAction = GestureReloadKatiba; recoil = recoil_default; maxZeroing = 1000; shotPos = "Usti hlavne"; shotEnd = "Konec hlavne"; modes[] = {Single}; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { reloadTime = 0.25; dispersion = 0.00116; recoil = M240Recoil; recoilProne = M240Recoil; minRange = 50; minRangeProbab = 0.1; midRange = 500; midRangeProbab = 0.7; maxRange = 1000; maxRangeProbab = 0.05; }; class Library { libTextDesc = "Rabblerabble"; }; initSpeed = 210; descriptionShort = "Rabble"; inertia = 0.8; aimTransitionSpeed = 0.8; dexterity = 1.2; class WeaponSlotsInfo: WeaponSlotsInfo { class MuzzleSlot{}; class CowsSlot{}; class PointerSlot{}; mass = 140; }; class OpticsModes { class Sights { opticsID = 1; useModelOptics = true; opticsPPEffects[] = { OpticsCHAbera1, OpticsBlur1 }; opticsFlare = true; opticsZoomMin = 0.1875; opticsZoomMax = 0.0625; opticsZoomInit = 0.1875; distanceZoomMin = 100; distanceZoomMax = 100; memoryPointCamera = eye; cameraDir = look; visionMode[] = { Normal, NVG, Ti }; thermalMode[] = {0,1}; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = true; discretefov[] = {0.1875,0.0625}; discreteInitIndex = 0; }; }; DLC = Aegis; };
  2. Hmm... have you tried baseWeapon = "GL_XM25_F"; instead of baseWeapon = GL_XM25_F; AFAIK, it shouldn't make a difference whether it's a string or not (in fact, I pretty sure you don't even need to define baseweapon if you're inheriting from Rifle_Base_F), but stuff like this sometimes works. The only other thing I can think of is that it might be, since you're using the same style of classname as BIS, there's still some remnant of the old XM25 that's conflicting with your code? (I wouldn't think it is that, though, since you'd effectively be completely overwriting any old cfgweapons references to the XM25, unless there's some code in the arsenal that explicitly removes it? That would really be weird, though.) Maybe try adding this to the end: class XM25_TestNew: GL_XM25_F { displayName = "New Test XM25"; baseWeapon="XM25_TestNew"; }; If "New Test XM25" shows up in the arsenal, then it's definitely something weird with the classname. (On the plus side, that means you can fix it without breaking compatibility by just using GL_XM25_F as a base class)
  3. That... doesn't sound right? I had a quick look up, and the only source I could find for this seems to be the daily mail, so I'd take it with a pinch of salt. The mail is basically a nazi rag, they have a history of printing made up gung-ho stories about "them" running absurd hollywood style ops that read suspiciously like adverts for CoD - reading this article, it definitely sounds like bullshit, their "source" is a "top-secret report", they parrots the usual nonsense about 5,56 vs 7,62, oh, and look, they've even got a random unrelated picture of Prince Harry in uniform because presumably they couldn't shoehorn Princess Diana into this somehow... The MoD has a massive hard-on for ammo commonality, and, IIRC, SAS were using M16A2s back when everyone else still had SLRs, so... the idea that they'd throw that out the window and start using some brand-name rifle (not even the L129?) because it "does more damage"... yeah... (I mean, if they were mentioning that in hills of Afghanistan insurgents are outranging our troops with our old .303s, yeah, and that's the exact reason we've got the L129, but "does more damage"? "But it doesn't kill them outright!", well, golly, that is a problem, since insurgents regenerate health when they're behind cover!) Anyway, that's enough ranting (I'm sorry, it's just "papers that actually supported Hitler back in the 30s" are one of my triggers ) It's not a huge issue, just something I found a bit weird. XM25 bug definitely looks like an inheritance issue, couldn't say for certain, since I haven't looked at your config, but I've seen this exact bug before, and the problem was that I was inheriting from another weapon, and not defining a new baseweapon, so the engine just assumes you're trying to define a variant with a new scope or something and doesn't add it into the arsenal. So, what I imagine you've got is this: class NewGun: OldGun { displayName="New Gun"; //Some more code }; And what you want is this: class NewGun: OldGun { displayName="New Gun"; baseWeapon="NewGun"; //Some more code }; It might just be that there's a typo (ie, you've got "new_Gun" instead of "NewGun"), but I'd bet my bottom dollar it's baseweapon that's the problem. (I've never been particularly good at gambling, though, so I'm probably wrong!) (Is doing stuff just because it was in the pre-alpha such a great idea? I mean, it seems to me this stuff was changed for a reason)
  4. Some bugs I've noticed: M1014 reload animation bugs out while prone (uses the standing animation, but the fire-geo is all messed up?) XM25 doesn't appear in arsenal (incorrect baseweapon? It shows up if you start with the heavy grenadier class) CSAT Specop autorifle has an incorrectly defined weapon C130 landing gear clip through their bay doors when raised (also, I noticed that the 16th cargo position is always ordered to disembark by the AI? I might just have loaded them incorrectly in the editor, though) Some of the finer details of the BAF faction kinda feel a bit off right now, IMHO - the fennek doesn't really fit (we haven't used anything like that since the Fox), the Hunter would be more appropriate (we don't use the Oshkosh M-ATV, but we do use stuff that's similar enough). The ACOs used by standard troops don't really fit either (AFAIK, it's been standard practice for all infantry to have something like a SUSAT for quite a while now). The SCAR-H's for SF troops are also a bit contradictory to the British doctorine, since it's generally encouraged to keep the majority of small arms using the same calibre, SCAR-L's would be more appropriate (or 416s, since British SF generally use some variant of AR-15, but I'm not a huge fan of BIS's implementation of 416s, so...) Regarding SF loadouts, I'm not sure the Tavor's beefy enough for NATO - the 5,56 round tends to be a bit ineffective against CSAT troops at longer ranges. Likewise, the revolver isn't really suitable as a sidearm for CSAT (doesn't mount a silencer, small magazine size) - it'd be really neat to have a 6.5mm AR for NATO, and something like a Stechkin for CSAT (maybe port ArmA.2's UZI? There's already a good bit of Israeli kit in CSAT's arsenal) Finally, I'm not too keen on the new desert helmet for CSAT... it'd be nice to have the old brown hex helmet back, and keep the desert version as a variant (maybe add some randomization, like with the NATO helmets, so they spawn with either standard, desert or black helmet? It'd also be kinda neat to have a matching version of the fatigues for maps like Takistan where the brown hex is a bit too dark) Anyhows, just my 2 cents. I cannot stress how much I am really loving the mod as a whole.
  5. Some issues I noticed: IDAP EOD specialist doesn't have any means of disarming mines (Well, aside from the Mk.1 foot...) No method of aiming the anti-mine drone's "weapon" (unless I'm missing something? - by the by, it'd be neat to have this for the military factions as well) Cargo Van is unable to transport go-karts Command Mobility Vehicles. (minor, but given we have a redstone karting skin for the van it seems like this isn't intended behaviour?)
  6. There seems to be a lot of issues with people uploading other people's work onto the steam workshop without their consent, typically in cases where this hasn't been done for various licence reasons. Would it be possible to have a function somewhere like cfgpatches to prevent this? ie: class CfgPatches { class SomeGenericAddonName { units[]= {}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; workshopAllowed=False; }; }; EDIT: Now that I think about it a bit more, a variant of .pbo that the publisher can't upload without the private key would probably be a better solution.
  7. I'm planning on added a setting for predominantly slow (so, mostly Slow, Walkers and maybe Brittle Crawlers) and predominantly fast (so, medium, fast and maybe spiders) zombies - I'm not great with .sqf, but it should be able to be changed in the editor by just putting something like "HSO_ZP_FastZombies = 1" in the init field of the module, or in multiplayer lobby if the missions been set up for it (like using the more reinforcements/less reinforcements with the default combat patrol module) There's already some code for alternating between Mediterranean and Pacific CSAT troops in the vanilla module, so it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt it for this purpose.
  8. Going to try and throw up an update later today, add some minor stuff and QoL fixes. Maybe see about getting my head around the workshop, and maybe put it on Nexus instead of 4shared (is there a reason no one uses Nexus?) Discount Greeks = AAF, Spaceballs = CSAT (it's the helmets, see?) It's a terrible throwaway joke that I'd be ashamed of, were I capable of feeling shame.
  9. IIRC, there's recently been (IRL) a renewal program, meaning we're stuck with these damn things until the 2030s (and the lore says the UK is completely broke in the 2030s, so it's figures we still wouldn't be able to get rid of them). Apparently, Mikhail Kalashnikov was once shown an SA80 by a British Officer, after taking a long look at the weapon, his only comment was "you must have very clever soldiers". That Tan version is ridiculously sexy, though.
  10. It's Combat patrol, with Zombies. Do yo-do you get it, Zom-Bat? Like, it's a portmanteau of Zombie and Combat? Yeah, I know it's dumb a joke... in my defence, it's a pretty dumb addon, but I like it, and, I hope you too, gentle reader, will also like it. And if you don't, I'm going to hunt you down, and make you like it. RIGHT NOW THIS IS AN EARLY BETA. While it is functional, there are bugs, there are balancing issues, and there are things that are have not been tested. So, first things first, you'll need Ryan_D's Zombies and Demons. Click here for the BIForums link. Right now, it's just a module, find it with the rest of combat patrol modules in the editor. It works exactly like the combat patrol init module, just plonk it down, and it does all the work. You'll probably want to add some of the zombies and demons configuration modules, to get the zombies working how you want. In terms of content, it's basically just the same as the vanilla combat patrol, only you're up against zombies instead of discount Greeks or Spaceballs. The objectives have been slightly modified to fit the zombie theme (mainly just changed the strings), and I've added in some randomly spawned civilian vehicles, if you like the vehicle throwing mechanics from Z&Ds. More stuff is planned for the future (arsenal support, more objectives, more configuration options) Theoretically this should work with any map, in practice, your mileage may vary. Generally speaking, if it's "like" Altis, or one the CUP maps (except the ArmA.1 ones), it'll probably work. The most important things are properly configured roads, buildings with properly set up interiors and properly set up towns/locations (though this is entirely necessary, as you can use the combat patrol "add location" module). Known Issues: Sometimes civilian vehicles spawn inside other vehicles, while the pyrotechnics do somewhat aid the whole post-apocalyptic feel, this might cause issues with the "destroy vehicles" mission. Sometimes the "destroy demon" mission completes itself. I'm not sure what's causing this, though I think it's caused by them running off the top of tall buildings or spawning inside walls. (Also happens with regular zombies, but, that's not really a huge problem) There may be issues with East or Resistance player factions, but that might also just be that I was hadn't set it up properly. The main thing I'm interested in, in terms of feedback, is balance (personally I think it's a bit too easy right now, but I'm sure someone will disagree), performance (particular with a larger number of player) and how well it works with various community maps and addons. Changes in Pre-2: Cars now have semi-random loot. Time is now random, by default Added a script to turn off streetlamps, but then disabled it because it wasn't working properly. Download Links: Pre1: (depreciated) Pre-2: 4Shared Steam Workshop
  11. ...And the G36 does too. Derp. I must have been thinking of something else. (Lots of interesting stuff on that channel, always wondered what was actually under the sights, so I guess I was wrong about those too)
  12. Very neat. Like the new sounds and animations. (Weapon animations, that is, I'm sure when you've got the hand animations done I'll love them too) Some thoughts: I don't think the charging handle should move when the gun's fired - I was never able to find out 100% about this, but it seems likely, since it's basically just a G36 in a fancier (and somehow more plastic?) shell. There's some slight nomenclature issues - the Carbine is actually the "Compact", and what you've got as the standard XM8 is the Carbine - there was also a full length rifle variant (bottom in picture - it says it's the sharpshooter variant in the URL, but it isn't), that was basically the DMR without the extended bipod foregrip and improved sights. (And possibly a version of the compact with the standard stock - this might just have been thrown together by to show off the modularity of the weapon, though - I know PASKAL uses a version of the carbine with the compact stock, as well, again, not sure if these are "for sale" models, or field modifications. (Rant incoming) I'm not personally a fan of the RIS sight attachment PMC had. The model BIS made is very obviously complete fantasy (you can even see it doesn't actually screw into any hole in the carry handle) - from what I understand, one of the main reasons the XM8 was canned was that the army wanted to stick the RIS system, instead of the proprietary sight mount on the XM8, so It seems a bit disingenuous to the legacy of the XM8 to make it just another RIS rifle, instead of using the sights designed for it (but that's just my opinion, I'm sure some walt or mall ninja's going to have a go at me for daring to suggest the almighty tactical weaver rail shouldn't be on something...). I guess if you've got the resources, it'd be neat to have a RIS-sy version like those PASKAL use (2nd and 4th from front in picture), but, again, personal preference. The side rails were intended to be removed when there wasn't anything attached to them, I don't know if you've got this planned, but it'd be a nice little touch (or maybe not? having them would make it clear to the player that they can mount flashlights etc. and realistically they probably would have used permanently fitted rails, since detachable to going to get misaligned very quickly - something of an issue with laser pointers, especially those in the non-visible spectrum, but those things are jagged and made of very hard materials and are not comfortable to hold!) I'd have stuck with the XM8 designation, I can't really justify this, "M8" just sounds wrong to me.
  13. Since you're replacing the default NATO classes anyway, might be a good idea to create a new vest class for your reskin, for compatibility purposes? Some thoughts: Shotgun dispersion is way too high, like, at 25m range there's a spread of about 5 meters, kind of makes them useless unless you literally shove them into someone's face. The woodland NATO dudes would look better with the black variant of the MX, IMHO. ION should really be on green, they were on green in PMC, and apparently they've got some connection to CSAT in TKOH? (TBF I'm still not 100% that TKOH wasn't just an april fools joke) It looks like you're using similar classnames to BIS, (even down to the _F at the end)? I can't stress how much of a bad practice this is, since it means you'll have to deal with conflicts from other addons doing the same, and potentially any new stuff added by patches (especially since it looks like BIS might be adding their own unarmed variants of stuff like the Marid), probably not a good idea to change them now, since it means everyone will have to remake anything using this from scratch, but definitely something to consider (Ie, if you're not explicitly replacing a vanilla class, it would be a good idea to use classnames like "NGT_B_Soldier_Shotgun_F", or "B_Soldier_Shotgun_NGT"). So, I've been working on something similar (in terms of vanilla extensions), and I kinda feel as though it'd be a bit scummy to release it now, since you've added most of the stuff I've got (yours are a good bit better than mine, too! XD ), I do have some things that you might want, though (off the top of my head, a bunch of gendarme vehicles, a few variants of the stealth suit/balaclava, AAF SF dudes, black/"khaki" ABR skins, and some AA12 skins and a fully ported XM8 from my last project, if you want to give ION their classic guns) - throw me a PM if you're interested. Real neat, though, loving everything thus far.
  14. Powered by some highly scientific keyboard mashing, I present to you, Crasher.pbo:
  15. Should work with ALiVE, but I've only tested it once, about a year ago. So, can't say for certain. Unless anything major has changed with how ALiVE works, it should work fine. The weapon pack should work independant of everything else. I want to restructure the configs for the next release, so you'll be able to activate and deactivate factions as you want (seems I can't just say "install everything, and if you don't want it don't use it", a lot of dynamics missions just try to use everything... not ideal, because I tend to add a bunch of hidden joke stuff!) (Oh god, now I've posted I'm actually going to have to continue work on this.... I was all ready to just pack up and start doing stuff for zDooM instead!)