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  1. It seems like ur schedule works a tiny bit faster :D
  2. Here is a german test about the scheduling, smt, windows 7 vs windows 10, HPET and core parking. It seems there is no windows 10 schedule bug (which has been also denied by an amd blog post) but there are other issues. EDIT: Oh ok nedflanders was faster :D
  3. Around 11:30 is an ArmA 3 Benchmark
  4. It would be intresting to disable the power saving features in the bios too (Is AMD still using cool and quiet?). So that all cores run with 100% clock speed all the time. Not good for general use, but it would be intresting what happens if the cpu dont get clocked down by the system.
  5. Here in crysis 3 the 1800X beat all the 4 core i5/i7 CPUs That gives me some hopes for Star Citizen at least, which is based on the cryengine.
  6. Just in applications that only use not more then 4 cores. I see it more as a software problem. If all games would use 8 cores we would have a different result. Look at the crysis 3 benchmarks, here is the ryzen performance very good because the engine is well written for multicore cpu's
  7. I get with these settings in the first benchmark above 33.9 fps with my i7 4790k + GTX 980ti Thanks for the benchmarks! The i7 4790k kills the ryzen :-(
  8. That would be awesome! I searched for some ArmA 3 benchmark missions: Both are old, but should still work. If we match our graphic settings i could throw my benchmarks result into this too. So we have more data :-) I would suggest a 720p run too with low graphic settings to make sure our gpu's dont interfere much.
  9. So the new ryzen cpus are out, and i think a lot of us want to know how these bad boys perform on arma 3 right? So please, if you can find any benchmarks, post them here. If you made a benchmark by urself, please show it to us! :-) My personal feeling about these cpus is, we will get the same problems with these cpu we got with the old amd fx cpus. Lots of multicore performance which gets totally ignored by arma and low fps because of bad single core performance. I really want to upgrade, but i really fear that my old i7 4790k will outperform the ryzen cpu. I hope iam wrong. So please, if you guys find anything please post it here, iam reall intrested into this. And of course, what do you guys think? Share your toughts Thanks!
  10. Go buy an Windows surface 4 tablet. These are strong enough to run arma (On low settings, but i think it should be enough for the editor). No need for an android app.
  11. From what i heard is that 3d 5.1 / 7.1 Headsets are no joy in arma. Better buy a stereo headset.
  12. My water list: - One Carrier for all of the 3 sides (west, east and resistance) - A battleship for all of the 3 sides - Submarines for all 3 sides - A hovercraft boat to transport vehciles for all 3 sides Working in multiplayer + walking on deck while the ship moves.
  13. I think such features dont make sense in arma. I can create a mission where i put 100 unarmed ai's, save the mission and kill them all in mp just for the k/d. Makes no sense because it is too easy to manipulate that.
  14. From my expierience you can max out this game with a Geforce GTX 770 on 1080p. The new 10X0 cards are only intresting if you want to run arma in 4k.