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  1. I'm trying to make a dedicated server run Tanoa. Does the server's Steam account require the Apex DLC? It crashes when loading a Tanoa mission, so I guess it does, but I want to make sure before spending money on it.
  2. Not sure when it started happening but I get the same thing. Repro with BWA v1.3.3: - Put BWA3 Comp ACE file inside BWA3 addons (or any other mod folder you intend to run). - Run CBA, ACE, BWMod. - Start Virtual Arsenal. - Previously mentioned error message shows up. RPT:
  3. Nevermind. The problem is caused by MCC.
  4. Revive (the one used in End Game) stopped working for me and I can't figure out why. It still works in the End Game mission but not in mine. Does someone know how to get it to work in the current game version? The problem is that when a player gets killed, the revive screen shows up, but the timer bar stays full and pressing space doesn't do anything. The weird thing is that I did about 15 tests and the 11 try it did work (even though I hadn't changed anything), until I respawned, then it stopped working. This makes me wonder if it's in fact a game bug. There are error messages that show up. It's either one of the following two that shows up (which one shows up seems random): 19:01:54 Error in expression <_selected,objNull]); alive player && {!isNull _selected && {((_selected getVari> 19:01:54 Error position: <isNull _selected && {((_selected getVari> 19:01:54 Error isnull: Type Number, expected Object,Group,Script,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Task,Location 19:01:54 File a3\functions_f_mp_mark\revive\fn_reviveProgress.sqf, line 120 Or... 19:14:39 Error in expression < [ "#rev_helper",""]),objNull]); if (isNull _helper) then { _ctrlText ctrlSe> 19:14:39 Error position: <isNull _helper) then { _ctrlText ctrlSe> 19:14:39 Error isnull: Type Number, expected Object,Group,Script,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Task,Location 19:14:39 File a3\functions_f_mp_mark\revive\fn_reviveProgress.sqf, line 458 19:14:39 Error in expression <te", 0]) == 3}})} do { waitUntil{isNull (missionNamespace getVariable [(p> 19:14:39 Error position: <isNull (missionNamespace getVariable [(p> 19:14:39 Error isnull: Type Number, expected Object,Group,Script,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Task,Location 19:14:39 File a3\functions_f_mp_mark\revive\fn_reviveProgress.sqf, line 338 I'm using the following settings that worked before (a few months ago at least): Description.ext respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive"}; respawn = 3; respawnOnStart = -1; reviveDelay = 55; reviveBleedOutDelay = 300; reviveForceRespawnDelay = 3; I also tried enabling the revive template in Eden, but that didn't seem to change anything.
  5. True. However, if they feel like they are being damaged in some way they will still try to make you stop (it's within their right). So, for example, if you create a Toyota model and then use it in a game where you drive over innocent people, this may show Toyota in a negative light that might influence people accordingly. Toyota may not like that, they want people to only think of Toyota in a positive way, and so they will probably tell you to stop using their name/car. I'm fairly sure that's why GTA doesn't use real names and changes the cars a bit. If you don't mind potentially making adjustments if they tell you to stop, you can still try using their name/car. If it doesn't portray them in a negative way somehow, they will probably not mind because it will serve as free (positive) advertisement. But if you intend to use the car for terrorists, then you need to be prepared to change things as Toyota may not like that. However, most likely they will never find out or won't even care unless your mod becomes super popular and high profile websites start to showcase your mod. Then Toyota may decide your mod is able to reach and therefore influence enough people that it's a problem for them. By the way, it's virtually impossible to be dragged to court over such things unless you want to go to court. They will first send you a warning. If you ignore it, they'll take you to court. Also, I'm not 100% sure but I think they can only go after the websites hosting your content because creating a Toyota car for your own personal/private use is not illegal. So, the car you made is not illegal. In this case, spreading it publicly to other people is potentially illegal (they will still need to prove this in court), and that's something the website is doing. This is why websites often have strict rules about potential illegal content, they rather take down your mod unfairly than risk potential legal trouble in the future (when you made an account you agreed that this is OK for you). About that warning I mentioned, keep in mind that people's lives have been destroyed by long and expensive legal battles. So even if you are 100% certain your mod is 200% legal, you need to pay attention who you pick a fight with.
  6. Zombie mod logics/modules spawn stuff on the server. MCC spawns stuff on the server (or headless client). Zeus spawns stuff on Zeus' machine (the player logged in as Zeus).
  7. Vanilla AI is made to use tactics, covering fire and the other things you mentioned. But for zombies, you don't want that. There's no melee AI behavior in Arma. That's why you must override the vanilla AI behavior using scripts and you must use scripts to give the zombies new behavior in which they run towards people, stop next to them, play an arm waving animation, play a sound and damage the player. The scripts made only work on the server. That's just the way they are made in this mod. It is possible to change that.
  8. The zombies are running scripts that make them move around, play sounds, find targets and attack stuff, etc. Go spawn like 100 units in Zeus next to you. You will probably begin to lag, which will affect other players if the AI units are local to your machine. Even if you are far away, you might still lag because your PC might not be that good. A (good) dedicated server doesn't have that issue. For that reason, in the community I'm in we never spawn in AI using Zeus. We always use MCC and only use Zeus sometimes to control them.
  9. The zombies will only work if they are local to the server. Things you spawn with Zeus are local to the client who spawned them. Hence, the zombies won't work when spawned with Zeus. Things you spawn with MCC are local to the server. So, spawning zombies with MCC works fine. Personally, I modified the mod and made it so you can spawn zombies for all sides using MCC. Makes it quite easy to use and you can have loads of them without any issues (by spawning them in incrementally). Doing that with Zeus might not work as well because the clients lag up very easily, and you don't want whoever is hosting stuff to be lagging or bad things happen for everyone. So, it's in my opinion better to make them spawn on the server (ie. not use Zeus).
  10. True. On top of that, players need a better visual indicator that explains to them how much fatigued they are exactly - ie. a stamina bar like ShackTac Stamina Bar or the stamina bar on the dev branch. Then all the boxes that royaltyinexile mentioned will be ticked off. Let's look at the old stamina system... "Encourages players to consider their loadout" If you carry to much stuff you get tired more quickly and can't run as much. So, you need to be careful with what you carry and sometimes you have to make compromises on what you can and cannot carry. -Check "Asks players to plan their movement" If you run all the time and/or run up hills a lot you'll get tired more quickly. This means you need to take care of where and how you move to avoid getting exhausted. -Check "Rewards players that make objectively better choices" If you take in account the above then you won't be tired as much and have a tactical advantage. -Check "Prohibits players from selecting unrealistic loadouts" If you carry too many things you get tired more quickly. So, you are encouraged not to carry unrealistic loadouts. -Check "Is transparent and comprehensible for players" Implement better feedback in the inventory screen and add a stamina bar (which is something mods already do!) -Semi-check Now, let's take a look at the new stamina system... "Encourages players to consider their loadout" Does it? Sprinting isn't that more faster in this game. As long as you don't max out the weight you don't get punished much. So, you can carry anything you want and not get punished for it if you don't care about the sprint key. "Asks players to plan their movement" You can run anywhere as much as you want. Just don't hold down that sprint key for too long and you'll be fine. But that hardly requires planning. "Rewards players that make objectively better choices" As said above, sprinting isn't that big of a deal in Arma. So in the new system you ask yourself: Do I want to run a tiny bit faster or do I want to carry that MG/launcher/super body armor and a bunch of other items instead? I'd go for the latter. The new system encourages you to ignore fatigue because fatigue in the new system is a non-issue - it almost doesn't exist and you don't need to worry about it. "Prohibits players from selecting unrealistic loadouts" With the new system you can carry an unrealistic loadout and still be able to move and fight effectively quite easily, much more so than with the old stamina system. The new system encourages unrealistic loadouts. "Is transparent and comprehensible for players" The stamina bar certainly helps there and clearly shows to the player the action/reaction of what they are doing. -Check The new stamina system gets one check mark out of five, while the old system gets four - it even gets five if you use mods. It seems to me that the old stamina system is much better. EDIT: The new stamina system has one advantage not mentioned above - it's more accessible. The old system is less accessible. Is it worth it switching to this new inferior system and removing the old, superior system altogether just to make the game more accessible? Surely, there must be a better answer! Why can there not be both? For instance, this could be an option in the difficulty settings, similar to what BIS already does, where they give people the choice between an arcade and a more realistic experience.
  11. You can now literally carry a heavy AT launcher, a big sniper rifle with loads of ammo, a big vest/armor and a bunch of other stuff and you won't get penalized for it. Running, having a ridiculous amount of gear on you, running up hills, jumping, etc will not make you tired at all. I understand that BIS wants the game to be more accessible for the average COD/Battlefield player, but what about your hardcore fans? Could you please at least give us the option to toggle between the current fatigue system and the new one?
  12. Oh, right. I forgot I recently updated it with that.
  13. That is because it starts zoomed out. So, you need to zoom in. Unfortunately, it emphasizes another bug on the scope. Every time you switch to the CQB sight, the scope's zoom level gets reset, which is quite annoying. Looks like a game bug, it happens with all the scopes. Honestly, the best thing right now might be to simply get rid of the 1x zoom level. At least, until BIS fixes the issue. Or alternatively, don't use my file and simply never use 1x zoom level, the scope works fine then.
  14. I experienced the same issue a few times. I'm not 100% certain but I think Alex2k might be right that it happens when there are dead bodies around you.
  15. @gatordev The problem seems to be with certain RHS M4 versions. The one with front grips in combination with the Specter scope all have the issue. Another issue with the Specter scope. The view gets somewhat distorted in a very weird way for a second or so when you look down the scope. This happens when: - Look through scope and zoom out. - Stop looking down the scope. - Now when you look down the scope, the view will zoom in and then a split second later zoom out. It can make you somewhat nauseas after a while. I made a quick fix for it to make it first zoom in a little, before switching to the full zoom level (basically, I reversed the process) and that basically fixes it. Here's the config for it: