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  1. Nice work guys! Thank you! Best xmas wishes and a healthy new year!
  2. There are no improvements since this game was released...
  3. delete thisTrigger in Deact?!
  4. Thx for info guys. I know community made 3d editors... ;) ..i use xCam editor by myself... ;)
  5. Erm.. a new 3D editor?! Any info about it?
  6. Why do you think are Altis and Stratis islands with water around? ;)
  7. No idea if it helps, but here are my actual project settings: >> click << I tried several times but now i have no problems with my ingame texture. I set resize for export from original 16384 to 20480 in the export settings with split 10*10 and 20480 px in BMP format. Later i put it together with ImageMagick. The result in ArmA3 is really nice... ;)
  8. Roger that! Thx! I found this addon: Arma's Nature That works fine, because you have the standard BI object classnames available and you don`t need extra addons... :)
  9. Thanks for your answer... but this is not what i mentioned. I have a lot of original BIS stuff available but no rocks or trees. Only if i use your xCam objects, but therefor i need your xCam addon which i don`t want to use.
  10. Hi Silola, is there a way to work with the original BIS objects, like rocks, trees and so on? I want to modify some places on Altis and if i use your xCam objects, i need additional addons for the players which are joining the server. Or is there any other trick? thx
  11. Sorry, my english is not the best... If i try to enter the bunker with a standard A3 soldier, the hole to the right side was hard to get through. It looks like that the hole is not high enough to get through. I needed several attempts to enter it. And if i stand in the center of the bunker i`m not able to shot over the wall. So i have the feeling these bunkers are not very useful... :raisebrow:
  12. - I got several errors like "Cannot load texture p:\crimean_asset\data\bb_big_vl_co.paa". - The bunkers are hard to handle >> clipping problems. :(
  13. Nice island! But a quick test it looks a little bit pale...
  14. You are awesome Silola!