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  1. ArmA II was released in may 2009 and I used to play it untill 2016 until the server popilation began to stall.... it's barely populated now. ArmA: Armed Assault was released in 2006. So the ARMA series, if you dont include OFP, is 11 years old.
  2. While testing all available rockets, I noticed that the RBK-500 cluster bomb does not work with any of the fixed wings or VTOLs, only with the Mi-48. You can load it in the editor and it will be displayed, but it does not show up in the weapons selection.
  3. I think it is more like 4 meters at 1000 meters. 4 millirad is roughly 0.023 degrees. Thats why I suggest that a tank sized target (9m) should be hit by 60% of rockets of a salvo at 2000meters. most rockets that miss would fly over or short of the target, not left or right. Millirad is used because it so easy to use: 1 mrad / 1000 m = 100 cm But as I said, given the rather short practical rendering range in ArmA III, any combat beyond 3000m is not really practical so effective ranges may only be to that range and dispersion might be higher to compensate for that....as long as it is not 10meters at 1000meters.
  4. Im very well aware of what the Ka-50 in DCS can do with S-8KOM. Against MBTs the S-13 is to prefer. Unguided Rockets are a big thign in DCS since the I-251 "Shkval" System depicted can't track targets at night. I'm on ArmA III Dev build and I have to confess I overreacted at first. I deactivated advanced FM and unplugged the Joystick. Without advanced FM and keyboard + mouse only control the rockets indeed perform well enough. But its hard to reproduce this in Advanced FM with wind and HOTAS+Pedals control. I think it was wind drift of the helicopter and a non perfect tail trim that made the dispersion a hundred meters at 1000m. THis brings up another problem again: Sensitivity curves. Onve you got a sensitivity for input axis set to perform well for precision steering of a car, it will perform bad for Flight or won't perform at all for tracked. The 6km figure comes from this websites: http://survincity.com/2013/02/jsc-npo-alloy-presented-a-new-product-the-unguided http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/s-8ofp-unguided-missile/
  5. I have worked in the defense industrie (production line) for quite a while. The advertised data is made under "laboratory conditions" in a way to make the product look good. But thats the same way it is done in the automobile Industries. Its no illegal practice. When once in a decade some operators exceed the old given parameters a, new "effective value" is born and advertised. But, there is a slight difference beetween a usable range of 500m or 8000m that is outside all reasonable deviations. It rather seems to me this change is now made to let the Comingn Tanks DLC look better in an artificial way by hampering the Anti Tank capabilities of the light Helicopters.
  6. There will alsways be some dispersion The helicopter is moving in air there are often soem turbulences. Try using the advanced FM with windds.There will be dispersion all over the place by itself. You can not just add artificial dispersion of that magnitude. The straigt line trajectory is there, just compare to the snake line of the S-8.
  7. Hello Fellows, I was locked out of the Forums after the update. I spend that time searching for material on the manufacturer pages. It is now clear to me that the statement "all FFARs have poor accuracy" is simply not true. Even the S-8 family has subvariants, some with short range and Cluster warheads as area effect weapons, some with range up to 6km and HEAT warheads. http://www.armaco.bg/en/product/aviation-unguided-rockets-c28/80mm-unguided-rockets-p479 On the other side I found a nice descriptive training video of a MD-520 firing rockets in pairs at small targets. You can clearly see those rockets go in a straight line where they are aimed. https://youtu.be/148PF_UZ5uo Conclusion: the current dispersion is exegerated, for the sake of playability I would suggest to reduce it by half. I must be at least possible to hit a single house at 1000 meters without obliterating the whole settlement.
  8. See for yourself, you can find info about 70mm Hydra rockets. It's not a secret. range dteated is 10km effectiv range is 8km and my suggestes range is 4000m. Seems all reasonable. BTW why should a shoulder fired rocket (RGP_42) have a better accuracy? or what aboout rocket artillery ?? what magic makes it hit at all at ranges around 20km??? A weapon system that does not allow the delivery platform enough standoff range to stay out of ground fire (2000m) would be plain silly in the 21. Century. Of coouse the cost of CRV-Rockets is much higher than those of S-8 Rockets. And there are laser guided variants availabe on the same rocket base. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRV7 you can not really compare this to the crude way the often improvised rocket rails of WW2 where used and did perform. A lot of them where notoriously slow, unstable and simply lacked a good stabilisation.
  9. Free available data states otherwise. We are not talking about WW II fin stabilized aerial rockets. The CRV7 70mm FFAR is knows to have a dispersion of 4 milliradians fired from an CF-18 Hornet. Thats half the dispersion of the 20mm Vulcan autocannon and allows effective rages of up to 8000meters for a good aread effect. Even if we do as is done in ArmA III and reduce the effective range, that would still need them to be usefull in an dispersed area effect at 3000 meters, in game. An impact pattern of not more then 10mx10m at 4000m should be mandatory at least.
  10. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    The only possible overhaul would be a complete retexture of all old assets to correlate with the new lighting. I don't think this wil happen. But you can clearly See that APEX arid Hex and Khaki stuff fits much better then the old ones.
  11. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yes you can achieve a nice look for yourself, dark nights and camo- colour schemes fitting the environtment...but then...in MP someone can boost everything up or down to a bright plastic soldier look so that vehicles and units stand out from terrain...or for a makeshift night vision. Back then in ArmA II the Devs even limited the abilities to tinker with alpha and brightness to stop that exploit for DAYZ. Another big issue still is that the camo schemes of uniforms, gear and vehicles do not fit the environment colours anymore...the NATO, CSAT and AAF Camos look like spring or Winter camoflage for now. Just look at the MX rifle...they are ivory white now. Everything that was coyote or khaki-brown before 1.60 is too bright now.
  12. Tanks - Autoloader Wish

    in 2017 it is already easier to inststall an Autoloader than finding new recruits that do such a job for more then 6 months. Result... you will never have an exprienced one, only freshmen. I did that peculiar job 6 weeks before I got a better posting and I really wanted to get a better posting than that asap. AND you will have trouble finding guys that are small enough. Its already not confortable in ost Tanks when you're longer (with boots) than 1,90. The Loader is one of the reason why designs like the Challenger, Leopard II and Abrams have such a large and high profile. The Leclerc is the smalles MBT of western design for a reason ( -50 cm compared) ... it uses an Autoloader.
  13. BUG Report Development Branch version 143385. Drivers rearview mirrors do not work at all in AMV-7 Marshal, left one does not work with Gorgon APC, but with Marid all rearview mirrors work fine.
  14. The tweaks to Marid and Marshal maz have triggered a new issue....the front (bow) rises out of the water when the APCs take a swim at full speed...the rear (stern goes down and in case of the Marid, it submerges.
  15. It's the same issue for the Ifrit.