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  1. Regardnign throttle and brake assigned to an axis...reminder, you have to assign both - and + of the range. Otherwise only half of the axis is recognized. Also make sure that no other axis shares the input, that will also reduce the input value of both axis. also make sure that sensitivity is set to 1 and dead zone to 0.
  2. There is currently no advanced flightmodel. It did not make it into the release. Im also a bit alienated by the forum members who praise the FM.
  3. If you're usinf Advanced flight medel you have to trim the helo for a hover.
  4. The Titan AT is still a mighty tool if you use it right. The new flight profile of the missiles is much better to hit targets behind cover in manual guidance mode. Locking problems due to foilage are ok and natural to me, you want to use the titan from higher ground and far away, at least 1000m, but I prefer more than 2000 meters. The idea of such missiles is to shoot them from higher ground ad outside of the effective range of the target. Its no quickdraw weapon for Close quarter fights.
  5. Pro: The scale of the mission and the use of all assets of the game. That even on public servers, some kind of cooperative game develops, including sometimes really good coordinated Combined arms operations The only game mode where you can really play as an part of support branches (Engineers, technicians. Medics, Artilleriy) The possible variations and the possibilty to change your gamestyle completely from Lonewolf sniper to Field Commander of an multi vector assault. The element of surprise as soon as you enter the area if opposing players, you never know if you will run into unaware noobs or pros that lay in ambush inbeetween towns. Con: Often too long and it becomes repetetive Not working CTI on Tanoa so far, including some jungle warfare. AI is either overwelming or much to easy (mostly to dumb use of AT ad Armor assets of town defense AI. Soem players play CTI like an e-sport, using any exploit possible, like Capturing Tanks ar even helicopters early, due to the way AI works. Some commanders even don't build a base and use the MHQ as an respawn vehicle till they have a handfull of large towns. I also realyl dislike the promotion of repawn fights instead of coordinated operations. After a while the game becomes "whack a mole" with towns switching sides all few minutes. the main Con so far is due to BIS not delivering the basic assets for warfare CTI in ArmA III. Those old ArmA and ArmA II bases could really look like real FOBs and firebases.
  6. I take manual control over my FOV anytime over that silly speed zoom we had to suffer from before.
  7. Vapor on sound barrier as well as wing vapors are dependend on humidity in RL... so you don't necessarily see any.
  8. Does that mean you're at least considering a more decent FM? That would be fine, after all im used to waiting.
  9. The DLC is out but still the FM is not only arcadish it is worse than arcade ... it is plain wrong. You can still bank all jets to 110° without any change in direction or even a drop of the nose, It loooks like the lift vector of wings is not modelled at all. Another evidence for that is the fact that even with flaps down the planes do not takle off by semselfs at any always have ti yank on the stick for any change in attitude or direction. When even such basic manouvers like a standard turn or canopy rol are not possible, its not even arcade FM but NO FM. at all.
  10. Separated input values are not just a matter of mouse speed. The same problem is there for Joystick users. Once you have a sensitivity curve that is good for driving, it sucks for Helos, once you found one that is good for Helos it sucks for some Airplanes or Vtols and vehicles. The issue is there. I solved it by user profiles...but it is a bit cumberson that way with missions where you often switch vehicles classes (CTI)
  11. The Jets DLC is a great disappointment so far to me. The flight model is bad, really bad. I was not exspecting DCS standards but at least something like Warthunder standards, which is a free-to-play title.The FM is not from this world and does not rely on any physics from this planet. Planes roll on a perfect axis when banked, instead of turning slightly. For turning you have to roll 45-90 degrees and pull the stick, you can eben get the jets to fly backwards without droppign the nose by banking to 90 degrees zero thrust and nose up... thats all wrong. You can even fly inverted without stick force and since the is no lift axis is does nothing. The whole FM seems to be tailored for mouse and keyboard use, not for HOTAS users with deep Flight Simulator affiliations. another letdown is that carrier, it just drops an empty object in the editor... I h´gave up on trying to place anythign on it since every assets falls trough the deck.BIS PLEASE stop adding "authentic" FM, rather try to catch real life FM. If a plane is not able to fly a standard turn or a canopy roll at all, your FM is simply wrong from any aerodynamic point.Also, a plane with TO flaps down should take off by its own when to speed is achived thre should be no stick input needed. It seems that the current FM has no airflow dependend lift force vector at all.or at all. Reference Source
  12. Everything on the range finder works like intented. The Range finder does not measure contantly anymore, which was wrong fom the begining. It measures only of you use the laser for a range measurement... Press "T". PS: This change towards a authentic way of working is mentioned in the changelog and is valid for all kinds of ranging devices in the game, including radar.
  13. You can do it in the .ini manually. There are quite some things you can do by editing the .ini numbers beyond what possible in the menu.
  14. Maybe on your side of the World. It says it will unlock in 3 hours. thats 16.5.2017 at 16:00pm CEST
  15. On steam the release date of the Bundle 2 is 30. May. but Jets DLC is stated 16. May. I have no clue what that means. Fact is, all parts of DLC BUndle show as not installed on 5-16-2017 at 12:30 pm