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  1. If you encountert drifting input it due to your input device having lost the center. Trim is automatic and wind is not modeled in the simple only aircraft FM.
  2. Cargo indicator
  3. I recently often stumble over a bad trend on official ArmA III servers. Some obviously organized player groups literally take over the official servers by voting an admin and starting to kick other players out right on log in. This behaviour goes on for ours while the player count and empty slot stay that way.
  4. This is happening to me exclusivly when playing BECTI on Ultra setting. Turning back to very high solves it. (6GB video and 8GB system memory)
  5. You can already assign a key to swith weapons backwards in the control options. Aditionally [3] switches missiles while [4] brings up bombs.
  6. That's an feature not a bug. It simulates stabilizinf the gun by resting it on objecs or with yout underarms on the ground. It will neither give the same height not level of stability nor movent range like a real bipod. You can check it easy with the HMGs from Marksmen DLC...they are nearly useless without bipod using "normal" resting.
  7. Battle Eye is still not functional with this .exe
  8. As you may not have noticed, the game is still evolving. The engine gets new features with every single update since 2013. Todays state of the engine in 64bit is already no longer comparable to ArmA III 2013 32 bit. Other companies (Ubi....) would have sold that as a new game already. not speaking of all the DLC and free addons and game functional changes since.
  9. Such a plow is not meant to clear mines RL. The only use it to move ground or rubble or wrecks. I guess its purely for ambience.
  10. I always considered ArmA II absolutely superior to OFP, and in many ways it is still way superior in gameply and functionality to ArmA III. But ArmA III is currently advancing into the right direction again.
  11. I think another slight issue with the Anti Air missiles is the missing emulation expanding rod or shrapnel warhead. Those missiles never use a solid warhead, they rely on expamndign rod or shrapnel, so it is posssible to inflict enough damage to a target without a direct hit to make the target unable to continue the mission. Do ArmA II AA missiles have any "splash damage" at all? Physical shrapnel simulation would be too taxing fpr the system.
  12. I get the feeling you do not really know what you're doing. You can slew the target camera into any direction befor you lockt it by using numpad.
  13. THis is exactly the behavior you exspect from an Anti Aircraft missile battery. Even much older systems could fore multiple missiles on one target. Multi Missile strike is even an otion for 80's aircraft, the russians always liked it and even made an automated mutiple launch option availabe for all plattforms. When the PK (probability of Kill) of a missile is low it is quite logical to counter that with more missiles. Another workaround in russian missile tactics was the ripple fire mode of a Radar and a IR seeker missile of the same rocket booster setup (R-27R and R-27T)
  14. Damage in DCS accumulates as long as the mission runs, you have to start a full repair with an sht down aircraft at an airfield that has friendly support crews. That takes around 5 minutes in game. A simple rearm will not repair anything.
  15. DCS doEs simulate G-force and fatigue, both that of material and pilot, very well. Let#s say it that will try to over G the first times, thinking it might give you an advantage... it does not. The airframe can sustain a little bit more G-force than the pilot can (10-12G, but airframe will be considered unfit to fly again due to deformations)...well the pilot at sustained 9G wil simply pass out well before fatal damage occurs to the airframe. Neither airframe stress nor g-force to pilot is simulated in ArmA III, so the whe discussion about G-limits it as artificial as the whole system is. The game and its engine is so simply need such artificial limits (just like rendering range) to keept it playabe at all.