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  1. IIRC you can resign all pbo of all your addons with your community key. This is probably the best way to make sure everybody has the right addon in the right version.
  2. Untested on my side but you may try the ambient light script from Alias: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31811
  3. He's probably talking about the GOS Launcher which is creating symbolic link between the WS files and a !Workshop directory placed in the original Arma3 folder. A very convenient launcher ! :)
  4. Huts are gone in v0.8... and they will come back "when it's done". ;)
  5. @bludski I just tried the newest version of the map and got this error message: Warning Message: Cannot open object blud_mancave\blud_vc_mancave_bk.p3d
  6. That will make your map available to all communities. Thx again !
  7. Will you stick to old buildings (I would prefer that) or will you include the modern looking ones ?
  8. That's because no road areas don't have any real malus to wheeled driving speed. I've only seen this feature in one north european map (can't remeber its name...).
  9. I'm not saying you should do that to host a 64 player server. But to test missions, scripts, addons...etc in a real MP env with HC, it's perfectly fine. And again, as long as you have 16 GB of RAM, it should run without issue. Remember that Arma is unable to use more than one core. Many people are running multiple servers or server+HC on the same hardware in real MP env. Yo can check the official Arma discord, server admin channel if you like.
  10. Not 100% accurate. You can run a dedicated server, a HC and your regular client on one single PC with one single licence of Arma 3. Each will use one core and, as most modern CPU have 4 cores at least, it won't be an issue at all.
  11. You know we don't like seeing nade this close ? ;)
  12. it looked ok but may be I didn't notice some engine damage or something like that. I'll do more tests and tell you if I find anything weird.
  13. Thx !!! :) I forgot to mention I tested multiple times the demo mission. One time, the crew of the first vehicle was totally killed (the HMMV or something like that). The driver of the second vehicle was also killed. Once bluefor won, a driver for the second vehicule was assigned but they completly forgot the first one (and the only armed one) ;)
  14. Nice script !! Shall I suggest a sleep 1 or 1.5 in the ConvoyMove.sqf after [_unit] allowGetIn false; (line 148) ? This way all troops are not insta-popping from a vehicle.