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  1. Hey Nils. No problem, when you get it to work we can add it to the builder. Small problem with your files in the link: - mission.sqm is binarized, can't look at it just with Notepad - as it's binarized and you omitted the .island part in the filename I don't know which island to put it on - you didn't include the Units\unitclasses.sqf If you save the mission and uncheck the "binarize" option at the bottom you can then read it with a text editor It was enough to take a look though, it's the alliance part that's wrong in your mission.sqm. In the editor look under the menu Attributes -> General and change Indep to be friendly with West and enemy to East. It's the part I posted above with "resistanceEast" and west, if the mission.sqm is readable. The never ending "loading" is most probably a syntax error in the unitclasses.sqf, if you have a backup try the one before that again, might be easier than finding the missing comma.
  2. Nils5940: But the parameter for Wartorn mode is off? Hard to say, even if you mixed classes in the unitclasses (e.g. east units in independent arrays or west or whatever) it should spawn them for the right side. Maybe disable wartorn mode in include/params.hpp for all settings to test, again, check the sides at the top of unitclasses as I posted above and double check your mission.sqm for class Mission { class Intel { resistanceWest=0; resistanceEast=1; That should mean Indep is friendly to east, but maybe I'm mixing it up, so better double check that too ;) rudyreyes:That sounds like a problem you get if the players use different versions of the island. Make sure everyone uses the same one. A problem that already existed in CWC :D
  3. TheSurvivorOfZeds: Try again now, apparently the LEN units were bugged (which is why I had problems with them too), but there was a fix for them last friday. cyprus: That was close one. Well, not for you obviously, but you took one for the team like a great leader :D I can however ease your pain a little and tell you that Neo was killed in the escape chopper too, just yesterday while leaving Dingor ;) Nils5940: You can, there are a few "red vs. blue" versions for CUP and RHS. (Didn't we have a BIS one once, what happened to that...) To change an existing mission you need to: 1. change the player units side, obviously 2. change the unitclasses.sqf, pretty much at the top you'll find the sides A3E_VAR_Side_Blufor = east; A3E_VAR_Side_Opfor = west; A3E_VAR_Side_Ind = resistance; Blufor is always the player side, here it's already switched to east 3. change and double check the alliance of the independent side, so you don't get the "War-Torn Mode" activated
  4. Sure: enum { DESTRUCTENGINE = 2, DESTRUCTDEFAULT = 6, DESTRUCTWRECK = 7, DESTRUCTTREE = 3, DESTRUCTTENT = 4, STABILIZEDINAXISX = 1, STABILIZEDINAXESXYZ = 4, STABILIZEDINAXISY = 2, STABILIZEDINAXESBOTH = 3, DESTRUCTNO = 0, STABILIZEDINAXESNONE = 0, DESTRUCTMAN = 5, DESTRUCTBUILDING = 1, }; class CfgPatches { authors[] = {"Project Genesis Team"}; author = "SWTX"; name="Rhino .357 Magnum"; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Sounds_F"}; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]={}; ammo[]={"B_357_JHP"}; magazines[]={"6Rnd_357magnum_Cylinder"}; weapons[] = {"hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_Yorris_F"}; }; }; class CfgAmmo { class B_762x51_Ball; class B_357_JHP: B_762x51_Ball { hit=12; caliber=1.6 deflecting=15; audibleFire=50; cost=1.2; typicalSpeed=825; }; }; class CfgMagazines { class 6Rnd_45ACP_Cylinder; class 6Rnd_357magnum_Cylinder: 6Rnd_45ACP_Cylinder { ammo="B_357_JHP"; author="Project Genesis Team"; author = "SWTX"; picture="\A3\Weapons_F_EPA\Data\ui\M_6Rnd_revolver_CA.paa"; displayName=".357 Magnum 6Rnd Speed Loader"; descriptionShort=".357 Speed Loader"; initSpeed=825; count=6; mass=6; }; }; class Mode_SemiAuto; // External class reference class SlotInfo; // External class reference class CowsSlot; // External class reference class PointerSlot; // External class reference class CfgWeapons { class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F; class hgun_357_Magnum : hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F { class WeaponSlotsInfo; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F: hgun_357_Magnum { authors[] = {"Project Genesis Team"}; author = "SWTX"; _generalMacro = "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F"; baseWeapon = "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F"; scope = 2; model = "\A3\Weapons_F_EPA\Pistols\Pistol_heavy_02\Pistol_heavy_02_F.p3d"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F_EPA\Pistols\Pistol_Heavy_02\data\UI\gear_Pistol_heavy_02_X_CA.paa"; magazines[]={"6Rnd_357magnum_Cylinder"}; displayname = "Rhino .357 Magnum"; descriptionShort = ".357 Magnum"; class Library { libTextDesc = "$STR_A3_CfgWeapons_hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F_Library0"; }; reloadAction = "GestureReloadPistolHeavy02"; recoil = "recoil_pistol_zubr"; drySound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\dry_Zubr", 0.398107, 1, 20}; reloadMagazineSound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\reload_Zubr", 0.562341, 1, 10}; modes[] = {"Single"}; class Single : Mode_SemiAuto { sounds[] = {"StandardSound", "SilencedSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType { closure1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Closure_Zubr_01", 0.199526, 1, 10}; closure2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Closure_Zubr_02", 0.199526, 1, 10}; soundClosure[] = {"closure1", 0.5, "closure2", 0.5}; }; }; class StandardSound : BaseSoundModeType { begin1[] = {"\PG_Zubr\sounds\Zubr_short_01", 3.16228, 1, 1600}; begin2[] = {"\PG_Zubr\sounds\Zubr_short_02", 3.16228, 1, 1600}; begin3[] = {"\PG_Zubr\sounds\Zubr_short_03", 3.16228, 1, 1600}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1", 0.33, "begin2", 0.33, "begin3", 0.34}; class SoundTails { class TailInterior { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Zubr_tail_interior", 1.41254, 1, 1600}; frequency = 1; volume = "interior"; }; class TailTrees { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Zubr_tail_trees", 1.0, 1, 1600}; frequency = 1; volume = "(1-interior/1.4)*trees"; }; class TailForest { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Zubr_tail_forest", 1.0, 1, 1600}; frequency = 1; volume = "(1-interior/1.4)*forest"; }; class TailMeadows { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Zubr_tail_meadows", 1.0, 1, 1600}; frequency = 1; volume = "(1-interior/1.4)*(meadows/2 max sea/2)"; }; class TailHouses { sound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Zubr\Zubr_tail_houses", 1.0, 1, 1600}; frequency = 1; volume = "(1-interior/1.4)*houses"; }; }; class SilencedSound : BaseSoundModeType {}; recoil = "recoil_pistol_heavy"; recoilProne = "recoil_prone_pistol_heavy"; reloadTime = 0.25; dispersion = 0.00145; minRange = 5; minRangeProbab = 0.3; midRange = 25; midRangeProbab = 0.6; maxRange = 50; maxRangeProbab = 0.1; aiRateOfFire = 2; aiRateOfFireDistance = 25; }; bullet1[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet2[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet3[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet4[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet5[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet6[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet7[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet8[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet9[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet10[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet11[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; bullet12[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 1.0, 1, 15}; soundBullet[] = {"bullet1", 0.083, "bullet2", 0.083, "bullet3", 0.083, "bullet4", 0.083, "bullet5", 0.083, "bullet6", 0.083, "bullet7", 0.083, "bullet8", 0.083, "bullet9", 0.083, "bullet10", 0.083, "bullet11", 0.083, "bullet12", 0.083}; inertia = 0.3; aimTransitionSpeed = 1.5; dexterity = 1.7; initSpeed = 480; maxZeroing = 100; class WeaponSlotsInfo : WeaponSlotsInfo { mass = 30; holsterScale = 0.85; class CowsSlot : CowsSlot { compatibleItems[] = {"optic_Yorris"}; iconPosition[] = {0.4, 0.3}; iconScale = 0.15; }; class MuzzleSlot {}; class PointerSlot : PointerSlot { linkProxy = "\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\SIDE"; compatibleItems[] = {"acc_flashlight_pistol"}; iconPosition[] = {0.35, 0.6}; iconScale = 0.3; }; }; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F; // External class reference class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_Yorris_F: hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F { authors[] = {"Project Genesis Team"}; author = "SWTX"; _generalMacro = "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_Yorris_F"; class LinkedItems { class LinkedItemsOptic { slot = "CowsSlot"; item = "optic_Yorris"; }; }; }; }; There was another }; missing to close class Single : Mode_SemiAuto { I recommend you use an editor that can show you the corresponding bracket and has plugins for SQF syntax, like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code, that helps when searching for errors like this.
  5. I seem to have trouble running people over in vehicles in multiplayer with this, but can't reproduce it in singleplayer. I use it only clientside, the server does not use it and nobody else yet. Mostly people don't die as easily and stand up after a good hit, sometimes the car is nearly stopped by the impact and if you are unlucky this happens: :D Will need to test further, the video was captured while still using v0.2, but I had trouble running people over with v0.3 today, too. Just no insane flips so far :D I'll try what happens if the server also uses the addon.
  6. Your class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_357_F: hgun_357_Magnum { isn't closed, missing }; on line 196
  7. Mr.Wiskers: Thanks a lot, there was an error in the build script and it used the wrong mission.sqm. Should be fixed now TheSurvivorOfZeds: There were a few smaller things I found in your unitclasses.sqf - 2x "IB_GER_unterofficer" instead of "LIB_GER_unterofficer" - "LIB_LIB_shumine_42_MINE_mag" instead of "LIB_shumine_42_MINE_mag" - you changed some array names for "a3e_arr_AmmoDepotSpecialWeapons" and "a3e_arr_AmmoDepotBasicWeapons", so the first one wasn't defined before first use - you deleted some arrays you don't use, I added them back in empty (a3e_arr_AmmoDepotVehicleBackpacks = []; and the scope and bipod ones) Probably the one that made you the most problems were the incorrect sides. I changed the player units to Red Army soldiers on side east instead of west where IFA puts the Germans and right at the start of the file unitclasses.sqf I changed A3E_VAR_Side_Blufor = east; A3E_VAR_Side_Opfor = west; I can't test properly as the LEN_SS units don't work for me and crash my game (maybe Steam Workshop f*ed up?), but it now seems to work so far. I added Chernarus and CWC island versions to the build script, so you can try them out in dev update #120. If you continue to work on the unitclasses please keep us updated (maybe an IFA3 only version too?)
  8. I messed up a bunch of stuff, the Malden 2035 missions only work since dev update #118 and now there is #119 where the extraction spawn markers are in the right places. Sorry about that... But a big thank you again supercereal4 and rebitaay for the initial work, that helps a lot :)
  9. That doesn't work with the current system, sorry. The game will randomly choose from the soldier classname and spawn it with the standard loadout it has (only removing maps/compass and optics most of the time, and sometimes adding one from the a3e_arr_Scopes array) If there is no predefined unit with the loadout you want you can only add the weapon to ammo boxes in the ammo camps or to random civilian cars. You can also define a new unit in a small addon, but that's opening a whole other can of worms and everyone that plays the mission would need that addon.
  10. Wohooo, more winter stuff. The crowd loves it! Guess the Cecanian Army will expand their operations now, thanks again Icebreakr and Merry Christmas to everyone.
  11. Neither, it's the classname. Everything in that file is classnames, that's the name the game knows the units/weapons by. Don't know how to properly describe it, see BIKI Class Inheritance and example BIS A3 Classes for weapons maybe. Easiest way to find them for Units and vehicles: Go to the editor, the tooltip over a unit will show the classname. Mark the unit (or more of them) -> rightclick -> Log -> Log classes to clipboard Weapons, ammo and gear: Virtual Arsenal (or editor -> Edit loadout) -> give stuff to unit -> click "Export" Now you can copy the stuff into a new temp document, for example the exported loadout looks like this: Here you can pick the classname of weapon (here: rhsusf_weap_MP7A1_winter) and ammo (here 3 types rhsusf_mag_40Rnd_46x30_XXX)
  12. Nice driving Jeza, looked like one of our attempts :D
  13. Hey Mr.Sanchez, thanks very much for the fun addon and the update too. But maybe you went a bit too far with the last version, someone blew up everything but the head: Yes, I know, completely unrelated bug. But I thought it was funny and wanted to thank you for the addon anyway ;)
  14. Yes, I have the same problem. It's fine in vehicles, but even got worse as infantry on one of the last updates. Can't look over shoulders anymore and when zooming in it's extremely limited. Made a short video of it
  15. Hi Tuffleader You are playing an older version, as the RHS + CAF and RHS + LOP versions were abandoned. Didn't think they were used much and the CAF Agressors gets no updates anymore. We plan an overhaul of the unitclasses to make it easier to maintain different modsets, that might bring them back. So there might be a few bugs that were already fixed or problems with the newer Arma updates, but as T.Fork said there should be an option on the green box (or in older versions brown generator) next to the antenna tower. The "Hack drone" option is to convert it from a east- to west-side drone so you can use it, has nothing to do with the com center. If you can find that I still suggest you use the newer version, maybe the old unitclasses file for CAF still works if you just add the new variables for sides to the top, can't remember if anything else changed. With the new ones you get a bunch of bugfixes, new motorpool camps (thanks to Abelian and FrozenLiquidity), and can also play on Tanoa (thanks Phantom) and Australia (thanks Ceitho!). If you want a long session definitely try Australia, it is huuuuge. A new build is up in the bleeding edge repository to try out, I added a lot more comcenter locations to both Tanoa and Australia. Grab it here