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  1. such process would take half year of hard work - so rather impossible
  2. PL-01 Concept Tank

    released 2 years ago, but this is not proper topic ;) Arma2 > complete addons > my topic
  3. https://postimg.org/gallery/1sr2xz1s2/ maybe in few weeks there will be update of Polish modern army mod i made completly new models of Beryl rifle, Tantal, UKM2000 machinegun, 12.7mm TOR sniper rifle, new HK 416, new Eotech 552 and Eotech EXPS sights so i replace old models from 2010-2012 by new models, which are now very accurate now a lot of config fixes to do left but i just wanted to show that "i am not off A2" ;) also most probably there will be new Toyota Landcruiser Prado in this addon added
  4. European Politics Thread.

    Year 1984 upcoming, shame that people on the west do not see it
  5. some updates: s24.postimg.org/yg76fxig5/news1.jpg s24.postimg.org/hgy80o78l/news2.jpg s24.postimg.org/xggvk83ad/news3.jpg ( - Polish army tests new camouflage - not many people are happy to see it : www.altair.com.pl/news/view?news_id=20907 they look ugly - but somehow in far distance in Arma2 they work better than old ones (they mix with environment maybe better, from far away human is less visible, less dark in woodland area) - Polish industry made new pistol, which probably will be produced for army - PR-15 : fabrykabroni.pl/produkty/pistolety-samopowtarzalne/pr-15-ragun/ - Polish army decided to choose new sniper rifle, Sako M10 : www.sako.fi/rifles/sako-trg/trg-m10 - border guards get new camouflage, changed multicam : www.wikiwand.com/en/MultiCam ) - plus what was visible on screens above (Iveco Eurocargo, new Krab howitzer, new wheels for Osa (real look wheels, not BRDM wheels) ) www.armaholic.eu/vilas/vilas_npl_as.7z ---------- P85: strange artifacts appearing on RPG7 from far distance - in config i changed old BIS A2 model to A2OA model (path in config file) no artifacts now: www.armaholic.eu/vilas/85temp/p85_config_a.7z
  6. horrible news, I had some occasions to chat with him on Skype, on addon-making and private stuff, he helped few times our team working on VBS by giving advice when we had some bugs with our islands, also he had similar views on some private stuff , very sad news , very sad news, RIP
  7. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Assad is only guy that guarantees rights of minorities apart from calling him such evil - in fact i see him as only chance there to allow to live Christians, Apostates, Atheists , Coptic Christians etc. i do not know about those sources but it is possible War in Syria looks like organized chaos to destroy Europe NWO wants to destroy national traditional states, tradition, Christianity etc. and to turn world into another USSR - country without borders ruled by oligarch-bureaucrats and corporations how to do it? by spoiling Europe and creating civil war - how to make it in peaceful Europeans ? by creating invasion of non-Europeans with totally opposite culture/values and foes to our values it is natural that patriots from different countries one day shall rise against jihadist invaders who act like bandits on streets, and there will be civil war in which both sides will die - patriots and jihadists - those who remain will be obedient disarmed sheeps that obey NWO government and what corporations want in time when Europe is invaded by hordes of jihadi invaders EU Comission want to ban legal weapons, want to make ACTA, TTIP, FACTA, CETA and all crap that benefits only small group of very very very rich people like George Soros this all would not happen without war in Syria - because this Syrian war started all that mess which now we see in EU and which in 10-15 years will end in serious bloodbath so it is possible as there is big connection between what happens in Syria and what happens in EU (and than EU governments in west send troops to streets , keep alert-state, limit civil-rights, bigger surveilance, controll etc)
  8. Music Recommendations

    new Metallica is out new Vader is out new Five Fingers Death Punch is out , 3 recomendations new Kreator is upcoming in January
  9. Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    is it true or there are fake news in web ? Turkey attacked Syria ? Turkey harms Kurds which fight against ISIS , Assad fights against islamic jihadists and now Turkey attacked Syria ? is it true what press said today ?
  10. European Politics Thread.

    this raport prepared by Fotyga (our politician) was discussed in our press as well , but here it was partly shown in English - report states about USSR/Russian Federation denying others right to self-decide and about radical muslims among EU citizens but it is fact that more and more EU citizens want EU to break , crash and return to soveirgn independent states with borders, but claiming it is due to Russian government is misunderstanding and misinformation too, of course Putin hire trolls, just like liberal hired trolls, just like EU hire trolls, just like any big organization - no difference EU seeks desperately "whom to blame for own mistakes" (if those are mistakes) so "let's blame Putin" "we destroyed house and tenants want to leave, let's blame Putin" it is EU politicall correctness that made people to be against EU - not Russia, EU would be super organization of states if it was conservative and without politicall correctness and changing traditions, traditional values etc. so now EU Parliament seeks "whom to blame that we have islamic danger and terrorism, lets say that people who do not want to be blown off in subway are Russian trolls" for very simple reason , Putin opposes people like Soros and "NWO", so they seek how to put blame on Putin for what "NWO" does cause people are against all those CETAs, ACTAs, TTIPs, globalization, islamization, terrorism, LGTB forced to others, taking gun laws (EU again try to disarm citizens who have weapons legally) normal people want to live "like it used to be" - so they are safe, streets are safe, there is social care, there is peace, and suddenly some islamic terrorist comes and beheads people and EU say "bring more of them, do not stop them", so normal people say "i fuck EU, i have enough of EU, i want borders" so EU say "look , Putin's troll" no, they are not Kremlin-paid trolls, there are people who want to live in peace (peaceful safe streets, protecting my own property, traditional values without danger , no forced LGTB propaganda etc), cooperation of states is great idea, but forcing to take terrorists under your roof is insane and such organization either should stop or should be crushed and we should return to borders guarded by armed personell who shoots anyone crossing border illegally, just like it is insane when teacher in school tell boys to wear skirt due to "gender day" (disgusting , if i was a parent i would oppose if school would told my son to wear woman clothes) so such EU Parliament resolution is nothing but looking for excuse to blame others (of course Putin made many things we don't like but blaming all on Putin is unfair) anti EU movement will be more and more stronger - not because of any Putin , but because of politicall correctness, because of too much regulations coming from Brussels , because of disarming people (gun directives that want to ban weapons we have) , because someone tells that guy in skirt is woman etc. those people who are now against EU would not be against EU if EU was not sticking into morality, if there was no political correctness, we are not against border-less tourism, we are not against lack of custom duty, we are not against technical standards (like 230 V, USB, technical directives on machines, electromagnetic directives etc) this raport shows one thing - despite Brexit, despite rising LePen and company - EU establishment do not seek fault in themselves , they deny they make mistakes, they deny logic , they do not learn on mistakes , EU will be breaking apart or we gonna have civil war inside EU - if EU want to force all "nwo" regulations + incoming armies of islamic radicals (which are steered by people like George Soros)
  11. Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Saudi and Turkey support was known and reported Turkey was most modern and secular muslim country but ... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/18/turkey-bill-to-pardon-statutory-rape-if-perpetrators-marry-victi/ omg they go into religious fanatism and closer to other muslim countries
  12. Ukraine General

    of course oligarchy, corruption, nepotism, mafia, historical-national issues have nothing to this the most dangerous for country situation is it's level of corruption, look at rich in raw materials natural resources countries which are so poor that people there are starving - cause all their natural wealth is abused by small group of corrupted oligarchs from gov. , special services, mafia their attitude to other nations do not have anything to what oligarchs and corrupted politicians wasted , it is not matter of hate or love to other nation - when politician makes decision that destroy industrial plant but matter of what he get in envelope or suitcase
  13. Ukraine General

    it is not like that: Quote Ukraine get such horrible status due to mafia and oligarchy in power and huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge corruption Russia was also in poor condition during Yeltsin time, mafia was roaming with AK in hands terrorizing shops, plants, famous in the world assault on Lada factory (you should remember this better than me) so mafia , oligarchy and corruption can destroy ANY country it is not matter if they are anti-Russian or not, it is matter that criminals have low punishment, that courts doesn't work why Polish industry (except evil deeds from western corporations) fallen in 89/90s ? - corruption of politicians who sold it "for 1 dollar" - nepotism (which back than was not present in "west" but now west is spoiled too), nepotism - that no matter if you had good marks in university - main engineer in factory will be son of director or CEO even if he(son) is moron without any skills or knowledge, - corrupted courts - proven crimes ? no sentence, judge says "free, case dismissed" - you cannot make business when someone cheats you and you cannot get back your money and he cheats another people and he is free, so I think it is matter of nepotism (not the best skilled people decide but those with proper family relatives and seeing it those who were skilled emigrated and those who remained are weak in engineering), corruption (in court, in politcs, politicians deciding about spending budget and giving state-orders (competitive tendering) to 1 company "for good price") oligarchs turned Ukraine into clan-like structure , regions ruled by rich businesman (who mostly came from mafia) despite elected politicians (who in fact are puppets in those businesman hands , the same what now corporations do in west , so people vote against but corporations make it true, all protests like anti GMO, anti CETA anti TTIP anti ACTA etc) when such deals are in secret and later you hear that "CETA allows company to change law in country" than you are schocked - you vote for politician in parliament, they set law and ... law is deleted cause abroad corporation stopped it ? such things which EU will see - were seen in Ukraine because of oligarchy it is not matter of them being anti- or pro- Russian , it is matter of weak justice system , of weak law, of corrupted judges, of nepotism , of long fingers of mafia which can kill people who are hunting mafia etc. another kind of falling state you have in American continent - Mexico, 170 thousands of victims of drug cartels officially , probably many more unoficially, and this is state ? this is state in which you have total gun control , you cannot have magazine but drug cartels roam on streets with automatic machine guns and behead people who were mayors of cities fighting against drug dealers ? is this a state ? also corruption, crimes etc. in Africa similar - also many fallen states in which local rich guy rules in fact, not court , not parliament, not legal system, but simply the richest guy in town (often gangster, drug dealer, smuggler etc), corruption is cancer that eats any country, strongest countries are countries which have strong courts, low corruption, low nepotism - and it has nothing to do with them being anti-other nation I believe that Ukraine to stay tall instead to be fallen needs total change of all policemen, prosecutors, judges - than they can rebuild country when everyone, literrally anyone can be arrested for smallest criminal offence, no matter if you has 4 billions on his bank account (in our countries VIPs are untouchable for justice system, you would go to prison if you drive car after alcohol, you would go to prison if you carry legal gun (if you would get license/permit) after drinking, they can drive car being drunk and shoot in the air (of course they get permit) and all is okay, case dismissed - the same in all post-commie countries including Russia "blue basket" top-rich cars in Moscow ) so far Ukraine makes opposite - takes politicians from my country which here were/are/will be under investigation for corruption, shady business etc. there is a lot that can be stolen from Ukraine still - they have best farmland soils, probably some big corporations want to "privatise" and buy it so they can own soil and produce and sell grain, guys who made "reforms" here in 90s, for sure will "take care" about Ukraine , for sure some corporations soon gonna buy some industrial plants for 1 euro
  14. Ukraine General

    it is not easy issue, because opinions are almost divided in half , half of society believes we should absolutely not help Ukraine due to WW2 another half of society say "we were opressed by Russia before 1918, USSR till 1989 so enemy of our enemy..." as society due to historical reasons those people do not look at Ukraine like "friend" we look like "enemy of our enemy" (but such point of view blinds people ) - similar to Czechs for example (1968 but also Ukrainians never hurt them etc) so it is complicated issue - all WW2 crimes in those regions (lets not go into WW2 issues again) but generally our elites (business, politics, journalists in mainstream media) are under strong influence of USA , so despite society doesn't agree - elites from all important political parties - do the same and follow US way of seeing Russian/Ukrainian conflict as for me i do not speak cause i am rather seeing it neither from 1 nor from 2nd side, i see it from third side - "NWO" makes problems across the globe, corruption , oligarchy and Ukraine acting like fallen state - last Ukrainian news are schocking: - 24 years old "girl" being minister ? schocking, how such high rank can be given to such young person ! 24 years is age at which you graduate from university and get MSc or MoA title (8 years of primary school, 4 years of college or 5 years if it is technical college "technician school", 5 years of university makes 24/25 y.o.), how the f*** someone can be minister - while employers and companies see 24 years old people as too young and not experienced to get other job than assistant , junior assistant and in Ukraine you can be Vice Minister , - many of corrupted politicians from Poland - who were type recorded in huge wiretapping scandal in 2015, who could face charges under new government for their offences - now they are in Ukraine ruling several departments , people who are investigated or accused of corruption/bribery, now found themselves in Ukraine and rule there as directors or experts - which proves that some "elites" became "international" once they started betraying their countries for corporations (due to this there is actual joke in Poland "sending those politicians to Ukraine ? revenge for Volyn massacre" http://images5.bibsy.pl/mRd7wzmU/slawomir-nowak-zostal-szefem-panstwowej-agencji-drog-ukrainy-brzmi-jak-zemsta-za-wolyn.jpeg + meme 2 http://isakowicz.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/bdc7d0f30e0c420b2ac279d6a1c096e4_XL.jpg "sending Balcerowicz to Ukraine ? wrong, church says to forgive and remember, not to avenge" - person on photo is not Balcerowicz but journalist who joke from situation , Balcerowicz, Belka, Nowak etc - people who here are symbols of destroying our industry, corruption, shade banking , shade laws ) Ukraine not much changed since Maidan - people protested against corruption and oligarchs - people still have corruption and oligarchs + some warzone destruction + some international corrupted politicians imported from my country and afaik also from Georgia , Ukraine still suffers from lack of heroes - only heroes they have are WW2 nazis cause in fact it is first time they really have state and so far this state is reminding oligarchy ruled corrupted African state :/ they would need at least 2 generations to build really own state , but in modern era of globalization such things like building own independent state in Europe can be hard
  15. https://s13.postimg.org/dvsqu0oif/Bezn10.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/iiysvsbvb/Bez1.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/hhyk6nuvr/Beznaz2.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/3pk5b1447/Beznaz3.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/mvxce7klz/Bezna4.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/9t1puxudz/Bezna5.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/s9w4lrac7/Bezn6.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/w7jeb5x5j/Bezn7.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/rmx7w8dg7/Bez8.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/c2ufjfspj/Bezna9.jpg i am working on updating "modern Polish Army" addon for A2 finally i had some time for Arma , so whenever i can, i would be making for A2, so far update is in progress - just more tests, check bugs and than official "release" (now beta version on my forum)