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  1. Wow, AZCoder, thanks a lot! Haha, nice emotions, interesting to see if/how immersive it is for real as I played these parts countless times and didn't feel anything anymore. Sure, open up the scripts, that TV thing is pretty simple but ingenious code, cudos to KK or Larrow (I don't remember right now, but I think it should be stated in there). Again, thanks!
  2. That's a nice description, thanks a lot. On that issue you mentioned:
  3. terrain

    These screenshots really blew me away, absolutely stunning, especially that custom vegetation. Very good. Keep it up!
  4. Hello, this is a new trailer for my campaign, it shows the campaign's intro cutscene.



  5. Have fun, AZCoder. Looking forward to your feedback. Btw. I added a new trailer in the first post, it's the campaign's intro cutscene.
  6. That's right of course, but still one can spend countless hours more in Arma than in the "average" game. I always say that Arma is rather a hobby than a game - for me at least.
  7. Yeah, IIRC he works or used to work in a book shop - perfect conditions as it seems, and maybe he could even get inspiration or useful information out of some books for Resist.
  8. It could also be that people with many hours are really ingame, but at times not really playing or editing. I also often go afk to eat or do something else and just leave the editor open because this is just handy.
  9. sahrani

    Hello, I updated the mission and added the new version (v. 1.2) to the first post. Thanks for any feedback!
  10. It's not necessarily related to the behaviour "SAFE" but definitely to setUnitPos "UP". If the AI is set to "UP" (either via script or by commanding it) and then gets into combat mode, this bug will happen. EDIT: Checked with 1.70 and it seems BIS has fixed it now.
  11. Very interesting, Greenfist. I'll check that out. Thanks so far.
  12. Hello guys! Does anyone have an idea why the AI jiggles their rifles like this when they get into combat mode? Btw. it's not only when commanding the AI to combat mode but also when the AI is scripted so (setBehaviour). Yes, I use mods --> CUP and the mod in which the mission is in. My problem is that I can't reproduce the bug in the editor. It might have to do with my mission's scripts, but I have no idea in which way. Hence I posted it here in the hope that someone knows it and can help. Anyone? Thanks a lot! EDIT: Btw. this problem was introduced only recently. I'm not sure in which patch as I didn't play my mission for some months, but everything (related to that) worked fine until now.
  13. Tried "Steal The Helo" the other day - it's a very good mission which I absolutely can recommend to every one! I managed to play it without firing one single shot - but of course if you fuck it up (or if you want to) you can make hell break loose on the island and the author implemented a reinforcements system too. The mission is well elaborated - so do not think this will be a walk in the park like the very first "Steal the car" mission in OFP. It's way bigger and suspenseful! Good to see this here too, Clayman! Have to try your other one as well............ If I get some time. :)
  14. And Larrow has striked again. Thanks a lot guys (for opening the thread and helping)!
  15. malden dlc

    Yeah, looking at the existent screenshots and video snippets it feels a bit like Altis / Stratis. The original OFP look would have been amazing! BUT the steeper and higher mountains are still the same which I loved in OFP. EDIT: For the original look we have CUP Terrains.