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  1. Don't worry, it's not kleinkariert. No, no AI script implemented. I only tuned down the AI skill in some missions as it partly was quite unforgiving hard. Thanks for the comments!
  2. You're right with the development over the years but even then I think Malden's style would be different (not "Greek" like Altis/Stratis, but more Slavic or so, in a modern way). Please note, this is not a compliment, just a neutral thought. It's not that important anyway. I'm absolutely happy with this free addition and thank BI for their support.
  3. Hello, I updated the campaign to version 1.8. Changelog: Fixed bugs introduced by Arma patches. Also optimized some parts, e.g. tuned down the enemy AI a bit and added animations here and there. Only Steam Workshop download for now, I still have to upload it for manual DL.
  4. What - did someone just say civilian missions are absolutely cool?? Yay Link
  5. Coming from OFP, Malden 2035 for me is too overloaded. I miss the plain fields and the small villages - beside the "non-greek" setting. BUT: BI did a hell of a job here! It became a "new" island which is definitely worth hundreds of missions. And the nostalgics among us can download @CUP's CWA maps.
  6. This! You hit the nail on the head with that example! Abandoned Armies was the absolute top notch mission. It was open and over the whole map, yes. But at the same time every character you met had its own deep background. This mission was so packed with story, just amazing how immersive it was. This is what I meant. Also, Abandones Armies took the player by the hand in the beginning phase. The first objectives (AFAIR) were quite simple and not like "Conquer/Explore the whole map right now!" I never again played a mission like this, apart from Punishment Battallion in Arma 1 (which doesn't reach AA though).
  7. I really enjoyed the SP campaigns of the Arma series (apart from Arma 1). Each one was different from another, ranging from a rather linear approach as in OFP to a more "CTI" / open style like partly in Arma 2 or Apex. For me the important aspect is the story and - as @lexx says - characters, you can relate to. This is what motivates me and "sucks me in". The official campaigns focussed on these things more or less, Apex being the worst example (maybe because of the MP / COOP aspect of the campaign). In my opinion you at least need a more narrow approach in the beginning to introduce the story and the characters. That's why OFP Resistance and Viktor Troska is what it/he is. From my personal point of view the dynamic and open missions (at least the ones I have played) don't focus too much on these points. You can or have to create your own story which is ok (apart from the other advantages such missions deliver), but that requires more perserverance and you (meaning: I) get away quite fast from it. Don't know how to express it better. On the showcases in Arma 3: They only do what their names say: Show the game's mechanics and scopes. The situation and background information mentioned in the briefings don't help much to get me hooked (for me at least). That said: Yes, BI, give us MORE real SP shit (not showcases)!
  8. I personally love the new visuals and they really improved the sound of the game. Not only the weapons (new sounds and reverb/hall) but also the environment effects. My personal favourite is the new rain sound. Man, that's absolutely immersive! On the MP side of things (without an own clan or squad): I really had a lot of fun with the End Game mode, when it came out. Yeah, 64 bit really improved the performance for me. I don't even remember if it came after Zeus (I think yes), but: The 3D-Editor is the king of all additions. So if you're into mission editing, you HAVE to come back! AI continuously does a better job. I'm sure that it improved a lot since Zeus. Compared with version 1.0 they're almost human-like (ok, that's quite exaggerated ).
  9. And I was by Mr. Dinger. That said: I'm already looking forward (in a sense of "seeing it coming") to the huge expectations from the community that will probably (again) lead to big disappointments. As much as I'm hot for the next title, from the past I learnt that the series is a evolution, not a revolution.
  10. Just as a note, I was totally drunk when translating this. Looking forward to check it out again to see how the translation feels now. Good job, johnnyboy!
  11. Alright, fought my way though this nostalgic piece. Well done, SHJ-Studio, it was a great time full of returning memories and immersion. I found some bugs though: All in all the campaign isn't polished at all, but I remember it being the same in OFP so you did your job well. On the contrary - wasn't that part of the nostalgic feeling? If I'm not mistaken, you added some custom music, e.g. that song from "The Hunt for Red October", isn't it? In approx. the first half of it I was absolutely blown away by the immersion, especially the missions on Malden (the star of all OFP islands for me) was fantastic and exciting. Later I rather began rushing through the missions, died a lot, was frustrated a bit, but I think that's because the campaign is very long and one just wants to get to the end eventually. But that's not your fault as well. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this campaign, SHJ-Studio! Well done.
  12. Hi - I'm at my PC now. :) It's not in the options, but in the parameter options right hand side.
  13. Can't say much about the masks but special forces use NVGs without a helmet. E.g. http://photobw.info/kommando-spezialkrafte-183 In terms of Arma it doesn't really bother me, I never noticed it. I'm not ingame at the moment but AFAIR in Arma the NVGs aren't the ones attaches to a helmet. They are those that you can strap on your head. If you're wearing a helmet, all that happens is that the straps disappear because of the helmet, but the NVGs are still strapped to your head.
  14. The console is only there in the pause menu when the mission designer has set enableDebugConsole to 1 in the mission files (description.ext). Normally one does set it to 0 though when publicly releasing the mission (and declaring it somewhat stable). You would have to open the mission, change that variable and pack it all again. As SpacePilot said, you can skip the mission without the console, with a certain code. Press left Shift together with the - of the numpad, then release both keys and type in: endmission There's also that cheat tool around I saw recently. That would be another option. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/179688-simple-single-player-cheat-menu/ But all in all (from a mission designer's perspective): If there's something that needs or could use a change or you found a bug, give feedback to the missions author. That's the most appreciated method.
  15. You can choose in the launcher's options which variant you want to start.