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  1. Man, this is a huge disappointment... Since your first screenshots I eagerly awaited this. I can totally understand that keeping up with the quality you made it's totally time consuming and only small progress is visible. But you say that there is a quite low interest in your mod and that your assets are just a few among many others. Let me assure you that from my point of view Westwall is just an absolutely OUTSTANDING mod and (apart from the fact that there are almost no western front mods - hell, how many WWII mods do we have at all?? 3? 4?) looking at the feedback in this thread I didn't have the impression at all that no one cares (it's quite the opposite). As I said, my point of view - I was blown away everytime new screenshots came out. I thank you guys a lot for your amazing work and this dream of a Germany front / Battle of the Bulge setting - I had a campaign concept art in the Hürtgenwald, very sad that you quit. As I fear that we can't change your mind I would appreciate it if you could donate your assets / map prototypes to another mod.
  2. I feel a touch ill

    Good to know you're back on track. Good luck with that mission.
  3. I also have this problem. And not only in the editor, but also while playing a campaign. I verified the integrity of the game files in Steam, but this doesn't fix it. Very annoying! But yeah, good to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks for opening the thread. I hope BI release a hotfix...
  4. Well, this is probably an easy one but I'm simply not able to create an universal solution for it. I want a mechanic to be setPossed just in front of every type of vehicle, so he can then perform a good looking repair animation. This is a neat piece of code, but unfortunately it doesn't take into account the different size of different vehicles: mechanic setPos (damagedVehicle getpos [+3, getdir damagedVehicle]); The result is that for bigger vehicles the mechanic will be setPossed into the hood. For smaller ones he will be setPossed too far away so that his hands are way too far from the vehicle. Any idea how to do this? Maybe something with bounding boxes or so? Thanks a lot!
  5. Forums Upgrade

    Forum pages loading speed seems much better now, btw. Thanks so far.
  6. Chairborne, thanks a lot for your work! Hope to see you back one day!
  7. [PvP 2-16] Hitmen

    Cool concept. Gonna try that out next time I play with my friends.
  8. [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Fantastic, I'm gonna play it when I return to Arma (I'm "otherwise engaged" at the moment.) Good to see another mission from you, ME!
  9. I can't help you right now as I'm not at home, but there's a (better) working version as pbo in the download package of my campaign Underdogs (check my sig). It's not signed though. If you need further help (e.g. finding it), give me a shout and I'll check it out today evening.
  10. I'm a Armaholic, where to from here?

    Some completely different ideas: Be a beta-tester and teacher for mission or addon designers. Helping and teaching others is both time consuming and a satisfying activity. And it helps to rear the next Armaholic generations. But what I would really like to see for some time now is a new and qualitative mission reviewing website, such as OFPEC.com was (or probably still is, but there's not that much activity there nowadays). In times of chaotic and spamlike Steam Workshop mission floods there's no place I know that takes an in-depth look at missions and reviews them - there are only many pools of thousands of missions, but it's almost impossible to find good jewel missions there.
  11. Yeah, this is annoying. If you press forward while the wounded animation is played, your character will play the pick-up animation, which at least saves some time. But it should go automatically of course. Let's hope, Psycho can fix it soon.
  12. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Ok, I can understand that. Would love to see previous assets officially in Arma 3 though. I love CUP that much that I'd happily pay for it, but of course there are probably many internal obstacles in the way.
  13. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Great idea, BIS! And good to know about your continued commitment for the game. My suggestion is that you take CUP into this program.
  14. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    It's very impressive but they changed some parts which are cooler in the studio version (talking about music notes, not about arrangement or synths, etc.).
  15. THANKS, CUP team! Thanks a lot. A small note: The CWA changelog link leads to this forum thread page.