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  1. THANKS, CUP team! Thanks a lot. A small note: The CWA changelog link leads to this forum thread page.
  2. Fantastic work, guys! Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks a lot, kju! Great work!
  4. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Btw., I don't know if anyone stated this already but the music of the Jets DLC is just f****** awesome. You music guys / the composer(s) really did a great job here, I especially love the main theme "Fighters Jets". When I saw the Aircraft Carrier Reveal Trailer, I was absolutely blown away. This soundtrack is even better than the LoW one, IMO.
  5. How to make music loop

    Just to complete this good collection, there is also the script Cly_Jukebox by @celery. Awesome script - playlist, looping, random order and it does even resume the track when loading a saved game. (sorry @badpr1m3r, I didn't really reply to your post...)
  6. [WIP][SP/Campaign] Avenge

    Good to see new SP content in here - congrats on the release, panicsferd. Yes, the plot looks interesting.
  7. Forums Upgrade

    Yeah, I'm experiencing both: 502 Bad Gateway messages and a speed slowdown since the forums were upgraded to the current system (I'm not talking about this latest update) . Functionality and everything else is cool and I like it, but regarding speed it's rather a downgrade. The old forum loaded pages way faster.
  8. Max_Women

    Thanks a lot for re-releasing the mod, Maxjoiner! Much appreciated as I'm using it in a SP project.
  9. Learning Scripting

    This is what introduced me to sqf: http://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&id=390&game=ArmA From there on it's all about learning by doing / trial and error, in combination with searching in the forums/BIKI/web and asking for help.
  10. Larrow, you really are a genius when it comes to coding! Every time I see a thread with a post of you in it, it's probably the solution!


    Man, even just now I looked at your location description by coincidence (your profile information :icon_biggrin:) and noticed that it's just the answer for a question I have: How to setPos a unit to a certain position relative to an object's direction.

    I had planned to work with something complicated like bounding box, etc., but the solution is so easy.


    Thanks a lot for your help here in the forums.

    1. Larrow


      Your welcome :smile_o:

  11. Forums Upgrade

    Can we somehow delete clubs? I created a bullshit one in private to check out its features and now I'm stuck with it - hopefully not forever. Thanks! ProfTournesol, did you try to empty your browser history including cookies?
  12. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Awesome post! And I can only agree.
  13. Arma 4 a look to the future

    I would love to see an other setting than in the 2030's. Something between WWII and a hypothetical conflict in our current time (preferably Korea crisis). Or "back to the roots" with NATO vs. Russia (today's Crim crisis or so).
  14. Forums Upgrade

    The hamburger menu works now. Thanks!
  15. Forums Upgrade

    And Edge.