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  1. Experienced the same today. Was in Eden editor, suddenly got a blue screen, the PC rebootet, started Arma again - everything lost. All those new dialogues appeared ("Welcome to Arma 3, blah blah..." and "Welcome to Apex, blah blah..."), all settings lost, all missions unplayed, my whole profiled wiped (apart from the name, strangely), etc... Come on, this can't be true!! Version 1.68 btw.
  2. That would be cool. Allowing to increase it more would be great. The script is cool and the brightened nights look realistic. Better than setAperture, which is unusable because it doesn't reset when the player leaves the mission.
  3. Hi champ, this is really a cool script! One question: What was the reason to cap the settings at 0 and 1? I'm asking because some players (in a night mission of mine) have reported that even cranking up CHBN_adjustBrightness they don't see anything and it's still too dark.
  4. Is there a way to detect if the player leaves a SP mission via the pause menu -> Save & Exit? I know about onPlayerDisconnected, but this doesn't work in SP. I'm asking because BIS still didn't fix the setAperture command. It still doesn't reset when the player goes to the main menu, as discussed here. The result is a white or black screen in the main menu, depending the set aperture in the mission. I would like to setAperture -1; when the player exits the mission. Thanks a lot!
  5. Yeah, congratulations to all that delivered a contribution to the contest. That said, I agree with the OP. But I think that over 100 videos are way too many to watch. You watch 3, 4, maybe 10 but then it's ok. The contest system was "guilty" of this, maybe there would have been another way to present the videos so that every single one would have been perceived and noticed.
  6. It*s not a whole project, but I use the container in a mission of a new campaign. I'll see if I can do anything with lineIntersectsSurfaces, thanks for the hint. Maybe the Orange DLC will be exactly that!! Ok, I'll check out your sig too - cheers.
  7. Let's get back to editing, shall we?
  8. Well, I just asked this knowing that kk has a rather closer contact to BI and deeper scripting insight than many here. Ignoring this fact it was indeed a silly question. Anyway, as he liked your post, I know the answer. Too sad...
  9. Thanks, @killzone_kid. Do you think this will change anytime?
  10. Well, I don't have that experience unfortunately. :D That's sad, I thought (hoped) that there would be an relatively easy way for it. Thanks anyway!
  11. Unfortunately the at first promising command didn't do anything. Even with named and editor-placed objects it didn't work. Unless I did something terribly wrong. Any other ideas? Or is it maybe somehow possible to widen/extend the "collision area" of the player himself? Let's say about 2 meters so that he would stop if he approaches a wall by 2 meters. Would look like the container colliding with the wall .
  12. Hi guys! Simply asked: Is there a way to prevent this? :D How can I enable collision for the container so that it doesn't go through walls or other objects? Thanks a lot!
  13. Well, it depends, but that's already a sufficient explanation for me. :D Thanks.
  14. One question after having watched the video. Does the infantry without vehicle (after an ambush) walk to the final marker or will they eventually start running to it? The latter would be good IMO as it's not a walk in the park. :D Keep it up, mate!
  15. Wow, that script has become a beast. Thanks, Devastator, great job!