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  1. Thanks a lot, taurus! I can't see these vanilla faces anymore...
  2. I'd say all of them are supported. If you're creating a mission / mod yourself, you have to save your text files in the utf-8 code format, then it should show all of them. Didn't get what you mean here. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Children: No way. Not because they might be misused as combatants but simply because they could get shot. And this would go too far IMO. Women: Definitely and I don't get why BI has not yet created them for Arma 3. Especially in a civilian oriented DLC as Rules of War I would have expected them to show up. I used many female roles in my Arma 2 projects (not as combatants per se but as civilians) and it definitely was an enrichment to the series. BI, if you read this - please earmark this for Arma 4!
  4. orange

    I'm looking forward to see what happened in Oreokastro. Somewhere in the game it says that the village has been abandoned since the civil war or something like that. I think it's in one of the loading screen info texts. Cool to see that they picked this detail up for the story!
  5. orange

    Now they finally revealed it. https://arma3.com/news/bohemia-interactive-announces-arma-3-laws-of-war-dlc#.WYyBodVuJEI Ha! The community was faster!
  6. orange

    Yes, here we go!
  7. orange

    That would be awesome.
  8. orange

    Did you notice the shadow on the left side?
  9. Yes, you're right, @tourist, playing absolutely vanilla I can confirm what you say: When selecting Carry, the player's character will get stuck until you press forward, only then the lifting-up animation will start. It doesn't matter how long you wait until pressing forward. Even if the injured one has already finished his animation and is on the player's shoulder already, the carrier will only start his anim when pressing the key. And after that, yes, the player can move. Expected behaviour would be that the player immediately plays the lift-up anim in any case and synchronized with the wounded. With certain mods like e.g. MOCAP Melee the animation won't start at all, no matter if the player presses whatever key or not. @M1ke_SK, you sure that it's completely stuck in vanilla? Did you try to press forward after it gets stuck?
  10. Thanks a lot, @Psychobastard, your mod and forum support is great! Of course it's understandable that you can't check other mods. What I can say is that I didn't have this problem with an older version of the AIS. Costa is an AI teammate (not playable) in the campaign where I use your AIS. But he's not related to the video above in any way.
  11. I have a similar problem but I'm not sure if it's related to yours, @tourist. I have no idea how to fix it but I found that it's related to a certain mod. My player character gets stuck at the point where he switches from the dragging animation to the lift-up-the-injured-one animation. Check out the video: Unfortunately the bug only comes when launching the game together with MOCAP Melee. Any idea, psycho?
  12. Added Armaholic link to the first post. Many thanks to @foxhound !
  13. Thanks a lot, Kalle! Much appreciated feedback.
  14. Beside the tips given there's also the ingame field manual that could also be useful. You can access it via the main menu or in the pause menu when pressing ESC in missions.
  15. Don't worry, it's not kleinkariert. No, no AI script implemented. I only tuned down the AI skill in some missions as it partly was quite unforgiving hard. Thanks for the comments!