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  1. yes sorry, that was not clear as i mixed the sentences there. The 'it' was referring to the upcoming DLC in general and not the mines/cluster bombs. To clarify. The mines and cluster bombs are the only part i think will be relevant to me as an arma 3 player interested in the franchise's military aspect..
  2. this looks nothing like I'd hoped from Arma3. Pity so much time and effort was wasted on it. Well the cluster bombs and mines look nice but really it seems so far away from combined arms military operations. Instead of enhancing the military aspect you have moved away. Pretty disappointing when I think of all the ways you could have enhanced the different militayr/tactical areas in the game. Really not much in here for me to look forward to or even ever use as an arma player who bought into the franchises military aspect. And to think I've already paid for this by supporting BIS by buying all your DLC sight unseen.
  3. I'm not too sure. but i took screen grabs. please see attached. thanks!2g8HhCiA!pSwIFN_93atCyzv9nR6FlQ
  4. found a shadow glitch. its on the CUP russian army hind crashed model. casts shadows through everything... Only time ive seen it is with that crash model.
  5. Been using ALive for a bit now and I must say I'm finding it absolutely fantastic. Great job and it runs pretty smoothly even with lots going on. Epic! just get 2 errors. neither of which are ground breaking but they keep happneing. 1st is and 2nd is Also, when including CUP units i get the message that groups cannot be found for them. I've double checked them in orbat and the faction name is right. but when including them in the logistics i get the cant find groups for CUP_O_RU etc. these errors are minor compared with the enjoyment Im having with Alive. Lots of fun and unexpected firefights.
  6. whats also very frustrating with weapon environment interaction is when deploying the bipod actually can move your weapon off target! and then does not allow you to even point in the direction of the thing you wanted to hit. multiple feedback reports have been made for this.
  7. this is epic and created by such 5 star names in arma3 modding. Thanks!
  8. this would be something very welcome indeed
  9. ive also just recently started having very bad performance drop. from avergage of 60fps to 10-13fps. very bad. Didnt happen this bad before latest patch. becomes unplayable
  10. malden 2035 is epic for me. Enjoying it so far. Great looking and great performance. Great job by BIS
  11. is that why my game started stuttering? Damn. thanks for sharing that info.
  12. you mean this?
  13. i agree with OP. coming back to arma 3 after quite some time, one of the first things i noticed was how specific sounds seem underwhelming and low quality, like how rifle shots have nowhere near the intensity and power they should. Vehicle sounds as well.Then i notice the animation system and how movement and shooting feels klunky and somehow jerky. then i notice the visual pop up of close up vegetation and the bland mid-range textures. Then i get into the mission and forget all about that. and enjoy the incredible large scale action that only arma 3 can deliver. it is my most played game to date. and well deserving of that. But the point that great sounds will make a huge immersion difference is relevant. and one of the things I'd really love to see, especially when i try introduce the game to friends to play. those first impressions count.
  14. plus in the mission samples that come with DAC in the DAC tutorial folder you can find working code to help you get started. for this one look in #E_11_DAC_create_new_zone.Altis
  15. quick question. I really like ace, incredible work. But after using it with a mission it seems that ace has become a dependency - even though no ace objects were spawned. is this supposed to happen? must i make sure ace isn't running when saving and editing a mission or is there a way to prevent this?