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  1. is that why my game started stuttering? Damn. thanks for sharing that info.
  2. you mean this?
  3. i agree with OP. coming back to arma 3 after quite some time, one of the first things i noticed was how specific sounds seem underwhelming and low quality, like how rifle shots have nowhere near the intensity and power they should. Vehicle sounds as well.Then i notice the animation system and how movement and shooting feels klunky and somehow jerky. then i notice the visual pop up of close up vegetation and the bland mid-range textures. Then i get into the mission and forget all about that. and enjoy the incredible large scale action that only arma 3 can deliver. it is my most played game to date. and well deserving of that. But the point that great sounds will make a huge immersion difference is relevant. and one of the things I'd really love to see, especially when i try introduce the game to friends to play. those first impressions count.
  4. plus in the mission samples that come with DAC in the DAC tutorial folder you can find working code to help you get started. for this one look in #E_11_DAC_create_new_zone.Altis
  5. quick question. I really like ace, incredible work. But after using it with a mission it seems that ace has become a dependency - even though no ace objects were spawned. is this supposed to happen? must i make sure ace isn't running when saving and editing a mission or is there a way to prevent this?
  6. I use DAC a lot as it is flexible and pretty undemanding resource-wise. But see this recommendation to use ALIVE a lot. That is a great system but more resource hungry in my past experience a few months agoi. a solution I often use to making infinite DAC groups (or DAC on demand) is to use logics or triggers that create new DAC zones with accompanying AI on whatever events you like - and these in turn spawn new DAC groups. Its called create DAC zones „on the fly“ and on page 21 of the readme.
  7. this is really nice. enjoyed the bigger terrain in tkoh. Jets dlc certainly needs these huger sizes.
  8. SP? yeah i remember hearing that on the latest summation video. Hope it also COOP compatible. Even if it is simply adding other mates into the session. no one in their right mind goes on 'tacops' on their own. it takes a team or else it's make believe rambo ops. I'd hope to see things that help players achieve believable TacOps style play, like: Better animation system that is more fluid and less clunky. So moving the unit feels more special operator like. Enhanced movement ability to vault structures and climb over walls, etc Ability to change move speed based on middle mouse scroll (so moving indoors at a fast jog not a sprint is possible) more developed weapon handling (not so robotic and dead feeling with every motion), more detailed recoil motion that has a little inertia at the end, and maybe even have breathing synced with weapon movement. Arma 3's weapons system and handling is feeling a bit old now against some really great new systems out there. wounding system Then more specifically... soft cover system to allow using cover a bit more intuitively (crouch height adjusts to cover height, hug wall a bit when next to it so you can peak around it) peek out system when aiming when behind cover, lets you peek out when you aim. AI that follows tactical procedures. lol. dreaming on this one, but still... a good tactical operations center that isnt an excuse to stuff unbelievable futuristic handholding tech into the game. But rather useful info when you need it on a tactical level. Rappelling and fast-roping down from choppers breaching doors No green-blue glowy shit please or magic tracking enemies HUD systems.
  9. am also looking for it. nada. but found an alternative at least
  10. that would be the ultimate game. But like you say arma3's animation and movement system needs a ton of work
  11. audio dlc

    unexpected. but totally hyped for it! thanks!
  12. congrats on the new relase. this is one of the must have mods for arma 3 for me. and one i really hope BIS takes inspiration from and copies a lot of functionality. makes the game feel a lot more fluid and makes places to much more accessible!!
  13. This mission is pretty cool. I like the options and approach. This seriously could be a go to mission that people keep playing over and over. As such there are a few things i'd suggest/ comment on 1. Player should spawn back at a FOB or other kind of base. Spawning on your dead body just means you keep dying over and over. 2. Give AI more obvious functions in the area. Right now its just like a bunch of ai waiting or walking around for players to engage. Be good to have guards, patrols, roadblocks, convoys going and coming. etc. A sense of narrative to add to the mission. If you have the budget then having radio messages from base to the player giving updates on events would be epic. 3. It seems like once spotted there is infinte AI spawning. Is this so? thats not fun in any way and actually the opposite of encouraging becuase there is no way to ultimately win other than the very narrow prescriptive goal and this precludes creative/alternative approaches to missions. Rather, AI needs to call in for reinfrocements, etc make it more believable 4. Variety in AI. right now they all seem to be lone guys who home in on the fighting. Be nice to have teams/ mg nests/ etc.
  14. this is epic. hope to see the 'more hitpoints' and 'not exploding by default on crashing' in helis as well.