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  1. Have you tried to verify the integrity of the tools, from Steam? One of the potential causes is that the dependencies aren't installed correctly and the verification will trigger the install of the dependencies.
  2. From the development branch of the tools, can you run buldozer_x64 and see if it fixes the issue? (steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\patches)
  3. As mentioned, the error basically means that the mentioned files don't exist in the project drive, it can happen with an outdated install of Buldozer due to the recent change of the file structure. A quick reinstall / refresh from the last version of the dev branch of the tools should solve the issue.
  4. There was an update of the development branch of the tools, can you, please, switch to it and try to reinstall Buldozer?
  5. The dev branch of the tools has been updated and the error mentioned in the first message of this thread and diagnostic script should now be fixed.
  6. What are your buldozer options in Terrain Builder?
  7. 12-04-2017 Size: ~1.7 MB TOOLS Buldozer Configurator Added: Enabled log in retail Changed: Now uses the project drive path from the tools settings when the path isn't specified or mounted Fixed: The error BCFG0001 was sometimes thrown for incorrect reasons Work Drive Fixed: The install of Buldozer was incorrect Arma 3 Tools Launcher Added: Automatic patch of the Buldozer install when necessary Diagnostics script Added: A message Box on startup of the diagnostic containing the destination file Fixed: The destination file mentioned in the console was incorrect DevP Fixed: It was blocking the end of the diagnostic script Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.091) NOTE If you experience issues with Buldozer, you may need to reinstall it (Arma 3 Launcher >> Project Drive Management >> Install Buldozer). KNOWN ISSUE The patch of Buldozer may trigger an error about the license not being agreed to.
  8. Can you, please, provide the minidump mentioned in the log? C:\Users\FSUco\AppData\Local\Arma 3\buldozer_2017-04-09_17-26-59.mdmp
  9. I'll try to reproduce the issue locally and see what I can do about it. By diagnostic, I think @Cosmo_D41 wanted to mean the debug available from the launcher >> Project Drive Management >> Show Debug Regarding the diagnostic, it apparently is stuck at the test of DevP, I will fix that soon.
  10. Full changelog and TECHREP
  11. 29-03-2017 Size: ~3.7 MB TOOLS Work Drive Added: Support for Arma 3 Apex PBO files Added: The 32-bit executable of Buldozer is now available on 64-bit systems (buldozer_x86.exe) Fixed: An '0xFFFFFFF' error on extraction of the game data Fixed: It wasn't possible to run '/extractGameData' Fixed: Incorrect install of Buldozer on 32-bit systems Publisher Fixed: Flags for extensions in metadata were not set Arma 3 Tools Launcher Fixed: Launching Object Builder or Terrain builder was throwing an incorrect warning about a missing file Fixed: The Launcher sometimes was populating an incorrect log file Tweaked: Various small adjustments and optimizations Buldozer Configurator Fixed: Crash on config generation when the project drive wasn't mounted
  12. You will need to switch to the development branch. You just have to subscribe to it from the properties of Arma 3 Tools (Steam Library) as described here.
  13. 21-03-2017 Size: ~2.0 MB TOOLS: Publisher Fixed: The flags for extensions in the metadata were not set
  14. We've found the cause and it should be fixed. We are now waiting for a final confirmation from the QA department. Thank you for the report.
  15. And it now is available in the development branch of the tools. Regarding the PxFoundation issue, it's a failure of the PhysX initialization which could be caused by a missing DLL, the above fix could help.