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  1. Good catch, it's gone. Thanks for the report
  2. 15-08-2017 Size: ~0.1 MB SAMPLES Addons Fixed: The Wreck LOD of the sample of plane had an extra mesh
  3. And here it is :)
  4. 14-08-2017 Size: ~948.6 MB SAMPLES Addons Added: The Pylons and the HUD have been configured for the sample of plane Tweaked: Cleanup of the configuration of the sample of plane Tweaked: Test_Plane_01 has received an upgraded model, a canopy and an ejection seat Art Added: Texture template of the Fighter_01 (F/A-181 Black Wasp II) Added: Texture template of the Fighter_02 (To-201 Shikra) Added: Texture template of the Fighter_04 (A-149 Gryphon) Added: Texture template of the UAV_05 (UCAV Sentinel)
  5. There already is something prepared which will be made available with the next update ;)
  6. Good catch, I will update the private statement even though using private _myVar is preferred. As for the if thing, I'll see what I can do ;)
  7. If the Snippet Editor doesn't show up, it probably is because Poseidon Tools is not registered in the Windows Registry. To do so, just run "Refresh registry" from the preferences menu or run it manually from here: "PoseidonTools\Data\Bin\Core\Installer.exe". Let me know if that fixes your issue. To be noted that it is very basic and a prototype, yes but I would even add a very early one :) Good catch, it's because I've never used that with scripts, I will add it to the SQF with the next update. By the way, the keywords are Todo, Note and Check.
  8. @das attorney, there is a basic prototype of UI in Preferences >> Snippets, otherwise, they can be manually added in PoseidonTools\Data\Packages\User\Snippets. In case you need some samples, the default snippets are stored here: PoseidonTools\Data\Packages\Snippets. Also, if you have any snippets that could be useful for everyone, feel free to send them to me, I will be more than happy to add them into the default build :) <snippet> <description>description</description> <content><![CDATA[ [${1:position},${2:interval@number},${3:brightness@Number},${4:newspapers@bool}] call BIS_fnc_sandstorm; ]]></content> <tabTrigger>hello</tabTrigger> <scope>source.sqf</scope> </snippet>
  9. 23-06-2017 Size: ~0.1 MB SAMPLES Addons Added: Configuration of the sensors and the custom info panels (Test_Plane_01) Fixed: Missing ; preventing the packing with some community tools (Test_Sounds) Removed: External references in the model.cfg (Test_Weapon_01) Scenario Design Fixed: The mission.sqm was referencing incorrect class names for the player units (Combat Patrol) Tweaked: The mission parameters were not localized (Combat Patrol)
  10. Thanks for the report, I will fix the references in the sample. Edit: Now fixed in the Dev-Branch
  11. 22-06-2017 Size: 0 MB TOOLS Steam configuration Changed: updated version number to reflect the current stage (1.012)
  12. Full changelog and TECHREP
  13. Change log: Added: SQF definitions for Arma 3 1.73+ Download First post of this topic Poseidon Tools @ - 0.994.211, 17/06/2017
  14. 19-06-2017 Size: ~2.8 MB TOOLS BankRev Added: New UI for batch file processing (BankRev\BankRevGUI.exe) Added: Debinarization of the relevant files Publisher Added: "Malden" DLC and "Malden 2035" scenario map Workshop tags Work Drive Added: Support for Malden DLC Fixed: A potential crash while searching for the files to process Fixed: The exclusion list (addon type) was considered when trying to extract a single PBO WaveToWSS Added: New UI for batch file processing (Audio\SoundTools.exe) Object Builder Added: Script namedSelections - Filtering by selections Added: Script namedSelections - Support for Find & Replace, with wildcards Fixed: Script namedSelections - Variables are no longer reset after each action Tweaked: Script namedSelections - The dialog box has been resized FSM Editor Changed: SQF definitions updated to Arma 3 1.73+ Steam dumpAccountInfo Added: Support for Jets DLC Added: Support for DLC Bundle 2 Fixed: The application sometimes was started twice DSUtils Fixed: A potential crash while searching for the files to process ImageToPAA Fixed: A potential crash while searching for the files to process
  15. Glad to read that! Could you, please, share the versions/links you have installed? More people have the issue and it could be very helpful