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  1. You will need to switch to the development branch. You just have to subscribe to it from the properties of Arma 3 Tools (Steam Library) as described here.
  2. 21-03-2017 Size: ~2.0 MB TOOLS: Publisher Fixed: The flags for extensions in the metadata were not set
  3. We've found the cause and it should be fixed. We are now waiting for a final confirmation from the QA department. Thank you for the report.
  4. And it now is available in the development branch of the tools. Regarding the PxFoundation issue, it's a failure of the PhysX initialization which could be caused by a missing DLL, the above fix could help.
  5. The fix is available on the Dev-branch, it would be perfect if you could give it a try to see if that's fixed for you.
  6. 21-03-2017 Size: ~1.7 MB TOOLS: Work Drive Added: Support for Arma 3 Apex PBO files Added: The x86 executable of Buldozer is now available on x64 systems (buldozer_x86.exe) Fixed: 0xFFFFFFF on extraction of the game data Fixed: It wasn't possible to run /extractGameData Fixed: Incorrect install of Buldozer on x86 systems Arma 3 Tools Launcher Fixed: Launching Object Builder or Terrain builder was throwing an incorrect warning about a missing file Buldozer Configurator Fixed: Crash on config generation when the project drive wasn't mounted Steam Configuration Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.081)
  7. The 3 mentioned issues are now fixed and should appear soon in the development branch. Thank you for the reports and ping in PM.
  8. I have been able to find the cause and fix the issue. This should be available on the development branch soon. Thank you for the report
  9. Full changelog and TECHREP
  10. 13-03-2017 Size: ~2.6 MB TOOLS: Terrain Builder Fixed: Some connection issues with Buldozer Steam Configuration Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.073)
  11. This is a known issue, introduced in the last patch. The fix is already available in the development branch and will be part of the next update of the main branch.
  12. 03-03-2017 Size: ~4.2 MB TOOLS: Publisher Added: Support for 64-bit game extensions; reworked checks for game extensions and signatures Added: When publishing is terminated with validation error(s), a severity of the error (error/warning/info) is listed with the message (the publishing is stopped only because of an error, but warnings are also listed, though they didn't caused it to stop) (command line publisher only) Tweaked: Updated User Interface Work Drive Added: Ability to extract a single PBO and unbinarize relevant content (/extract "U:\Path\to my file") Added: WorkDrive will refuse to process PurgeGameData and ExtractGameData if the target is under SVN versioning Added: Support for Arma 3 x64 Fixed: WorkDrive couldn't locate the DLL folder (development branch of the game) Tweaked: Some error messages have been improved a little FSM Editor Changed: SQF definitions updated to Arma 3 1.69+ Fixed: The shortcuts of FSM Editor were not usable on some computers Addon Builder Maintenance update Steam Configuration Changed: Incremented version to reflect the current stage (1.072)
  13. Change log: Added: SQF definitions for Arma 3 1.69+ Download First post of this topic Poseidon Tools @ - 0.994.205, 03/03/2017 Enjoy
  14. 2 days, yes, but over the weekend ;) Can you share your logs? They are located in the install directory of the tool, the relevant logs are named publisher*.
  15. Here is the first update of the year :) Change log: Added: SQF definitions for Arma 3 1.67+ Tweaked: Various things Download First post of this topic Poseidon Tools @ - 0.993.193, 16/01/2017 Enjoy