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  1. Any details on this? Should I expect my EHs suddenly not work as expected?
  2. Would be nice if we had a sound/musicLength scripting command :P
  3. I'd be interested to know why there even is a group limit. But awesomesauce for doubling it :)
  4. Yes it is, for the 90's. Nowadays, apart from mosquitoes, the game would be about your face being 70% covered by a Samsung phone and one finger, dodging anything related to work, cooking only noodles for food (because you can barely be bothered with heating water), vaping and bumming your parents/welfare for money.. And of course dressing in clothes reminiscent of the 60's and 80's.
  5. Getting laid as much as possible also helps =D
  6. Registered at date is gone now, I'm a sad OFP old timer panda.. :( Came here to post that really like how now you get notifications without reloading. Some things mobile device aren't that bad actually... :)
  7. These. You spend way too much time on one thing and it becomes a chore rather than fun. I have spent well over a decade fiddling with/making missions/modding this game (like 0.001% has been released publicly) and I can tell you need to take a break every now and then; play other games, preferrably in a completely different genre (I suggest My Summer Car :P), completely flush your brain from Arma. Steam winter sale is on, you can get games for peanuts right now..
  8. Yup, login issue seems to be fixed. Still not a fan of this forum software...
  9. +1 Seems to be some weird trend because basically everything on the web looks horrible nowadays, I guess that's because it is now assumed that no-one uses any sort of computer to access the web anymore, instead everybody does everything with tablets and "phones" and for some reason designed for mobile = looks horrible.. - Seems the post count for a section is extremely important because it's displayed with a font size of 56 or something. - The quote button thingy is almost the same height as a two line post so probably should scale it down a bit...
  10. I have to do the login dance with Firefox constantly.. Just pressing 'login' is enough though, no need to type username/pw so I guess the forums half remembers..
  11. Take the same approach to your original condition: {alive _x} count (nearestObjects [[4258.56,20665.285],["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"],200]) < 7
  12. Not always. This is one of those a bit misleading BIS error messages, this will happen with those missing closing brackets, of course, but: - will also happen if in some config expression is missing a line switch \ as in, the following will cause that 'some input after EOL' error: action = " if (some condition) then { do stuff; }; "; As it should be like this: action = "\ if (some condition) then {\ do stuff;\ };\ "; - will also happen if you have a comma after the last element in an array, like with the mission.sqm in question has in the Addons array....... - There are other possible cases too but can't remember any examples right now.. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with a code working or not, the only thing that matters is that each opening bracket has a closing bracket. The alignments and stuff are just there so that the code is easier to read for humans.
  13. I get that 'horror-hands' when placing soldiers in 3DEN, with the latest dev..