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  1. That's pretty impressive considering that the array size limit is like 10 million elements or something
  2. It is always possible that something is wrong somewhere.. Latest eden enhanced works fine for me, no missing things on status bar or anything, tried dozens of times and everything works just fine Not saying the ticket is not valid, eden is quite fickle (on the modding side) so most likely mileage varies.
  3. I think that's just the configviewer doing weird things, you can see it in your gif, when you double click the Cfg3DEN -> Eventhandlers open the viewer for some reason jumps to some empty class eventhandlers way down in the list. Scroll back up to Cfg3DEN and the handlers are there, at least that way it is for me on current dev..
  4. This illogically triggers both terrainnew and missionnew events (which are triggered when you open the editor) although it should logically trigger missionload event instead of missionnew since the mission is loaded, not new... EDIT: Oops, was a bit triggerhappy, it actually does execute missionload and missionew and terrainnew, in that order. Still a bit illogical to have missionew triggered in this situation though..
  5. Not sure which department this would belong to, but at least building u_shed_ind_f.p3d on Malden uses 'being inside a building' sounds even though it has basically no walls at all. You can find one at for example [6102.07,8956.14,0.246658], in Larche.
  6. Really liking this. Was a bit surprised that when I selected a random place on the map and viewed it instantly recognized it. Dunno if that's cool or sad, or a weird mixture of both I can remember places on some old game terrain but not the names of people I deal with almost daily
  7. Almost old enough to buy booze..
  8. Right-click on *.sqf file, select 'open with...' -> tick the 'always open with this app' box -> select 'more apps' -> scroll down to the bottom of the list and select 'look for another app on this PC' -> explore to where you have the tool exe. Can't remember if that works or did it involve some registry fiddling Anyways, been meaning to say for the longest time that absolutely love this tool been using it since forever. But of course one must give a suggestion or two, otherwise why post : - Would love to see a possibility to 'alphabetize' and 'arrange by filetype' for the side bar. Dunno if that's even possible, but throwing it out there amongst the others..
  9. Any details on this? Should I expect my EHs suddenly not work as expected?
  10. Would be nice if we had a sound/musicLength scripting command :P
  11. I'd be interested to know why there even is a group limit. But awesomesauce for doubling it :)
  12. Yes it is, for the 90's. Nowadays, apart from mosquitoes, the game would be about your face being 70% covered by a Samsung phone and one finger, dodging anything related to work, cooking only noodles for food (because you can barely be bothered with heating water), vaping and bumming your parents/welfare for money.. And of course dressing in clothes reminiscent of the 60's and 80's.