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  1. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Odd, for me the diamond formation is the only one in which the AI won't stay behind OCDing about enemies, even on combat. On any other formation it's the bounding overwatch "Go I'll cover" stuff.. This.................................... The AI has a serious scope fetish so best to remove anything that can magnify from their inventory. And never ever give an AT with other than iron sights to an AI... Or a sidearm..
  2. I didn't even realize this was an issue as hadn't played the game in a while, was wondering when playing Tacops that was this really this slow always.. But yup, loading times are basically like lightning now compared to a few days ago.
  3. inAreaArray is nice for this, use the first syntax with nearObjects: - Search around the trigger position - Use "All" as types, otherwise honeybees and terrain objects may interfere. Search radius is trigger area - nearObjects also finds the trigger itself so remove it from the search result - use that final nearObjects result with inAreaArray boxTrigger_01 and count the resulting array - if count == 0 --> free to create wheel
  4. Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    Nope. Appears that I was doing it the correct way when testing last weekend but with same results -> not even the red line to indicate anim path.. :(
  5. Forums Upgrade

    Indeed, something has happened because now this has been running smooth as... ..smooth. First time since forever. All possible body appendages crossed it stays this way.
  6. Forums Upgrade

    Clearly the servers have to be killed with fire. 502/504 gateways of annihilation for moths now..
  7. Fixed in the latest dev (143722): "Fixed: Warning messages connected to the set3DENMissionAttribute script command were not correct " Obviously stable is stil screwed :(
  8. - disable/enableAI "WEAPONAIM" - seek & destroy waypoint (error in rpt, not on screen). Shows at least when loading a scenario with S&D waypoint(s) into Eden - set3DENMissionAttribute/s with custom attributes
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Well, it's half-fake as it still makes the AI forget the target Since for the longest time knowsAbout was the only way to tap into the AI so we've been asking a way to reset it ever since OFP and forgetTarget finally does that after what, 15 years of asking..
  10. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Speaking of AI related scripting: Targets is nice command but clearTargets would make it nicer, or that forgetTarget would clear the forgotten target out of it. AFAIK now even if you make an AI forgetTarget a target it's still in it's targets array and stays there for some unknown engine defined amount of time.. The command reveal also behaves oddly, if you just dood reveal [target, 1] dood gets too precise position information of the target = in 5m offset. Whereas if dood gains knowledge of the enemy "naturally" at knowsAbout of 1 the position offset is hundreds of meters (checked with targetKnowledge).. To fix this you have to first reveal the target with 0.105 or less and then with 1 and you get the "natural" position data. Could be nice if the command did the natural way by default.. I suggested that years ago with no luck (was just suggesting with name currentTarget, but whatever). :( Maybe in the next engine then. This is really infuriating. They also seem to completely lack any target prioritizing other than how scawy the target is: the AI's scope fetish results AT (when the AT has a magnifying sight) guys screaming about armored targets 800m away while in firefight with infantry 100m away. Of course getting killed because they're watching something else entirely than focusing on the fight at hand, or even engaging and missing the armored target, getting killed by it and thus drawing the armor into the fight as well..
  11. And to make matters worse the counter has bullet proof air inside it, shooting at the glass part makes glass shattering sound and shards are flying but the head behind the air stays intact..
  12. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    AI getting stuck after healing seems to still be a feature, since Alpha/beta or whatever it was.. Just observed it happening thusly: - we all were prone after a short firefight - nr 3 shouted 'injured!' - ordered medic to heal, medic actually went to a nearby enemy body (the enemy ran pretty much over us = the injury) an healed it instead... - 3 was obviously still injured so told him to FAK himself because medic started some Lazarus project apparently, 3 did as ordered, and then stood to crouch and FAK'd himself again at which point I already knew he got PTSD now and won't move. Which was true. He would follow no orders at all anymore, just stay in that one spot crouched. - Left him there as enemy honeypot....
  13. Agreeing with everyone here, really well done stuff. :) Haven't played in a while, so I'm really getting my fat ass handed to me constantly :P Criticisms (not necessarily related to the scenarios): - As bipods can't be adjusted it's absolute General Major PITA trying to find some contour in the ground that would allow to actually aim where I want to aim; 4.987 times out of 5 you can't find one - Snipers not being able to properly carry two primary weapons just plain sucks. EDIT:
  14. There's couple of issues I encountered in Broken Hope, didn't play that long though yet:
  15. - In the editor make sure you have an empty scenario (New Scenario), press CTRL+M (or select Scenario -> Merge) and select your troublesome scenario from the list and press Merge, and OK to the subsequent prompt. - All the stuff in the merged scenario will be merged into the currently open scenario except any of the physical external files. Also no entity is set as player anymore so you need to remedy that and then save the scenario. - Then move the scripts and stuff from the troublesome scenario folder into this new scenario folder, load the new scenario (to make sure description.ext is "read") and test.