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  1. Figured out the visuals, and the flame-out smoke effects. More progress
  2. Been learning the new Jets features like damage components. The planes are going to have these bits added. Had to finagle the flame-out effect but it is working now. I can't get the visuals to work where the surfaces have the burned-out damage texture applied so it still needs some work (rudder is also damaged in the pic). At least we are making some progress!
  3. could you imagine adding a bunch of 2 million faced models in game lol
  4. ARMs are all being redone so all the current public info is moot although I can't say how other people have done their mods so who knows. In other news. Working on making the Early Warning radars useful on the sites, and viable targets for Wild Weasel missions. The P-19 - the correct EW radar for SA3 sites.
  5. You're limited to whatever the new DirectX limits contain. I used to know them off the top of my head but I can't recall now. There is no reason for so many triangles in a video game model. That's what bump mapping is designed for :) Besides at some point you'll saturate your vid card performance regardless of what 1x model can do. Try adding 50 of them in a script-heavy MP session and tell me how that goes...
  6. lol because you basically said "your mod sucks since the update" and they know all the details anyway so really there is no point to the question. "when it is done"
  7. I can confirm this "shoots at ground vehicles" behavior. I am 99.9% certain it is because it was missing the Radar sensor values. I am adding those values to all the vehicles so if they are ever standalone they will behave correctly. This should be fixed in the upcoming update for all vehicles, not just the Patriot "standalone" system! Regarding the MIM-23 site firing on their own men. I found some config inheritance issues that was apparently placing the incorrect soldiers and this is most likely the cause of the friendly fire issues. Those have been corrected so each side places their correct faction's support crew. Therefore - if anyone has reports of any other type of site creating friendly fire incidents please let me know so I can verify they are now fixed!
  8. Sorry but Real Life interfered once again with my gaming plans :) v5.0 update is LIVE! - FIX: Those damn inventory popup errors - NEW: Published to Steam for those who can't figure out how to add mods the right way. See first post for d/l data if you know how to really mod.
  9. Hey Snake! Are you done completely populating all the towns yet? LOL Anyway I wanted to ping you because I keep forgetting - my underground missile silo/bunker "house". This thing could do well on the terrain. The "silo" area could of course be modified into just about anything you wanted to take the time to build. It could be placed as a house on the map, or if you need I can give you the MLOD's so you can add it directly into the map w/ no further effort. Either way the "roof" area just needs a bit of open scooped-out area to get to it. Think "big swimming pool" dugout.
  10. That SA9 looks even better than mine. Good job!
  11. So the Mi17 was easy enough to convert. I added the Mi171 as well... fortunately the texture maps are identical for both! The Mi171 is modified from the samples in that it has no rear cargo doors, with a rappel mem point located at the rear. Meaning, it should be able to rappel troops out the back. Some WIP stuff for PLAAF: Z-19: Note the real thing is being exported now... http://www.janes.com/article/70558/export-version-of-china-s-z-19-attack-helo-makes-maiden-flight Ka-27: Technically for PLA-N but still an air asset Z-9, Mi-17, Z-10: Not sure if I've shared any pics of the Z-9 yet...
  12. Not "STUPID" as in a dumb idea, sorry you misunderstood what I meant. What I meant is that STEAM has made people think that PC mods are just like XBOX mods, where you click that "install this now" and it just works. The notion of actually opening Explorer, creating new folders, using WINZIP or WINRAR, etc... all of that is being lost because of the notion that one-click and "next-next-finish" installers is the only thing out there. Some of my friends just don't get it because they don't do computers at the level I do. OK fine - I have them use the WithSix installer because REASONS. - guaranteed the company will not to infringe on copyright claims - zero chance of rehosted content with impostors claiming content as their own - works with any file size - doesn't have "entitled" 12-year olds demanding things from the content makers Regardless. I am not against Steam and other "next-next-finish" solutions. The problem, again IMOO, is that the "XBOX 12 year olds" that have a sense of "this PC mod sucks because I can't one-click install" tends to bring out the type of person that mod people just can't interface with. Generally speaking it is this sense of entitlement about someone's content that pisses me off. Someone gets to enjoy literally years worth of work in man-hours (how many weekends this year did the team spend working on a FREE VIDEO GAME MOD) instead of paying $50 for 5 planes in other plane games. Someone gets to do all that without any additional needs other than buying the base game. When they get all pissy with mod makers that "they deserve to piss all over the hopes and dreams of the mod team because they know better"... well that makes me want to join the other mod makers that have rage quit the game, and leave the pool even more shallow. At some point the rest of the talent will leave and you'll be stuck with a half-dozen mods and nothing more. Maybe we should start charging for mods of this caliber... other plane games can do it... OK RANT OFF... shutting up now :P (edit to add - apologies about the long email. too much coffee!)
  13. If your "units" can't figure out how to add a few mods to their game then perhaps you should look elsewhere for "units". A quick Google search will show about a billion and one tutorials that explain how to do things in a non-steam environment. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Steam is making the gaming community STUPID
  14. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to the dev team as well :)