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  1. Completed M-99 12.7mm (.50 cal) sniper rifle with -optional- suppressor. New Spotter class has suppressed QBZ and laser designator. I have decided to put all the "desert-ish" sniper camo selections into the SF- Desert grouping, and the rest in the standard SF grouping. Makes it easier that way.
  2. You might want to check out the A2 little bird animations as they have a nice "gun at rest" position
  3. Quote


    HI pookie , i like your Airdefence addons for arma 2.

    its ammazing,if you allow me i have few things to ask about the range of s-300 detection range and other stuff

  4. Is that guy laying down? Lazy bastard...
  5. Classnames aren't finished yet so there isn't a good way to do this yet. When classnames are available they could be used as necessary. Some things don't have camo selections and that would have to be kept in mind. Progress report. Just corrected the last of popup errors that were present. To-do update: -------------------- - Finish arrangements and ordering of the Men class units (some duplicates in PLAN/PLAAF/SF/Desert were discovered) - Sort new sniper units - HQ-64 ammo config: missile has no motion - HQ-61 ammo config: missile has no motion - LD-2000 airburst function - Compile list of classnames - Complete EQ-2050 A-A model, EQ glass sorting - Finish UAV-specific A-G weapons - Finish A-G weapon configs - Fix Y-9 family pilot positions - Fix LD-200 geometry issue - Verify aircraft Components functionality - Compile dynamic loadout selections for aircraft - Fix remaining .RPT errors - Verify stringtable functionality - Add Groups for new units That should be it. There are still some remaining issues that won't be addressed any time soon such as rails on weapons, etc. Still aiming for a "pre-Orange" release time frame however release will be subject to proper functionality first and foremost. It will be done when it is done :) A post-Orange release will certainly be in the cards since the EOD robot and "good" CBU's both seem like an obvious addition. And some more things in the pipeline...
  6. That's how I did the APC ride-on-tops for the Unsung M113's. It would be more accurate to not even fill the interiors although in-game that wouldn't make sense. That is because land mines will quickly make dogfood out of anything on the inside of the APC's. Better to take chances against small-arms fire than a guaranteed puree' of your innards riding on the inside. So "YES" it is very practical.
  7. You know... that thing with that thing! :D
  8. Stealth mechanics aren't fully implemented yet.
  9. First I've heard of this since the mod has been out for several years I doubt it is this mod.
  10. Well you should get that looked at because I'm too impatient to play with a broken mod
  11. Finished the last "required" item, the SNEB 68mm rocket in a Matra 155 pod. Utilizes the Jets DLC "proxy in proxy" for realistic visuals. Decal is from an image of an actual sample (of British origin). While the BAF usually puts frangible covers on each slat, I opted to expose the missiles. Edit to add - now that this is done I will likely release this "sooner" and plan for an update after the newly announced DLC is released... and add CBU's :)
  12. Glad to see SOMEONE got the ejection seat working! (That eject seat feature will be really handy when going up against the updated SAM pack in a few weeks) :D
  13. Hey its all good! :D I am intrigued by the notion to config some dynamic groups as that will save time/effort in the long run. To be honest looking at the vid it may not be any faster than using Notepad++ but people do like their UI gizmos. No promises this late in the game but we'll certainly look into it! :) Did someone say CAKE?!?!?!?
  14. Groups haven't even been developed so it would only work within a limited scope w/ that mod.
  15. Dude it is still WIP so let's just wait and see shall we?