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  1. EQ2050 driver - confirmed - Not sure why however because the fire geo looks fine. I'll have to look into that. I'll also double-check the placement for the passengers. I spent some time working that out w/ the FFV positions, so I'll double-check to make sure I didn't fat-finger something in the config.
  2. Sad face. I will address that. Busy working on PLAN-Marines vehicles so I'll add that to the list (wait did he say "adding more vehicles in the next update"?)
  3. United States Air Force( 2015)

    FYI, CUP has a bunch of USMC stuff.
  4. which ones in particular also does it happen w/o any other mods or a certain combination of mods
  5. United States Air Force( 2015)

    BECAUSE REASONS We were actually waiting on you to ask.
  6. You mean you can change the weather? :P
  7. Thanks for pointing those out! I just confirmed that both of those issues are faces that use A3 textures. They look fine in buldozer but appear black in-game. The models' upload dates are way before the last release... haven't been touched since. The only explanation I can imagine makes sense would be the team had issues when they compiled them for the update.
  8. I think I "cracked the code" and figured how to do a desert texture... initial results look promising! Colors taken from an HD image of a PLA vehicle in daylight. Definitely need to reduce brightness and I would like to add some dirt/scratches to the paint. I need to see if there are custom brushes for GIMP... (that's the "correct" ZTL-11 turret coming soon... the original was just a placeholder)
  9. Missing sound on planes has been identified and addressed. ZTL-11 non-floating issue as well. Several other minor things and a few new surprises... snipers will be happy ;) Speaking of surprises, I am nearly finished building the WZ-551 chassis! The baseline model, added physx, and config is working. For now the standard 25mm cannon is the only one today (The ZSL-92). I plan on adding a few variants to round out the selections.
  10. The only time that is reported is due to some other mod that creates a dependency. Some people were trying to run the WW2 mod alongside VME PLA! Recommend removing other mods 1x1 until finding the culprit.
  11. Could you share these error messages? I play with CUP all the time and I haven't seen any error messages yet?
  12. Animals Config

    Fixed - the "moves = "CfgMovesGoat_F";" had to be re-homed to the new skeleton. Now to iron out the movements!
  13. Congrats to the whole team
  14. Some interesting reads from Small Arms Defense Journal concerning PLA machine guns: http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=2406 http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=2685