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  1. SF Recon EQ with 3x FFV cargo slots, commander front gunner, and main GL gunner. I may make a 2nd one w/ a .50 cal
  2. SHORAD update... seems to work now. The A2 version relied on ATTACHTO of a sacrificial target to the ordnance. That target is a vehicle so the "dofire" script commands will shoot at it, whereas they will not shoot at the missile object itself. In A3, apparently, the ATTACHTO logic changed to the point that the attached object's FireGEO no longer works. SOOOO... the script is revised to setpos it near the missile instead of "attachto" the missile. As the pic indicates the sacrificial target dies and the missile goes along with it (2 AGM-65's in that pic). Need to refine it some more but it seems to work against MOST incoming missiles - certainly not a magic defense and some still squeeze through. I like it :)
  3. Those darker textures look color-corrected to me, like the wash-out is fixed. Good job!
  4. Too low for those values then. Tell you what - put some of my SAM units nearby and see how well she responds then :D
  5. What altitude were you flying at? There is a new adjustment based on altitude for the flight model.
  6. Ready for a Future Update - the Z-18 heavy transport helicopter:
  7. I refer to my above comments regarding current/pending "vs. RHS" behavior. Evolution of tanks compat vs. other mods are going to have to wait until Tanks DLC. There is zero logic in developing a dead code tree any further. This is precisely the stance that CUP has taken for their armor. I have some great ideas for ERA but why bother if Tanks DLC is going to squash all that in a few months (or whenever!)... I'm not going to debate the team's class naming decisions however there is a definite structure to the naming conventions. I cannot figure out ALIVE and even after I tried to read up on to make an "ALIVE-friendly" mod. Examples would be helpful. Expansion of the variety and selection of groups is planned for sometime after the bugs are squashed. Ditto for native OPFOR classes. All in due time. Let's not get too hasty opening up PBO's as this mod isn't under any share-alike license. I don't want to speak out of line as I'm sure the team will be glad to entertain the notion of making the mod better, but that kind of development needs to happen after the team blesses it. That's something I need to run by the rest of the group to get their take on how they wish their content to be handled by non-team efforts. For now I can only vouch for use of the spreadsheet I uploaded and the main page's classname list to reference class names, which should be all that is utilized for external configurations.
  8. As I recall that is due to compressed RVMAT's
  9. Well I get a little O-C about things so when I see lingering issues it really bugs me! Most of the models had quite a bit of things to update and there's just so many details there are things that unfortunately slip through the cracks. All will be fixed in time. Testing the new "no lag" AAA and it is still formidable. Not as pretty with explosions all around your plane but it works w/o lag which I will guess is more important for most people ;) It still needs a little bit more adjustment before I'm satisfied with it.
  10. I can verify that the SHORAD systems aren't engaging incoming missiles. They see it and target it but don't engage. I have an idea for a fix but it will take some (tedious) testing to validate success.
  11. So I am understanding that to plan it you must hand-place the individual pieces. It isn't evident to me from the vids, but is there a "packaged" item selection you could add to a mission so that you can drag/drop or randomly spawn a "build this asset" side mission? So that a "complete" pipeline from your example could be randomly placed as a side mission? Sorry if that is already the case but I'm just going from the vids
  12. I advise you to first look at the mod before making suggestions to add things that are already present.
  13. I found some problems with the tanks' geometries. These were corrected and the armor values were adjusted to make them behave more like RHS armor. It seems pretty evenly matched although I can't say that the ammo behaves correctly as you can empty your mag in certain parts vs. other tanks, and some places the ammo cuts right through. It is probably as good as it can get before the Tanks DLC rolls out (pun intended). Vs. CUP armor, however, it seems to be underpowered. You have to use the AT10 to be certain the CUP tank will go down. Those changes were pushed and as usual, pending testing, will be eligible for a Future Release.
  14. Heros Survive

    So is there a way to scrounge food that isn't spawned in a drop? Such as fishing experience? Or hunt rabbits? Edit to add - so I am remembering there's an Animals module... so sheep, goats, etc. could be a food source too, yes? Just thinking aloud...
  15. That's just memory dump information - not much to be had of it unless you have debugger tools and checked builds. Which no one but BIS will have.