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  1. Where did everyone go...

    Games as a whole don't embrace communities anymore. Look at the most popular games out there. You queue up with a small group of friends and face new people that you have almost zero communication with that you'll probably never see again.
  2. Where did everyone go...

    I think it's a combination of burn out (there's only so much everybody can spend developing on the same game or playing the same game) as well as forums as a whole becoming less and less popular (this was a long time coming, though).
  3. Can I Improve my JIP Check Script?

  4. Thanks for the pointer on allowGetIn, but the issue has been resolved :)
  5. Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    That doesn't look related to the revive system (well there's no note of it anyways), also it's not an event handler (which makes it pretty useless for catching changes without having a fast loop constantly running).
  6. Weird. Well, regardless, it has now been solved as per my 2nd post.
  7. With the help from a member on r/armadev, I've managed to resolve this issue. The solution is to never use moveInAny (or any of the moveIn commands) if you ever want your autonomous AI (not player led group) to act normally after getting in/out of vehicles. Assign group members to positions with the vehicle and issue an OrderGetIn command.
  8. A little bit of background - I'm fairly knowledgeable in SQF, but this is my first foray into working heavily with AI. My usual AI usage was either infantry remaining as infantry or vehicles with crew that stayed inside - never got in/out. I'm working on a mission where groups of AI are meant to be autonomous. They should be able to issue orders themselves and when necessary - drive to their object when they're too far. So here's where the problem comes in. I had a hell of a time getting the AI squads to disembark their vehicle and have them not get back in. I found the winning combination so far is something along these lines: { _x action["engineOff", _groupVehicle]; _x leaveVehicle _groupVehicle; _x action ["eject", _groupVehicle]; } forEach (units _group); It appears to work great until after they've fulfilled their objective, chose another and must drive to it. After getting out at their next objective, it seems one, some or all of the group will seemingly walk backwards on an angle while repeating "negative" as the squad leader repeats their orders (every few seconds). I literally can't get them to stop until they die (when they respawn they don't have the issue until their second time mounting/dismounting). I spent all day trying to figure out what the cause was and I've got it pinpointed down to something relating to them getting in/out of the vehicle. I've temporarily removed the logic to create a vehicle, move them into it (using moveInAny) and then dismount them from it using the snippet above. With this code removed, there is no longer an issue. So I must be clearly missing something here. Either they are somehow not understanding that they are unassigned to their vehicle (the vehicle also gets deleted via deleteVehicle after they're all out of it) or it has something to do with the fact that their waypoint is holding some information related to the vehicle. Again, I'm not very experienced with AI manipulation, waypoints and all that jazz. Any help would be much appreciated. I can also provide the full source if somebody really wants to see it happen (it takes about 10 - 15 minutes in for it to happen, usually).
  9. Central African terrain would be neat and it would fit the whole "endless possibilities" setting with multiple factions/etc.
  10. Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    status changes (begin healing, cancel/fail healing, done healing). Basically anything to allow you to extend the functionality via our gamemodes. Maybe I need to update some variables based on whether you were revived or not?
  11. Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    I'm assuming the revive system put in with Apex is never going to get event handlers added to it?
  12. PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    I'm a fan of MT-LB and variants :)
  13. PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Good to see PRACS being worked on for ArmA 3. I must have completely missed this thread when it was originally posted.
  14. RH Pistol pack

    I don't think it's necessarily something BI can fix. If you think about it, this has always been something that can be done. Before steam workshop, what stopped somebody from downloading your mod and uploading it to one of many websites out there that allow you to easily upload files? Pretty much the only workaround is that you post your mod to steam workshop so at least you're getting the recognition. Honestly, I know some people (including yourself) don't like what the steam workshop is, but it's not going anywhere - it's here to stay.
  15. RH Pistol pack

    You're fighting a losing battle, much like prohibition of alcohol in North America in the last century.