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  1. Why are you still playing on 1.64? The current version is 1.70. EDIT: Oh, you're on the mac port? I don't know if those are officially supported as being stable. You might have to dual boot into windows if you want to play.
  2. Ah this thread seems to have got some nice varied responses now. Thanks for everybody who provided their opinions/suggestions. It seems like most people agree that the thing that makes warfare great is the scale and freedom you get within ArmA, put into 1 gamemode. The negatives seem to rely around the quality of the players (not doing what's best for the team, sitting there with sniper + rocket combo, etc) and that matches go for far too long. I know I tried to address the match length issue in my CTI implementation for ArmA 3 with a ticket system. Each team had x amount of tickets (I think 1000), each time a player died the team had 1 ticket subtracted. If your team owned more territories over the enemy team, the enemy team had a ticket "bleed", meaning they lose x amount of tickets (that increases as the other team has more and more territory over your team) every minute. I thought it was a great way to make the fighting more focused and stop the whole 24 hour match length issue, but it just caused people to rage quit when their team had less than 100 tickets (even though the bleed stopped at either 25 or 50 tickets, meaning they could still make a come back). There's a very fine line to walk between restricting the player's choices (having capturable zones connected so the fighting is contained) versus the freedom that people expect from the gamemode.
  3. I know CTI isn't as popular of a gamemode that it used to be, back in the ArmA 2 and prior days, but for nostalgia's sakes - let's discuss it a bit. What is everybody's favourite and least favourite aspects of the gamemode as a whole. Favourite Making use of most/all of the game's assets in one mission The amazing feeling of playing over the entire giant map Those rare moments where you see the enemy MHQ driving around and you blow it up Mixing and matching gear to make the loadout I want Least Favourite Length of matches. This has always been an issue, but it's gotten worse as ArmA's maps have gotten bigger. Also I don't have as much time to dedicate to playing games as I used to Commander role. Nobody ever wants to play it, which ended up with me and one other person in my community always having to do it. I've yet to see an actual good AI commander either (base placement is something only humans are capable of, in my opinion). Driving 10 minutes, dying, walking 15 minutes, dying, etc
  4. Are we ever going to see the drawPolygon command expanded? We really need the ability to set a brush/fill mode. Also it'd be great to have command(s) to get entities/objects within a polygon (array coordinates provided) rather than having to rely on radii from a center location like we currently do.
  5. Yeah I agree with you here. It's unfortunate to miss out on some good mods out there, but the process of keeping them all manually up-to-date just isn't worth the effort anymore. Either it's because my attitude towards it has changed as the years have went on and/or workshop has made me lazy. Also as I've pointed out before, if you ever want to play with other people, workshop is simply the easiest route. I had way too many headaches getting people to unzip a folder the arma root and add a parameter to the shortcut or use a launcher. It's amazing how difficult this process was for people (because, it really isn't difficult).
  6. No it's not. It's probably the best thing to happen to the series. More exposure and easier mod installation/updates for a vast majority of the playerbase. It's actually viable to run a public server with required mods now because the launcher + workshop allow people to easily join. Before it was a complete headache.
  7. Speaking of ArmA extensions, whatever happened to a non blocking version of callExtension (spawnExtension?). Also why is the 10KB return limit there in the first place? If there's a reason for a hard limit, why can't it be something much larger?
  8. and these are two examples are extremely un-intuitive ways to implement menus because unless somebody tells you about the key to press, you have no clue there is a menu. At least the action menu is something that's just so built into ArmA that people will see an entry there.
  9. I wouldn't say get rid of it. It's still very useful for scripted content to put an easily visible option.
  10. This is amazing. Further down the line, we'll have a very complete WW2 asset pack available in ArmA 3.
  11. It's flattering that you enjoy my work, but I don't currently have plans to work on GWAR3. I am in the process of possibly joining the development team of a fairly popular gamemode though. We'll see how things go.
  12. My opinion is that if you used any public resources or learned off of anybody else's work, you should leave your work unobfuscated as to "pay it forward" and allow others to learn from you. The whole protectionism way of thought when it comes to addons and missions is something very new and in my opinion, negative.
  13. GWAR3 is not in active development currently, I was merely going through old posts and saw some incorrect information :)
  14. People can still take your obfuscated scripts and reverse engineer them. Don't underestimate somebody who wants to steal your stuff. If they really want to, they still will. Bottom line, if you don't want your work stolen, just don't bother uploading it to the internet.
  15. Old post, but it's actually just enforced by the mission. First person - infantry Third person - commander placing buildings or crewing vehicles