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  1. Big Dawg KS
  2. Didnt someone do that in OFP?^
  3. 100% athena^ Although they do answer some longstanding questions on AI it undoubtley feels like their least favorite conversation piece and leaves alot of us longtime SP fans wanting more -alot more. Look at the idea-rich back and forth's in the many stickied Jet threads beteen Dev and gamer or the Audio Dev thread -why cant we have the same in the AI? You never get the sense their is a dedicated AI guy or team that is excited to reveal some awesome new direction or feature that they've been cooking in their kitchen -feels more like they are relieved that the AI were able to keep up at bare minimum for other expanding features of the game ie FFV, flying VTOL whatever. As others have stated, this all starts from the highest office down. They've got to WANT an ambitious AI crew that want to expand the game else the AI guys creativity will be dampened and we will get no new actions , flight models, infantry behavior, etc as well as these light pulsed AI progress reports. If you look through the changelogs in past few years -there are a significant amount of AI changes - but none of them rival the feature expansions or upgrades of the rest of the game. Leaving us here in this lonely thread to argue amidst breadcrumbs.. Solution is to unshackle the AI team and/or add fresh blood -plenty of guys doing neat AI things in the forums that would love to have access to the engine level code ;) *masochism required*
  4. Nice post. Its something we really need to be reliable and doesnt seem like it should be that hard for them to tighten up -hopefully they do. Sadly my problem lies in my poor scripting rather than the commands instability or inaccuracy. I actually dont need it for this script to be too accurate -just need it to fire on spotted target and then forget him and free itself up to spot the next one whether it be the absolute nearestTarget or not doesn't really matter in this case.
  5. Well ive discovered that trying to exit and then re-constitute a Waituntil loop is the 5th Circle of Hell. It either only fires once or spams itself till i literally have to cntrl-alt-delete to exit. Good god Trying new method of adding and subtracting known enemy unit in Array format but hjonestlt shits just getting crazier So Im now starting in the Mission.init: Frog_Spotted = []; Frog_Enemy = []; Dead_Frogs = []; nul = execvm "loop.sqf"; Loop.sqf Frog_Enemy = player findnearestenemy player; \\\Here Im using Player as the focal point as later Im using _x for fellow AI squaddie which is what I prefer. Obviously this isnt ideal but for the most part we'll have common nearestEnemy\\ if !(alive Frog_Enemy) then {hintc "he's dead";Dead_frogs pushback Frog_Enemy}; \\\ Dead_Frogs is supposed to be the cleanup array to free up more current enemy. So far its always coming up Object Void if !(alive Frog_Enemy) then {Frog_spotted = Frog_Spotted - Dead_Frogs}; if ((Frog_Enemy in Frog_spotted) && (!alive Frog_Enemy)) exitWith {}; waitUntil { {!(isNull (_x findNearestEnemy _x))} foreach units group player \\\ This sensor works great..I just cant control its power }; if (Frog_Enemy in Frog_spotted) exitWith {}; hint"enemies!"; nul = execvm "house.sqf"; Frog_Spotted pushback Frog_Enemy; \\\ basically here is where ive gone batshit am am grasping at straws sleep 1; nul = execvm "loop.sqf"; \\\\ refiring script to grab new enemy but so far it just locks in to the first one i encounter either dead or alive. If that enemy dies it will literally return the dead soldiers model # before grabbing a new live one\\
  6. So this works on enemy sighting only problem is I dont know how to stop the loop after each sighting :D while { true } do { waitUntil { {!(isNull (_x findNearestEnemy _x))} foreach units group player }; hint"enemies!"; nul = execvm "house.sqf"; false };
  7. Weird cant get this working. So Im using an Editor place trigger set to: Opfor Detectedby Blufor; Repeatedly Condtion: {!(isNull (_x findNearestEnemy _x))} foreach units group player Activation Hint "works!" Problem is that Opfor Detected by is not reliable after the first detection and I need it fired pretty quickly after every enemy soldier detected. So I tried putting in the Missioninit.sqf: _nearEnemy = {!(isNull (_x findNearestEnemy _x))} foreach units group player; while {_nearEnemy} do {hintc "new enemies spotted!"} To mimic the trigger but it duds and nothing happens
  8. Derp. My mother was right about me - i am dumb! Thanks^
  9. Id like to keep it cheap as possible because it may be checking many units at once quite a bit. What Im working in are voice cues from the AI when an enemy is spotted indoors and on what floor as well as the roof. I use lineIntersect for detecting ceilings so it works fine for the most part except when under a tree canopy near a house or obviously on the roof of very tall building. I guess I could just use a height check for enemy units and blacklist vehicles but id like to look for specific proximity to certain buildings just to be sure. Houselist = ["land_house_small_05_f", "land_hotel_01_f"]; \\example House array _nb = typeOf (nearestObjects [player, ["House"], 50] select 0); hint str _nb; \\returns "land_hotel_01_f" if ( _nb in Houselist) then {systemChat "Same!"} \\ does not fire Not sure why this doesnt fire even tho strings match..
  10. Trying to accomplish 2 things: 1: Find distance to the nearestBuilding but I need it to be accurate to the model itself. Meaning, right now I run a distance check an it can go as high as 50m while im inside the building?! Its as if if there is some point in named building in the model and that is what is being measured against. Need to know if i can distance check against the model itself so that if im standing next to the building it will always be 2-3meters max -not 40-50. 2. So when I run a _nb = nearestBuilding Player it returns '1640b757580# 462130: house_small_05_f.p3d'. I had always remembered it returning just the 'house_small_05_f', not the rest. Reason being I need to run a if (_nb == house_small_05_f) then {blah blah blah} but no luck
  11. Somewhere along this caravan we lost the ability to delete unwanted addon dependencies from missions.sqm. Used to be able to go in a delete the offender but now there is always an "Error loading Mission" should this happen
  12. Probably because your post didnt have any feedback but was more a snarky swipe at BI 'not caring about bugs' and then giving the Jets link. Tho I share some similar views in terms of direction, that's not really pointing out bugs.
  13. LOL yeah some of their behaviours just dont make any sense - they seem to just 'wanna move' for no good reason sometimes. The worst to me is when it is your squad against an enemy squad facing each other and a unit will decide to stand up, rotate 180 with his scope raised like a storefront mannequin on wheels -and face the wrong way for combat for some time before deciding to just run left (again for no apparent reason). Excessive arbitrary movements are immersion killers. Obviously I dont expect perfection from game AI and overall Arma is still the best for sandbox, but how hard would it be to keep all guys focused on the known direction of the enemy like I would expect would happen in the real world.
  14. Im not tryna be a wiseass but am genuinely curious why people seem to think Tanks dont need interiors while cars, planes, helos etc do? I just dont get it why wouldnt you want to see the insides of the vehicle your in??
  15. Wow that is unexpected. Was literally playing Arma yesterday and for some weird reason put on the Miami Vice movie soundtrack to play along with -which is all Cornell. Guy was a major, major vocal talent with a one-of-a-kind voice. R.I.P