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  1. Hey JDawg -yeah sorry was pretty sloppy late nite ^^ So pretty much what Im tryna do is have a base full of soldiers with different animations that switch off when Danger mode comes in. They have a Combat Animation type in which they already do that but the list is very small
  2. Using the example provided by the WIKI Works great when placed into individual map placed units but Id like to have the ability to have master control over the whether they spawn in mass or just walk into a certain area. A. _this = _this select 0; [_this,"SIT2"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = _this spawn waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"}; [_this] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim_terminate; Doesnt Work B. {[_x "SIT2"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = [_x] spawn {waitUntil {behaviour _x == "combat"}; [_x] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim_terminate}} foreach thisList Also getting Undefined errors on this.
  3. ^^^ Clearly you werent dealing with that error message 24/7 or else your sentiment of 'japanese girl - dancing her way into - pink nebulous monster- rolling themselves into a truck killing boulder' - would be shared
  4. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    Hear hear! A little BadBenson type movement, some C2 type AI control, some actual AI class- based behaviourable (yes i made up that word) playbooks and its by far the best game made. Yes this also true -many of the advancements since Arma2 are almost unfathomable - hard to believe we couldnt switch weapons or reload while moving, or walk over 6 inch steps, or have a 3d editor to turn placing objects from a nightmare into a pleasurable experience and of course Fire from Vehicles. Then we have the Visual & Sound dept Upgrades...
  5. I think the issue here is eliminating immersion AI features instead of ever saying 'we're hiring a new team to handle some nice AI improvements'. Things like AI wounding and dragging/carrying -streamline remove rather than correct/expand. Women civs/Alice. ChangeSides module etc etc.. Tho this particular area doesnt personally bother me a whole lot - the pattern surely does.
  6. getUnitTrait Error

    Yup, reported it multiple times before they even went release candidate yet they pushed it thru regardless without even a mention. Sucks big because mod that im working on uses generous amounts of getUnittrait
  7. Player: "Driver!" AI Driver: "Yes Commander?" Player: "Go make me a samwhich whilst I do YOUR driving!" Ai Player: "Right away Sir! Commander Sir!!" ~Ai disembarks, runs towards hill leading to an empty Harbour, never to be seen from again..
  8. Enum errors made it into Stable.... _camo = _this getunitTrait "Camouflagecoef"; _Frog_Nea> 11:45:25 Error position: <getunitTrait "Camouflagecoef"; _Frog_Nea> 11:45:25 Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "Camouflagecoef"
  9. EGO

    @Valken: Yeah its pretty basic enemy counting how many inside units they detect -which may send the Armor into a 'Level it!' mentality. Its not a new recon Waypoint or anything though thats a possibility such as 'Rat Out' :D Im also using edited Blastcore and just adding fire possibility to destroyed buildings tho for some reason the damage doesnt take effect in very busy missions with low fps such as that demo. FPS is a real problem right now because the insane amount opf loops happening so somethings gotta give ... @cosmic: sure just be sure to have your 'Dirty Blind Me Nasty Code' glasses ready
  10. EGO

    Pt 4: Manning Turrets More Aggressive Tanks In honor of upcoming Tanks DLC wanted to amp up their aggression as they are a little too timid for my tastes when they should be glorious machines of destruction. Edit: Forgot credit johnnyBoy's Up/Down Script which indoor units use by default -thanks johnny!
  11. Forums Upgrade

    Is anyone even acknowledging this issue? For really the past 2 months its been a total hit or miss just trying to get on this site -what gives? Seriously Ive never had this problem on any other gaming s......504'ed..
  12. These guys look great except they need a little more well, erhm...dust..? Little too clean for them mangy times - like they just walked out of Abercrombie & Fitch Thanksgiving catalog
  13. Kill an entire side from the console

    {if (side _x == West) then {_x setDamage 1}} forEach allUnits