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  1. Use cursortarget to check the enemy's aimingaccuracy^^
  2. Larrow that works amazingly well - learn something new everyday down here
  3. Is there a way so that 3d Icons (custom) such as ones over as units head scale in size according to distance? As it is they look huge and block a unit when far away and then seem to scale down or look proper when you approach
  4. Is this Damage write up still relevant? Or didnt BI upgrade their armor system? Reason I ask is that page was last modifed very recently and still seems to recommend the RAM mod signed, Tank N00b
  5. Jesus not even a comment. Thats why I dont use feedback tracker - I'd get enraged with that level of being ignored
  6. To me, the point of keeping things tactical often INVOLVES pressing more buttons. Its just totally unrealistic to have grenades in a back pack be as readily available as if they were in a side pouch or whatever. i dont know -i like real life type action and response. Id like to see units actually have to reach for things and what not -it adds a whole new level of minute decision making -and thats fun for me. Personally I keep the weapon sway very high so that when I need to take the shot I have to time it with an awkward pinky spraining Cntrl key pressdown to time my breath -I find shots made way more satisfying this way, as the Vanilla system is just way too easy. Popping a guy out at 400m Vanilla on one shot is ho-hum, this method makes it memorable. I guess different people enjoy different aspects of gaming but I think condensing everything down to one button kinda kills the whole reason to game.
  7. Maybe a year ago one of the Devs mentioned they "might" start working on a new and improved Flee behaviour for AI That would help in all of this. They give us some pieces to the puzzle but it'd be nice to just have to full functionality outta the box - "run Bitches Run!!" - command.
  8. You wanna add more options to the Action menu..
  9. Ahh i see -ok no worries. My addon also had about an 8 second delay (to account for other mods adjusting skills) but that means TPW is just grabbing the value earlier. Its no big deal and thanks for checking it out
  10. Mmmm addons and scripts are that different? (besides paths) ;)
  11. Im not on the latest version (which looks awesome) but there was one problem with Bleedout in that it cause all units to have a standard skill level at start. Meaning i use a mod that adjusts all units by class aka Medic very low aim, Sniper very high -but with Bleedout enabled they all start at 2.5 or thereabouts. Found the snippet at line 225 of Bleedout
  12. If you just want the world to feel more livey then definitely use TPW
  13. Thanks Heroes I see how it works and got it up and running Cheers
  14. No offense but i wouldnt feel 'in the clear' till 3.8-4.0 with Arma. Sleep better at 4.4.
  15. Any recommended CQB heavy, alive missions - can be on any map - i just need it for testing