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  1. Agree and this is a huge area (Tank vs Infantry) that needs to be better fleshed out. One thing I really miss is the 'Fire' command from OFP actually worked -meaning if I told an AI to arm his RPG (because i knew armor was inbound) I could tell him to target even an area and he would shoot. Now there is just way to much hesitation, which in the high stakes chicken game of milliseconds man vs tank, is a real killer. Nothing worse than having the proper spots, proper angles and proper gear to counter armor and just having your guys refuse to fire because maybe the side of a bush is blocking some of their vision. In Arma, Not Firing seems to be the default behaviour and it would just be so much more enjoyable if we could get the AI to just light it up.
  2. They actually mentioned Enfusion on the last sitrep - Arma 4 confirmed!! That would be awesome -give us new AI nav mesh, slicker animation/transitions and im all over it
  3. You have to hit escape twice in the current build as vcom options come up on the upper right.
  4. ai command

    Put them in danger mode with a direction to watch ^^^ Theres really no way for The AI to know it is in enemy territory on its own unless the mission has that factored that in.
  5. Only VCOM loaded -no other mods. At some point AI just fail to stop moving -this is 5th time thru mission. One note is that at some point ive given them all STOP commands as I use that pretty frequently - dont know if thats anything to do with this bug. Also you still need to press Esc twice to exit Vcom settings and get back to action. Edit:Also only seems to happen after combat has taken place
  6. So im trying this out with the old East Wind campaign and so far its great -really like the AI demolitionists - but ive had a few problems were AI just stop taking orders. Meaning they'll respond verbally, change stance etc but will not move for anything. I am running some other mods so not certain its coming from here but wondering if anyone else had experienced that
  7. Dont know Exile mod but their devs sound rude as fuck. Really no reason for you to have brought that garbage here- you could have asked the question without the dig.
  8. Now had I just joined a new game and my first post on their forum was "Is this game dying?" -id be equally as guilty of drama. Yes thats a dramatic thing to do considering the staggering amount of content on this forums which clearly indicates its alive and well. If calling someone overly dramatic with a jokesy image offends you...well i just cant help ya
  9. *sweeping piano* "Art thou dything oh fair Arma!?" The drama is strong with this one..
  10. This mission is awesome - the Michel Bay of mission making. And i mean that in a good way.
  11. LOL -I stand corrected
  12. Copy my stance really just puts them on Auto. It should probably be renamed
  13. EGO

    Cool just remember its more of a proof of concept for random SP fun than polished mod. The amounts of loops Im running is stupid but so far have played the 1st 6 missions of East Wind campaign with it maintaining a high 40-60 fps. Here im working on Environmental camo -buildings, deep foliage, light etc...As it is, Vanilla Ai is only concealed when they sit behind solid cover object but we all know well theyll stay in place without a Stop order. This adds a general camo to them so they are not called out so easily by AI leading to more interesting CQB
  14. Seems like you can no longer head shot gunners on Mounted Machineguns like in the Armed Offroad. I got point blank close but after maybe 20 shots he only registered body damage. Was this done to better armor them? Edit: Crap somehow on my end..
  15. Havent finished it yet but this is really creative stuff - great job Team Orange, best content Ive played in a long time and totally original