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  1. Cant you just have the eventhandler call a function that handles the hit=hit+1? Thats what i do
  2. Trying to get the blizzard effect in a n already heavily scripted dynamic mission which wont pick it up in its init so im calling from the ingame debug console: varenablesnow = true; 0 = [[0.23,0.047,15],0.8,true] execVM "MKY\snow\MKY_Snow_Client.sqf"; Which brings in the snow skies and flurries but cant for the life of me figure out how to manually create the Blizzard or Whiteout which is an awesome effect Edit: Heres the parameter list from initial scripts: _this: 0 - array - fog data -- ie. [.3,.5,200] -- use 0 to ignore (can omit) 1 - integer - overcast -- use "" to ignore (can omit) 2 - boolean - use ppEffects (default is false) -- (can omit) 3 - boolean - allow rain (default is false) -- (can omit) 4 - boolean - enforce wind dir/strength (default is true) -- (can omit) 5 - boolean - vary fog effect (default is true) -- (can omit) 6 - boolean - use wind audio file (default is true) -- (can omit) NOTE: omitting a value means you can stop there and not have to list the remaining parameters (defaults will be applied) EXAMPLES: 0 = [[0.23,0.021,100],"",true] execVM "script.sqf"; // fog, no overcast change, use ppeffects, (no rain) 0 = [0,.3,false,true] execVM "script.sqf"; // no fog, .3 overcast, do not use ppeffects, allow rain 0 = [0,"",false,true,false] execVM "script.sqf"; // no fog, no overcast change, do not use ppeffects, allow rain, do not enforce wind 0 = [] execVM "script.sqf"; // no fog, no overcast change, do not use ppeffects, no rain, enforced wind (direction & strength) NOTES: fog array values [overall fog density, amount of dissipation with altitude, altitude] using [0.25,0,5] will create a thick, low fog that does not dissipate - same from top to bottom using [0.25,1,5] will create a thick on bottom and hazy on top fog these values [0.23,0.021,60] will give a nice thick distance fog while allowing a few hundred yards of some visibility when allowed to vary the fog effect, this script will try to maintain the altitude of fog that you gave this means if you gave [.2,.1,10] that you would not see the fog most likely at 50m altitude (a hilltop) the snow effect is enhanced with some fog, so vary fog means to periodically reset its altitude to match the players
  3. While your at the animation factory could you please make an "Oww you shot me?! That hurt!" animation? Promise ill buy your plane thingy :D
  4. Excellent! Thanks you both
  5. Crap didnt even think of that.. so guessin create a large array of names to draw from?
  6. So this script (not shown in entirety) is run for every unit that is either placed or spawned in game and is meant to assign different skill values and then some. There is a small chance that a unit will spawn as a special Agent and im trying to attach a map marker along with a voice "Agent in you area" with each agent spawned. It works but the problem while the text and voice announce for every spawned agent, the Marker only appears once or it is constantly spawning on top of itself (most likely) - somehow only locking on to the first _pos variable named over and over and im not sure why. Important part in red at bottom if ((side _this == east) and (!isPlayer _this)) then { _SfaA =_this skillFinal "aimingAccuracy"; _sFx = _sFaA * .1; _sFAs = _this skillFinal "aimingSpeed"; _sFxG = _sFAs * .08; _sFAsh = _this skillFinal "aimingShake"; _sFxH = _sFAsh * .1; _SfsD = _this skillFinal "spotDistance"; _sFxb = _SfSd * .6; _SfsT = _this skillfinal "spotTime"; _sFxc = _SfsT * .6; _Sfcou = _this skillFinal "courage"; _sFxd = _Sfcou * .2; _Sfcom = _this skillFinal "commanding"; _sFxe = _Sfcom * .3; _SfGen = _this skillFinal "general"; _sFxf = _SfGen * .2; _sfRS = _this skillFinal "reloadSpeed"; _sFxi = _sfRS * .2; _this setskill ["spotDistance",_sFxb]; _this setskill ["spotTime",_sFxc]; _this setskill ["courage",_sFxd]; _this setskill ["commanding",_sFxe]; _this setskill ["general",_sFxf]; _this setskill ["aimingAccuracy",_sFx]; _this setSkill ["aimingSpeed", _sFxG]; _this setSkill ["aimingShake", _sFxH]; _this setSkill ["reloadSpeed", _sFxi]; /* _this setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.00040]; */ _num = (random 100); _lowSkill = random [.1,.3,.6]; _factionSoldier = faction _this; Recon_East_2 = ["KSF","ASG","RUS","MGS","PLA","HZ"]; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["aimingAccuracy", random [0.08, 0.1, 0.2]]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["aimingSpeed", 1]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["aimingShake", 1]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["spotDistance", random [0.6, 0.8, 1]]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["spotTime", 1]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 1]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["courage", 1]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["commanding", random [0.6, 0.8, 1]]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setSkill ["General", random [0.6, 0.8, 1]]}; if (_factionSoldier in Recon_East_2) then {_this setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.00040]}; if (_num > 96) then {_this call frog_agent_1;hint "Special type 1 East Agent is born"; _pos = getPos _this; _markertxt = format ["Agents?" ]; ///// Right here its finding the position of _this but it onlu uses this value over and over _markerstr = createMarker ["PLP ASSET Special Forces",_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerType "plp_mark_as_specialforces"; _markerstr setMarkerSize [0.9,0.9]; _markerstr setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _markerstr setMarkerText _markertxt};
  7. Literally some of the worst AI ive ever seen. Seriously, why pursue such strong integrity of kits, guns, and models mic up only to fight these brain dead zombies? Thats like going shopping for some top of the line Adidas sneaks, running pants, windbreaker and headband only to go out and trump a game of tag with a downe syndrome camp? These AI literally just walk forward begging to be shot or a few time just blinked while a player walked in front of them as if to say "What are you doing? Shoot me already!?" Truly awful. Maybe its time to build an interesting AI firefight system, build in strategic points on the (very limited) maps, give the AI a few more dodge type animations and let them work in cohesion. Then add a new gun or two. Guess I just dont get games today..
  8. Just did a personal port of this over to Winter Chernarus and man -this mission just never gets old. So much fun in the snow with RHS.
  9. Alive is awesome and just keeps getting awesome-er. Do mortar guys disembark and draw rifles if enemy gets close enough?
  10. Its a shame more people dont speak up on the AI so BI would actually do something about it. Seems people just accept it and worry more about gaining 10fps or how many variants of AK's can we have..
  11. Thanks spyder. Was mostly curious if quality of troop ie higher skillset and class of troop ie sniper/recon vs normal/crew level was quantified in as well as body armor vs unarmored.
  12. I also use a script to make civilians talk and react and to make sure the spawned ones also react I just plant the call in the Config or in your case for a mission the Description.ext. All CaManbase class can call the script for each human created and in the script you can filter it to Civilian.
  13. Is there any documentation on how cached battle outcomes are determined and is that at all configurable?
  14. How do you feel about Arma's Infantry AI overall? Where do they excel and where do they need the most work? Do you feel BI spend enough time on them and they are basically 'finished' or has development stalled here?
  15. Being one of the more vocal critics on ARma's AI no I wouldnt say it was shit 'considering the amount of situations its expected to handle'. So in reality Im complimenting OFP's AI plus some streamlining configs along the way. There simply arent any good squad control AI FPS's out anymore -period. They either script them into tight situations or make them invincible because they are too lazy to consider "Hey what if Cool Guy #3 dies??" which just kills all immersion for a gamer like me. I just really wish they'd hire a few dedicated AI programmers -1 for low level stuff like proper movement orientation (like mikey or Vcom dude) and reaction and 1 for strategy level AI (like rydgier or saOK) and it'd be game on. Lets face it, the AI haven't had a dedicated improvement since forever. Even when upgrading from Arma 2 to Arma 3 -they did NOT add a new AI package -it was just the same continuation from ARma2 with again some config streamlining (which did improve the urban cqb some). But we deserve more.