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  1. Wow I feel dumb...where is said Carrier??
  2. Thats such a huge caveat as to render the statement ridiculous. Would you be able to look past such a transgression had your race been enslaved or if it happened now -and still state "Well being a slave sucks but i like some of their other policies!".. Really how about Jim Crow laws and the more recent South? It took the 'giant monstrosity" of a federal government to protect those darker american lives and escort them thru college doors and protect them from the rope etc.. States wouldn't righten wrongs themselves so somebody had to do it for em.
  3. What are you referring to? Nobody in this thread or anywhere on this forum has reacted like that
  4. If they're pulling in community talent -pull in the top mission makers who are using extra ordinary methods to make missions so good and with so many interesting features - they are like their own game. Starting to feel like the 'Showcase' is the worst idea ever giving the SP a small taste for new content with nothing new mission wise that most of us cant whip up in a nite or two. More like a commercial then some really interesting mission. Stop forsaking your single player fanbase BI.
  5. Didnt happen again but ill look out for it. Now i see the Vehicle being showcased over the terrain backround with menus all around -before there was no vehicle pic or menus - so it was just a still of the backround
  6. Hey took this for a spin last nite just for a few minutes and seems cool especially that deep snow -never seen that before. One thing, the dependencies are fricken huge like 10gigs i believe yet the map will not load on 64 bit. This wasnt stated and I ended up redownloading it twice and getting an error on file size -only until i read the comments on steam did i realize you can only run in 32 bit -you may want to mention this :/
  7. I took the tower and had the cool wrap around effect no problem. There was an issue when i hit the Vehicle Action thingie in the shack and it was like the game went to a static camera shot that I couldnt get out of.
  8. Always and I mean always have hand -or else thats all you'll be left with. Always let her be a little more into you than you are into them or do your damndest to act that way - or else you will have big problems. When i was a young stud I used to go thru these dramas letting girls get in my head and paint my world black -then I found my inner pimp and was set free. Good luck.
  9. Not that easy. President controls the direction of intelligence resources as well, such as (mis) directing them to Iraq rather than an actual area Bin Laden could be residing. Obama directed resources better to the proper direction on this. Also, deciding whether or not to invade soverign soil on the raid IS a big decision. Had Bush or Trump had gotten him -you can be sure he'd be praised to high heavens on Fox inc. And yes mainstream media -the biggest being FOX -is biased.
  10. Did you read the link I included? The reason was stated - "Syria's civil war does not pose a threat to the US" -period. And this was after a much larder, deadlier poison attack. The real reason is glaringly obvious -dont support nor give any glory to Obama and his administration no matter what they do. After killing Bin Laden, my Republican buddies grumbled about "Well ,that was the Army's credit" or some crazy conspiracy shit like "Bin Laden was already dead from Kidney failure -it was fake!". My personal beliefs are Conservative on many issues but what I saw of how Republicans made partisan politics higher than absolutely anything else including attack and killing real national enemies was sickening. Had Obama failed on a week one botched specop raid like Trump did in Yemen Republicans would be out to have his head as we speak.
  11. Obama tried to have the same strike done years ago but the "anything Obama Hell No!" Republicans refused saying that Syria's civil war posed no threat to the US. Anyone espousing we mighty and kind Americans go anywhere to help the poor masses is drinking hardcore koolaid. Its political. Trump dont give a rats ass bout anyone but himself and this strike has seriously changed the news coverage of his Russian ties to a more favorable nationalistic "America!Fuck yeah!" tone. Guess some folks like to be shoeshined as long as the spit gleams red white and blue...
  12. SLX. Works but some bugs..
  13. Just avoid mixing ammo analogies with pillow talk^
  14. Something bizarre is happening with this old script that always worked perfectly before. That being if I have a unit with a low aimingAccuracy subskill like 0.03 and then want to add a 0.05 bonus to it after every successful kill -the math goes wonky. Sometimes it adds, sometimes it subtracts and the results wildly vary such as jumping from, 0.11665 to .86 after a kill. Really seems like it happens the most with any values under 0.2 and/or with long decimals such as .255555. With long decimals, sometimes the bonus adds itself to the farthest right digits such as: aimingAccuracy .0255555 + (bonus) 0.03 = .0255558 or will subtract .0255552 and seems to happen randomly