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  1. I think that you've posted in the wrong section of the forum. This section is far Arma 2. Unless I'm mistaken, you're playing Arma 3. So try posting your complaint in the A3 section. BTW an update was recently published for the STHUD. So if you've subscribed to that mod via Steam's Workshop, the A3 Launcher should update it automatically for you.
  2. Wow! You take good care of yourself. I hope that you recover soon. You have my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Stay strong!
  3. Briliant. Finally less Michael Bay and more auto-rotations. Any chance you could upload it to Steam Workshop?
  4. A British Chinook (ZA718) once hauled 81 paratroopers during the Falklands conflict: Although I'd like to see that modeled in Arma, I don't think you'd be able to squeeze that many models inside without it clipping
  5. @Will_The_Gamer_PT There are a few things that you can do: 1. Overclock that 4790k. Your Bequiet! shadow rock slim is a good HSF. So you should be able to reach 4.2 defo, 4.3 easy, 4.4 prolly, 4.5 maybe and 4.6 if you're lucky 2. Old Bear is right about replacing your GTX 960 with a GTX 1060. However ignore is advice about upgrading your PSU. 450W is more than sufficient. Even if you added a 1080. 3. Afevis is right that adding a SSD is a good idea but it would required migrating your Windows and Arma install onto the SSD (lengthy process but worth it)
  6. I'm so pleased that you ported this because it really felt SO different to most other maps. If proof was required of Bushlurker's unique talent then this is it. I bet he's looking down and chuckling now. @Savage_Donkey Grand!
  7. Have you updated your STUI? Because as I pointed out several weeks ago, the previous version is incompatible with A3's 64-bit platform Guess what, an update has been released that fixes this Next time just subscribe to STUI via Steam and it'll update automatically
  8. I think the term is "poodle"
  9. Are you running A3 on a laptop? If so, it seems like your laptop is running A3 using the integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4600) instead of your discrete graphics card (GeForce ???/Radeon ???). To tell your laptop to run A3 using your dGPU (not your iGPU), try right-clicking the shortcut to A3 and see if you don't get some option to "Run this application with ???"
  10. System malloc = Windows allocator (system) That's why "system" is written in brackets afterwards. Malloc = memory allocator.
  11. That'd be sound move because it facilitates the download & installation for users as well as updates. Consequently most of the big mods are now available on Steam, e.g. last year saw CUP, ACRE2, IFA3 and last month RHS joined the ranks. Thanks in any case for your dedication; it shines through in the quality, authenticity and spectrum of your releases.
  12. It's the mutt's nuts. I can't wait to take them out for a spin. Any chance it'll be released on Steam's Workshop?
  13. Before criticising Valve so harshly, please give some consideration to: a) their track record: how often have you been unable to play a game because of Valve issue? because in my case, not often. And when I have, it's usually been corrected within hours. Maybe I've been on Steam too long (13 years) but I've rarely been seriously inconvenienced. b) their scope: a global digital distribution platform is very ambitious, just look at how well their competitors are doing... c) their installed base: imagine all PCs you've ever seen in your life. Some of them are terribly maintained and/or very weird configs. Now imagine having to cater for everyone. Welcome to user config hell.
  14. This is natural. You can expect similar losses in other MP games. This is due in large part to the latency of broadband networks. Indeed this is why (in large part) LAN parties were so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.