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  1. Booohoo I missed this Plz let us know if you plan another SBP are a great bunch - - - - edited - - - I'll be online but maybe 15-20 mins (xmas party at son's taekwondo club).
  2. Nice one mate. I'll test the COOP this Wed with my squad. I'll provide feedback afterwards. Personally I would love to replay A2 missions, particularly A2 campaigns in COOP. They just feel more authentic... I'm looking forward to Village Sweep but you're right about the AH-1 being OP. So maybe have it be shot down by the AA after taking out the APC?
  3. @.kjuhow about adding a link to SW in OP? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867431642 Thanks to Foxhound and others for hosting
  4. Are you sure? Because I've checked the SW pages for ES and DS and neither of them contain complaints about memory leaks. However it could be possible given that both were updated 4 months ago (Aug 2017) and A3 has been updated several times since then. If this is true, it's very sad. So can anyone else confirm this?
  5. Unless something's changed recently, Delta-Hawk is already aware of Feint's impressive work...
  6. Try changing your Memory Allocator (Launcher > Parameters > All Parameters > Advanced). By default it should be set to Intel TBB 4. Change it to one of the other 2 options (Windows, JEMalloc). Try that and let us know how you get on.
  7. Gutted to hear this. All I can offer is that you've left a fine legacy. Your commitment and patience are legend. CUP-powered missions are just about the only reason I played A3 vs A2. I wish you the best in your future endeavours.
  8. Katie's video clearly states on multiple occasions that the harassment and abuse she endured since her coming out were the prime motivations for her departure. She clearly felt that these people were from the Arma community. Perhaps you meant that they weren't from the BIS forums. But the sad fact is that there are a vocal few who enjoy trolling. It's up to us to show them what's acceptable in order community and what's not.
  9. Recently I've noticed that the BI forums seem a lot less responsive than before, i.e. they're often slow (my browser warns "Waiting for forums.bistudio.com") and sometimes it times out generating the following error message "502 Bad Gateway nginx" I'm fairly certain that this isn't a client-side issue as I've never encountered these issues on other sites. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  10. Dynamic Shouts

    Sounds great (bad pun) but is this syncronised in MP?
  11. 1-10 FPS at High-end laptop

    Thanks for letting us know of your solution. Maybe this will help others understand the significance of installing A3 & Windows on an SSD, rather than HDD.
  12. Have you looked at Pook's SAM pack mod?
  13. @Delta Hawk Maybe @feint can help you with a script to tow your pinnance? After all he's the author of the very excellent Paddle Mod as well as the Sailing Mod
  14. Operation Arrowhead remastered?

    I think OP means not only the weapons and units but also campaign which was not only good but also 4p coop
  15. FPS Drops in Some Servers

    What are the specs for your PC?