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  1. If there's that much difference, then it sounds like that the i7-6700k is better value for money.
  2. Unless you try extreme overclocks (i.e. past 4.6 GHz or higher) any i7-6700k or i7-7700k will run hot under load (60-80°C) but well within their maximum authorised temperature (TJ Max) of 105° C. In fact, provided you don't touch the voltage they should run even cooler 55-70°C. Bear in mind that both the i7-6700k and i7-7700k have TDP of 91 W which, while higher than most other i7 and i5, is much cooler than their AMD counterparts and 35% cooler than those 10-core i7 you mentioned (5820/6800/6950k have a TDP of 140W). Even a $30 HSF like CM 212 Evo can keep an i7-6700k < 80° C under load. A GTX 1060 is better card than a R480X if you want to keep your temps as low as possible. Just ensure you get the 6GB version (not the 3GB).
  3. I'd just like to inform others that a great mod for IFA3 was released last week called IFA3WarMod: Essentially it's nothing more than a compilation of other mods but... the real value is that: a) each mod has been carefully selected for added immersion, realism (some aspects aren't applicable in WW2) and fun b) then tweaked for performance c) checked for compatibility d) entirely configurable (great as I personally don't agree with all Gunter's choices, e.g. tracers for all weapons?) e) well documented f) with respect (permission obtained from each mod author) I strongly recommend that WW2 fans give it a try.
  4. If better means faster, then the i7-7700k is better than the i7-7600k because it's 5% faster. However, the i7-7700k is also 15% (€50) more expensive than the i7-7600k, so I'd argue that's worse value for money. However be warned that your i5-4570 is running on a motherboard with a LGA1150 socket. Both the i7-7700k and i7-7600k require a different socket, the LGA1151. This would mean having to get a new motherboard and also, new RAM (DDR4 to replace your DDR3). As you can see moving to either of these 2 i7 is major upgrade. So perhaps it would be better for you to consider an i7-4790k. Not only would that allow you to keep your motherboard, but it would also your RAM. But to get the most out of a K series processor, you need to be able to overclock it. Only motherboards with a Z97 chipset can overclock LGA1150 CPUs . So check your motherboard's chipset. And while you're at it, check the speed of your RAM too.
  5. How does one switch between the PERF and PROF branches? Because my Launcher clearly indicates that I'm on the Profiling branch thanks to the green band in the top left-hand corner marked "Profiling" in white text? I looked in the Parameters tab but found no command to switch to PERF.
  6. Hommage currently taking place over in another thread:
  7. Wow. I'm shocked and saddened to hear this. Just the other day I was thinking which terrains I wished had been migrated from Arma 2 into Arma 3. And the one terrain that most struck me was Carraigdubh. Although I never met him in person his talent, his dedication and generosity touched me. His departure will be felt by many I'm sure. My thought are with his family.
  8. Awesome. Any chance that this could be share via Steam's Workshop? like IFA3 Lite and LEN's packs
  9. Thanks very much. How good are AI at navigating this amazing structure?
  10. I just wanna say thanks for this. For those of us who are scared of the performance hit of running ACE3 or have luddites scared of it's complexity, this certainly goes a long way to resolving (very elegantly) a small but very important short-coming. I'm amazed it hasn't been implemented natively.
  11. Do you have any plans to release this and the other mods from 3CB on Steam's Workshop?