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  1. Looks very interesting but watch out, this addon seems to have been taken down: That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.
  2. We played this last night and it was great fun. On our first attempt, we raided the 5 areas marked with anchor icons thinking that they were the pirate camps (after all a pirate would likely live next to the water, right?). However after an hour and half of fruitless searching, we realised that we'd misinterpreted the briefing. So we went into the swamp! Having already lost about half our squad, we were quickly obliterated. Our second attempt went much better until we found the GPS when all hell broke loose. Initially we were irritated by the fog reducing our visibility but eventually we learnt to fight with it. The ambient gunfire (presumably from nearby firefight between the pirates and our Persian rivals) was awesome. However we felt that the approach to the swamp would have benefited from other audio cues, e.g. crickets, frogs or mosquito sounds. If that's too difficult, try checking with TPW from the TPW MOD. When finally found the hostage we laughed our heads off and were impressed by his path-finding. Although he had an irritating habit of lying down when the rest of us were crouching. So maybe you could implement a sort of "Copy my stance" type of command? The extraction was really exciting with infantry chasing and sniping, constant fly-overs by a helicopter and finally the discover of a truck at a nearby farm. We then hurtled along through the fog (watch our for those steel-reinforced concrete bushes!) as a orange hue grew in the east. Finally we reached our extraction point where we battled desperately with a Little-bird that kept buzzing us (would pirates really have access to such an expensive and high-maintenance transport?). Wouldn't a drone be more realistic and almost as scary? Nonetheless there were whoops of joy when we finally shot her down. Shortly afterwards our birds arrived. A player commented that maybe the pirate's helo could have been different because it would have made it easier to distinguish the friendly helos from the hostile. We boarded nervously (we really liked the warning about insubordinate AI in the briefing) but the hostage seemed to board our helo fine. We flew north and about a minute later, as we fly over a nearby town, our helo was struck by something hard (MANPADS?). Anyhow our brave pilot managed to land her without crashing but the mission was declared a failure because the hostage died. Needless to say everyone was pissed but in a good way. Well done on such an tense, innovative and exciting mission. We look forward to any improvements. Here's video of our exploits ;)
  3. @mankyle get well soon mate. I hope that Arma provides you with a welcome distraction. Fingers crossed for you...
  4. Great news. I saw the massive Windows Update drop this weekend and suspected as much. I look forward to more comparative analysis.
  5. I realise that it's a rough copy but your video carries great potential. It seems to capture the chaotic carnage and eerie beauty of war. It immediately reminded me of one of the best WW2 FPS ever created and one scene in particular:
  6. The first video (A3 perf with R7) is indeed a month old but IMHO performance is unlikely to have changed by +/- 10%. As for the second video (impact of high-speed RAM on R7), i.e. 9 days old. In neither case, it doesn't strike me as "old" (yes I know 1.68 hit Stable 1 month ago). But as your is a fair remark, I'll ask the tester to include A3 in his next Ryzen benchmarks.
  7. Benchmarks seem to suggest otherwise...
  8. If you compare performance of Intel CPU with AMD Ryzen of comparable price then Intel will deliver better performance in gaming, especially in Arma 3: @ $250 = i5-7600K vs 1600X @ $350 = i7-7700K vs 1700X This is simply due to Intel's faster clock speeds and higher IPC. However if you compare performance beyond gaming, where multi-threaded applications are more common, then AMD Ryzen is better value.
  9. AFAIK holistic = taking into account the impact with regard to other components, aka "system integration", it may have economic concerns but above all it's about ensuring highest performance, often by reducing bottlenecks. "overpriced" is an aspect that can only emerge once you've fixed yourself an objective, e.g. resolution@fps and a budget. Moreover "over-priced" doesn't necessarily mean "over-kill'.
  10. If you are looking at things holistically, overkill exists (bang for your buck). i.e. how much do you save by opting for a 1060 compared to a 1070 or even 1080? Knowing that could be spent elsewhere, e.g. faster CPU, faster RAM, SSD, etc.
  11. I think that he means that it's an overkill. Frankly, if you're playing at 1080p, a GTX 1060 seems to be the most cost-effective GPU right now. If you're playing at 1440p, a GTX 1070 will provide good performance And a GTX 1080 should provide healthy frames at 1440p.
  12. This week I spotted a brand-new 1070 for €380 so their prices are finally dropping. So NVIDIA's worried about Vega? I hope so because the high-end tier has been dominated for too long by the green machine.
  13. Have you tried without the command lines CPU Count, Extra Threads & VRAM?
  14. @rebelvg thanks for the comparison If this graphical effect is so effective, why was it dropped from alpha? Does it reduce performance significantly? Is lighting inconsistent?
  15. @ollem Any chance you could upload this to SW? Cheers