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  1. @NeoArmageddon and the rest of the @CUP team: does anyone have any ideas for detecting the CUPS train track objects? Because the author of the Tanao Trains mod that is Under Development was able to use the lineIntersectsWith/lineIntersectsObjs/lineIntersectsSurfaces with the tracks on Tanoa. However, that doesn't seem to work with the CUPS tracks. There are a couple that get detected if the line intersects the metal rail, however, most can't be detected at all with those methods The discussion is taking place here:
  2. Is the RC compatible with saves from SP campaign made with 1.66?
  3. Thanks for the advice. Usually I run TS3 before A3 becausing ALT-tabbing out of A3 is a recipe for disaster. However this time, I ran A3 with ACRE2, without running TS3. I was then greeted with a lovely prompt that informed me that ACRE2 had updated my TS3 plugin. I then quit out of steam, re-run TS3 and then A3. Everything now seems tickety-boo!
  4. I can confirm. This has affected my Steam install for the last week or so. I have tried switching the download location and clearing the download cache but neither of these helps. After 10+ years of satisfaction on Steam, this has dented my confidence. So anyone got any other solutions?
  5. I was pretty surprised to say the least but judging by others' comments, I wasn't alone ;) So whatever your route, we're all chasing the same dream; happiness. I hope you you're getting closer to your destination. Take care.
  6. Says the only member here with a political logo in his signature Sad #ORANGE
  7. What you really want is a Flakvierling mounted on a flat-bed car!
  8. Wow that's really impressive. But you still have some way to go before you reach world-record numbers ;) Such long trains would be ideal for the monster Australia map
  9. Actually this AI discussion has re-ignited my interest in this flaw GEM. And that Island War 2017 mod might be catalyst that launches the rocket. So does anyone know if: a) that Island War mod is compatible with the coop campaign? b) if any of the expansions support coop? c) is coop still possible? i.e. without passing via codemasters MP servers?
  10. Warning: ACRE2 Version (13-Feb) appears to be incompatible with TeamSpeak 3.1.1 (10-Feb). So if you want to use the latest ACRE2, do not upgrade your TS to 3.1.1.
  11. Any chance that you could run a few more benchmarks so that we could compare: a) 2600k @ 4.2 2133 MHz = 31 fps b) 7700k @ 4.2 2133 MHz = ?? fps c) 7700k @ 4.2 3733 MHz = ?? fps d) 7700k @ 4.8 2133 MHz = ?? fps e) 7700k @ 4.8 3733 MHz = 56.5 fps = +82% All YAAB run @ 1080p @ Max except for FSAA
  12. Its often the little details that count. I'm really looking forward to this. Once my squad plays it in COOP, I'll try to record it and share it with you all.
  13. Thanks a million for the x64 DLLs. I look forward to checking them tonight. And I love the salty release notes ;)
  14. No. In fact, very few A3 mods are incompatible with 64-bit. e.g. among the 30+ mods I have only found 3: STHUD, ACE3 & ACRE2. ACRE2 released a 64-bit EXE yesterday
  15. AFAIK ACE3 is 32-bit only. Last week BI made 64-bit the default EXE on the RC branch. So I think it's likely that BI soon make 64-bit the default EXE on the stable Branch. Does ACE3 have any plans to support 64-bit?