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  1. You kidding? How can you discuss Poles with Monte Casino and fail to mention our old friend Wojtek?
  2. Not all. Even with ambient temps sky-rocketing (29°C last night!), my 3570k@4.5 barely breaks 70°C under load. In spring, autumn & winter, she's usually hovering around 60°C under load. That's with a €45 HSF (Scythe Mugen 4).
  3. Is there any chance that you could make this a COOP mission? If so, I'll try it with my 4-man squad and upload a video of our efforts.
  4. Yeah get a second-hand i5-3570k ($80), a z77 mobo ($90) and 8GB of fast (1833+) DDR3 ($50). Then overclock the nuts off her. She'll do 4.0 GHz no sweat, 4.2 easy, 4.3 prolly, 4.4 maybe and 4.5 if you're lucky and/or willing to invest in a decent ($30+) HSF.
  5. If that fails. Try downgrading the OC on your CPU.
  6. Any idea what's happened to Lighty's SW page? Because I'm now getting this error message That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.
  7. Its also cool to support BI by buying the Apex DLC. Right now its on a -66% sale so it's only £8.5 or 2 pints in London or 3 pints elsewhere. https://steamdb.info/app/395180/
  8. OK that makes sense. I must agree that even as far back as MGS I thought that AI should indeed enter an "intermediate" state of surprise where they don't immediately open fire. Depending on the quality of the troops, some might then open fire, others (better trained might shout at the target to identify themselves), some might even hold fire whilst radioing for help. Honestly most players go through the very same cycle, i.e. initially blasting anything that moves, to nervous caution, to calm PID-ing. So any mod that goes in that direction of increased realism and enhanced tension, will prolly improve gameplay. I hope therefore you find the time in the coming months to analyse the MP-compatibility of Rydygier's code
  9. Truly awesome update! Is the Incognito only SP because you're unsure it works in MP? Or is because of potentially OP, i.e. might break misssions? Also, is there any easy way to enable it in MP?
  10. @Rydygier thanks for letting Robalo integrate your Incognito mod into his ASR AI3 mod:
  11. You're right. No-one can deny that software always contains bugs despite users reporting them. STOP PRESS. Software development is often a long and frustrating process because in the real-world we are constrained by resources of time, money & expertise. For example, on my current project we Closed 500 defects in 18 months (5-10 per week) but we've still got another 150 defects pending. Guess what? We launched last year with 100 defects because we considered that none of them were Blockers (Critical or Major), i.e. 100 = Average or Minor. The last 2 months were terrible, we had CCB (Change Control Board) everyday. Grinding. However we hit our target of 0 Blockers on launch! But everyone was dust. So good bug reports help but whinging doesn't. Most of us strive for excellence, not perfection.
  12. I never said that volunteers get a free pass. In fact I explicitly stated that. I'm simply suggesting that most people are human, i.e. they'll take criticism worse when working for free. I think that most of us would agree that criticism is OK provided it's constructive. For most of us "useless" is not constructive.
  13. Awesome but is Blastcore really required? i.e. will the mission crash if I don't run it? PS After seeing your video from yesterday, I'm really looking forward to that voice mod
  14. Pot kettle black. Saying something is "useless" is a fair comment when you've paid for something. However that same comment when applied to volunteers comes across very differently. At best it comes across as ungrateful, at worst a slap in the face. So don't be surprised by the sudden strength of reaction from some volunteers. If, this distinction is too subtle to appreciate, try volunteer work (sports club, soup kitchen or local charity), then get criticised by someone who doesn't contribute and see how you feel... I'm not suggesting that all modders are untouchable because they volunteer (I've seen that at my local rugby club), but outsiders need to exercise some caution when criticising.
  15. I must congratulate you on this mod without which my grenade into the pill box wouldn't be much good. Thanks to this mod, my infantryman is able to claw his way up, squeeze through the gun slit and into the pill box and open the blast door from the inside. And walk out in a cloud of cordite-tinged smoke and grim smugness.