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  1. @Delta Hawk Maybe @feint can help you with a script to tow your pinnance? After all he's the author of the very excellent Paddle Mod as well as the Sailing Mod
  2. Operation Arrowhead remastered?

    I think OP means not only the weapons and units but also campaign which was not only good but also 4p coop
  3. FPS Drops in Some Servers

    What are the specs for your PC?
  4. FPS Drops in Some Servers

    Due to latency cause by networks, MP performance will almost always be lower than SP. What is far more difficult to determine is by how far much, e.g 10% less? 30% less? etc. The difficulty is due to the number of variables, e.g. how fast is the server? how fast is the connection between server and client? how taxing is the mission? how many clients are connected? etc. But basically any mission with 30+ players will significantly degrade performance and 60+ missions are only playble on well-optimised servers and efficiently-designed missions. These rules apply to most games, especially comparable games (multiplayer simulators), e.g. BF1, Squad, DCS, etc.
  5. Most Suitable Graphics Settings?

    You got an SSD?
  6. Most Suitable Graphics Settings?

    Problem is your GTX1050 TI which is rather weak so I'd select the Standard (Medium) preset and then disable Antialiasing by setting FSAA to None. Let us know if that improves things for you. Also, your 3770k is crying out to be overclocked. Provided you don't increase VCore, with just air-cooling, she'll do 4.0 GHz no sweat, 4.2 easily, 4.3 prolly, 4.4 maybe and 4.5 if you're lucky. If your temps are getting high a decent after-market HSF, e.g. Hyper 212 @ $30 will be enough to keep her cool Source: I've been running an i5-3570k @ 4.5 completely stable for 4 years
  7. [ALiVE, ACE, COOP, MP] Restrepo

    OK my bad. Works fine now. I suspect something borked over at Valve's end. Thanks for your hard work and fine missions.
  8. OK my bad. It now works fine from my end too. Sorry for the false alert.
  9. [ALiVE, ACE, COOP, MP] Restrepo

    Oh no another mission of yours seems to be borked on Steam. Any chance that you could fix IT? Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: There was an error communicating with the network. Please try again later.
  10. Thanks but there's an issue with your URL for Steam Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: There was an error communicating with the network. Please try again later.
  11. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Quality mate. This'll make it really easy to get my squad onto your missions. Just one remark, in the meta tags for "Scenario Gameplay", you might want to replace "multiplayer" with "coop" as it'll be more accurate and help your missions better stand out from the crowd. Take it easy
  12. Great but personally I always loved this paint job
  13. Welcome to software development. It's called regression. IMHO BIS doesn't do enough regression testing. IMHO the whole 3 fps bug really dented their reputation for almost 6 months. Good to see that it's resolved now.
  14. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Yeah I saw. Nice move. Sorry to hear that it's not working for you. Closed processes work great until they fail :(
  15. I'd argue that SW is better for encouraging adoption by users as it simplifies subscription, updates & mod integration. It's also easier than you think and I don't think that Valve is the greedy empire that some modders originally feared.