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  1. How to spawn a full squad at once?

    You're welcome
  2. How to spawn a full squad at once?

    I think you could use BIS_fnc_spawnGroup https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_spawnGroup
  3. Simulation manager

    Does someone know how to set the simulations manager distance with commands, for example after a trigger is completed (or simply delete the module with commands)
  4. New BIS_fnc_infoText?

    How does the date work in the script ?
  5. I feel a touch ill

    next time save mission.sqm in another place so you've got something to recover from
  6. Can you delete a module (simulation manager) if a trigger is completed with that script ?
  7. The situation is simple : after a trigger is completed a module (simulation manager) needs to be deleted, does someone know how to do that ?
  8. Truck loading squad problem

    Here's a screenshot
  9. Truck loading squad problem

    Here's the situation : -I've got a truck that first has a load waypoint and then a transport unload waypoint -I've got a squad (I am playing as the squad leader) that has a get in waypoint synchronized to the truck's load waypoint and then a get out waypoint synchronized to the truck's transport unload waypoint The problem is that when I get in the truck, it doesn't wait for the other units and goes directly to the transport unload waypoint (which works fine)
  10. Kill an entire side from the console

    Thanks a lot
  11. Hi, I am making a simple mission where I must kill all the bad guys (bluffor) and when I kill them all, it activates a trigger and the mission continues, the problem is that each time I want to see if the rest of the mission works correctly I need to kill all the soldiers and it takes a considerable amount of time, so I was wondering if it is possible to kill all the bluffor from the console. Thaks in advance
  12. I don't think so, It must be helpful finding a flat place (with less trees probably) but if the helicopter is crash landing, it can't control where it's going. Thanks anyways at least I learned a new command
  13. If I haven't got another method of doing that, i'll definitively use that one but the heli crash is just so random so still not the ideal solution. Thanks a lot anyways
  14. I am doing a mission where a helicopter crashes (by making him pass through a move waypoint and setting it's motor, rotor and windows damage to 1 so that it falls down and then make it indestructible so that it looks broken but hasn't exploded on impact) and when that heli crashes I am supposed to investigate the crash and have a zombie spawned next to it. I did use setpos ATL so that it teleported the zombie next to the heli when it hit the ground but this solution is not ideal because of the tanoan jungle (the helicopter will often times get stuck in the trees who count as ground and the zombie will also be stuck in the same tree). So I was wondering if it was possible to make a helicopter crash land in the same position every time, just like in the campaign in the last mission of the adapt chapter but maybe without all the smoke behind the helicopter. thanks in advance.
  15. Check if specific units are dead

    Thanks a lot it works like a charm