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  1. The attributes of the Hornet... the drop down gives the option of customizing the loadout, but doesn't keep this when aircraft is spawned in game via supports. Thank you pierremgi, I will try the setPylonLoadout in the init field. Provided I can find the pylon,magazine,etc. classnames to accomplish this that is...
  2. Ok...so I've been searching for awhile and have not found a solution to this issue: 1: I'm placing a virtual CAS (bombing run) module and using JS F-18E as custom aircraft. 2:Hornet spawns correctly but has only CAP weps onboard. Is there a way to change the loadout so that the Hornet has a CAS load? I have tried in the attributes to change to custom loadout then log class to clipboard, but aircraft still spawns with CAP weps. Any help is very appreciated!
  3. US 75th Rangers

    Thank you for the response Siege-A! Didn't even think about the gear randomization.... know what I can do now. Again this is an outstanding mod and I look forward to continuing the mission I began! P.S. I noticed you are from NC as well... Clayton NC for me.
  4. US 75th Rangers

    I'm having an issue with customizing the loadouts of the units in the editor. When I change them in the editor and then save the loadouts, then play scenario, the units revert back to the original loadouts that were pre-determined with the mod. Anyone else experiencing this? If so any suggestions? Aside from the issue....this is a beautiful mod! Great work and top 5 best unit mod I have ever downloaded! I also noticed that the mags are missing upon going in game and the uniforms tend to change randomly. Any help is appreciated!