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  1. Once content touches BIS Tools any commercial use is not allowed, so he is breaking their rules from my understanding you can send a support ticket or email and it will probably be dealt with
  2. terrain

    its a color code
  3. terrain

    spent the better half of today trying to use the new lighting to get the same effect, this is what i came up with >completely different quite annoying to be honest if the next arma game does not have documentation on what does what ill never touch it, spent the entire time repacking over and over to see what config does what and half the time nothing changed, i would change a number from 0.5 to 50.5 to see what the config affects and absolutely nothing on the map would change visually lol ill keep working on this but ill NEVER get the same arma 2 feel with the new lighting, from me not understanding the hdr perfectly to the config being a monster to edit and check, even on devbranch with patching, idk i do like the soft / deep blue color for skies but itll be a pain to make it perfect, so its on the backburner
  4. saw this terrain ages ago and enjoyed it, didnt realize it was still being worked on :P
  5. terrain

    those are cup objects so see if one of the cup terrains have the same issue if so nothing I can do if not then it's a problem with my config which I will eventually be fixing
  6. terrain

    yea quite easily however there's still the problem with dynamic lights at night but if you don't plan to use nighttime then it's great referencing a mods config and overriding parts in it and making a dependency is always allowed with aplsa mods POSSIBLY apl aswell unless stated otgerwise, possibly all mods as your redistributing none of their work and only referencing it if I understand some of that legality humbug right if anything I've never heard of a mod being dmcad for being dependent on another
  7. terrain

    yea I was quite surprised seeing those models and seeing them never be used besides for one old map
  8. terrain

    I'm at a bit of a dilemma because I'm not artistic and have to design another 80km of terrain as a peninsula on the eastern side,
  9. Steam Workshop: South Zagoria is the Eastern area of the fictional country of Chernarus, known by most to just simply be Chernarus. This mod aims to be a slight re-master and overhaul to some locations of Chernarus in line with the original terrain. The terrain size has been increased from 225km2 to 419km2, a number of new islands large and small have been created off the coast of Chernarus, ranging from a Nuclear Power Plant to a large island with an airfield a some small settlements, to nearly a dozen smaller islands to fill in the gaps. More inland enhancements to locations are also underway, currently the only location which has had any noteworthy changes is Elektro with a large upper town area being added. This terrain will have a MAJOR expansion planned for the Eastern side of the terrain, but this will come at a later date when I have more time and my other projects are in a more stable place. Other notable features: -Overhauled Grass Config & Textures -Faithful Arma 2 styled lighting -11 Civilian houses with added interiors by Argument -6 Sheds with added interiors by ComatoseBadger Imagery (Many more pictures in the workshop): Currently there is a small issue with dynamic lights around the map being too bright at night, this is being looked into. The Nuclear Cooling Towers also have a texture error & no geometry which will be fixed soon, im lazy.
  10. terrain

    Please keep in mind I do not know if I can keep the lighting the way it is, I am using what is basically deprecated configs / unintentional setup of config thus there has been a fairly major problem with dynamic lights at night, they are too bright on surfaces and bleach the objects and terrain pure white/yellow and its aids, everything else is great but any light that isn't sunlight or fire light is blindingly bright and idk how to fix it.
  11. terrain

    seeing as martin doesnt want the map itself to be used on arma 3 i doubt asking to use the assets he had made for the map would be allowed to be used either, cant be arsed to try and ask
  12. terrain

    not my work, arman offered the source files a few days ago so I'll see how that goes and if I can fix some of the issues with the buildings dont count on it, but I may also have a replacement for some of said buildings dno yet
  13. terrain

    Finally begun work on adding details to locations Soon I will be overhauling the mask image to more resemble chernarus in its variety through locations, aswell as adding details to the satellite image to compliment buildings roads and fields