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  1. Norvotorsk Nuclear Power Plant from Kamenka, Chernarus - Noon Norvotorsk Nuclear Power Plant from Balota Airfield, Chernarus - Sunset Vulsk Island, South of Norvotorsk Nuclear Power Plant, Chernarus - Sunset CUP_Terrains_Core, DesolationREDUX
  2. survival

    just making sure because that would be a quick way to get dmca'd and ruin alot of your progress, that stick and sack backpack also looks like the one from dayz, but may be different havent played in a minute
  3. survival

    is that 2nd to last pictures road texture from dayzs chernarus+?
  4. i messaged him on the bi forums here, their forums havent had them online for years
  5. Does anybody know the developers of this arma 2 mod? I've looked a bit on the forums here and couldn't find anything relating to them, need to contact one of the developers, thank you This is their website, I have tried email however it seems long abandoned, I'd imaging atleast one or two of them are still around in the community to chat with
  6. terrain

    tarmac will be the mask image + runway markings as objects a friend made a few days ago, this is an example of an idea i had for why it wont be made out of objects vortorsk will also be on a small hold as i work on a pet project porting chernarus and doing a small overhaul of the terrain for another mod im part of developing, desolation redux
  7. actually a fucking hero. ++1
  8. Just another foggy day in the communist east Mods: Vortorsk WIP Terrain
  9. terrain

    Havent updated in a minute, here is the early stages of the airfield, my friend Jmaster insisted he do the layout so its authentic so this is the result more soon!
  10. terrain

    Devblog 1 of Vortorsk! (if there is a next one it wont have as much background noise)
  11. survival

    i hate mountains
  12. terrain

    for some reason i cant join the discord can u give me an updated link? thanks much
  13. terrain

    this? heightmap is quite old but no major redesigns
  14. terrain

    there are
  15. terrain

    no because stalker buildings are already apocalyptic, maybe later but effort everything is mixed in together in the layers i dont have junk seperated made the checkpoint for the bridge and another town