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  1. map

    so far i have statues of bushlurker in some places if that counts lmao, else a friend of mine is trying to make some communist propaganda textures i can place around
  2. map

    second city still unnamed (this one isnt finished yet)
  3. map

    the lighting fixed itself 100% did not do anything to it........ idek but alls good now, currently in the process of breaking up the forest lines to add more definition to where they meet open fields, once that is finished ill continue working on the next major city on the south island ambient sounds are also completed as of last night, i may make a video running around but nonetheless they are very nice, during the day you hear assortments of birds, forest breezes, crickets, other various animal and insect life, during the night however you hear much of the same but occasionally strange sounds echo throughout the forests :p
  4. map

    No I have not yet, I was just giving it a few hours a day of my time, which ended up being a waste of time as theres no reliable info out there about it, and my countless attempts at making noticable changes flat didnt work lol, I just decided to stop caring until I get closer to a releasable state
  5. map

    Gave up messing with the lighting and skybox it looks terrible but thats a problem for another day, redoing all of the flora on the map as I got many updates and details added to the sat image from a friend (old one was super sh1et), new forests below for all interested
  6. map

    been trying to edit the lighting but so far nothing has worked :s
  7. in arma 3 root find languagecore_f in dta folder and place that in your p drive
  8. map

    Will be redoing much of the generated forest trees aswell they dont really have any randomization to them, as for more islands there is about 7-8 small islands and 2.5 main islands
  9. Welcome and thank you for reading my topic. I am presenting here an early look / development updates of my upcoming terrain, Vortorsk. This is my first terrain project and hope to hone my skills as I develop the terrain further. This terrain is a multi-island eastern European theme post-apocalypse map, the nature of the apocalypse is up to mission makers. This map is fictional and loosely based off the shape of my home state in the U.S. The island is located in the Sea of Okhotsk, and has been abandoned for many years since the fall of the Soviet Union, after losing the support of the USSR the micro-nation Vortorsk fell into disarray, it began slowly bleeding its population. 6 months later in June 1992, an event occurred crippling the nation and killing off a majority of the remaining population. Many attempted to flee the island by boat or plane, but most civilians were forced to stay on the island, eventually succumbing to something or another... The major cities on the island have since fallen into decay and have begun to fall apart, nature is slowly taking back the cities but due to the harsh climate in the Sea of Okhotsk, it has been a slow process. Many civilians had fled underground in one of the many locations below ground level on the island, making for good hiding spots and terrible dead ends. The military of Vortorsk was not prepared for the events of 1992 and fell apart within months, leaving scattered supplies across the island from lost patrols, deserters, and worse. With the current state of the island, not much is stopping anybody from getting to the island, but it has been all but erased from maps and made difficult to find, be warned however as only rumors circulate as to what really happened, seeing it firsthand may give you a clear picture of what happened, but it may also give you a very clear fate. Paramilitary forces have also been said to operate off the island as it is essentially lawless there and there are almost no living inhabitants on the island, or atleast, normal inhabitants. There have been some incursions onto the island ordered by the Russian Military but all of the expeditions ended horribly, thus the island was quarantined and forgotten. Some however remember, some attempt to find the island, fewer actually do, and so far, none have returned. Island Specs: Size: 20480x20480 or 419km2 Layout: 3 Major Islands, 10 Minor Islands (POI count TBA) Location: Eastern European Island Nation Season: Fall (Possible seasonal versions in the far future) Setting: Post-Apocalypse abandoned island Current Object Count: 380399 Screenshot compilation updated 5-15-17 Thank you for reading
  10. The only things I can do are click F1 and F2, no other buttons or controls work, any solutions? I have already redownloaded buldozer (and tried copying arma3.exe) and tried both config options in arma 3 tools, buldozer configurator. Nothing will work and I cannot do anything in buldozer besides stare at the center object on the screen