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      Bohemia Store Steam Redeem   06/24/17

      We started experiencing problems with the Steam redeem from our Store on Friday June 23rd.   For anyone that got affected by this, please go to your store account, after you select the product you purchased, you should see your steam key with a link to a how to article to activate it manually through Steam.   We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  1. when i go to server browser, then to internet, nothing will appear, when i go to quick play then hit search for game it shows a notification saying No server found. Please try altering your search parameters. which i don't really know what this means, i know what the parameters are in the launcher but i don't know how to fix my no server MP issue, please reply if u know how to fix or even if u have any suggestions -Blame thank you for your time
  2. boris im having the same issue when i click on server browser then internet nothing shows up