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  1. Hmmm ive tried getting this working on my linux machine, tried running it under -mod and -serverMod but it still doesnt give me any tow options?
  2. So Im using the command with the correct ip and password ./arma3server -client -password=xxxxxx -mod=mods/@cba\;mods/@modpack\;mods/@rhsusaf\;mods/@rhsafrf\;mods/@ace\;mods/@alive\;mods/@jbad\;mods/@lythium\;mods/@projectopfor\;mods/@spyderaddons\;mods/@taskforceradio\;mods/@tfwradios\;mods/@bloodlust\;mods/@isc\;mods/@iscivs\;mods/@rhsgref\;mods/@rhssaf and the HC connects and then after a few minutes it gets Segmentation fault (core dumped) Does anyone know why this would be?
  3. Outstanding work as always! Is the CADPAT back yet?
  4. Great work! CSOR and/or JTF2 would be awesome!
  5. Outstanding work! Would love to see some C8s if thats something you'd be interested in
  6. I keep getting 17:10:48 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.rhsusf_c_troops, ace_compat_rhs_usf3, ARD_Crye_Config, alive_main, alive_sys_data, alive_sys_playeroptions, alive_sys_profile, alive_sys_weather, alive_amb_civ_placement, alive_amb_civ_population, alive_mil_opcom, alive_mil_cqb, alive_mil_ied, alive_civ_placement, alive_mil_placement, alive_mil_logistics, amb_ambiance, civ_calltoprayer, civ_interact, rhsusf_c_weapons, rhsusf_c_mrzr, rhsusf_vehicles, rhsusf_c_HEMTT_A4, rhsusf_c_rg33, alive_sup_combatsupport, alive_sup_transport, alive_sup_cas, ace_advanced_ballistics, ace_advanced_fatigue, ace_advanced_throwing, ace_fastroping, ace_explosives, ace_hearing, ace_interaction, ace_map, ace_map_gestures, ace_microdagr, ace_nightvision, ace_finger, ace_respawn, ace_scopes, ace_tagging, ace_winddeflection, ace_repair, ace_rearm, ace_refuel, ace_medical, ace_medical_menu, tfar_core, po_main, ace_dragging, alive_mil_c2istar, UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_LandRover, 17:10:48 Mission BadghisTEST1.lythium: Missing 'description.ext::Header'
  7. I keep either getting the addons aren't found and/or missing profile for players trying to connect, I reaaaaaaaaalllllllly need help I don't know what else I can try and do
  8. So I tried adding a custom profile for custom difficulty and adding IPs in the server.cfg for HCs and now it won't load mods. I deleted the profiles for the server to generate a new one and it did and removed the HC IPs from the server.cfg and it still won't load mods. I am using the exact same mods and command start line that I did when it worked before and it still wont load mods. I have no idea what the hell is going on ./arma3server -name=server -config=server.cfg -mod="mods/@cba\;mods/@modpack\;mods/@rhsusaf\;mods/@rhsafrf\;mods/@taliban\;mods/@ace3\;mods/@alive\;mods/@jbad\;mods/@lythium\;mods/@projectopfor\;mods/@spyderaddons\;mods/@taskforceradio\;mods/@tfwradios\;mods/@bloodlust\;/@vcomai\;/@aliveserver"
  9. I switched it back to default and now the server won't load mods.........
  10. So I tried using the regular profiles method of custom difficulty and it broke the crap out of the server lol. I had version=1; blood=1; singleVoice=0; gamma=1; brightness=1; maxSamplesPlayed=96; class DifficultyPresets { class CustomDifficulty { class Options { groupIndicators=0; friendlyTags=0; enemyTags=0; detectedMines=0; commands=0; waypoints=0; weaponInfo=2; stanceIndicator=2; reducedDamage=0; staminaBar=0; weaponCrosshair=0; visionAid=0; thirdPersonView=0; cameraShake=1; scoreTable=0; deathMessages=1; vonID=1; mapContent=0; autoReport=0; multipleSaves=0; }; aiLevelPreset=3; }; class CustomAILevel { skillAI=1; precisionAI=0.6; }; }; activeKeys[]= { "BIS_TanoaEscape.Tanoa_done", "BIS_BadghisTEST3.lythium_done" }; sceneComplexity=1000000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=2000; preferredObjectViewDistance=1600; terrainGrid=3.125; volumeCD=10; volumeFX=10; volumeSpeech=10; volumeVoN=10; vonRecThreshold=0.029999999; in the server.Arma3Profile and used ./arma3server -name=server -config=server.cfg with difficulty in server.cfg set to custom Then the server wasnt able to load mods and wouldnt start the mission, I noticed the default paramteres for the profile were version=1; blood=1; volumeCD=5; volumeFX=5; volumeSpeech=5; singleVoice=0; gamma=1; brightness=1; Is that all the linux profile can handle? How do you get custom difficulty working?
  11. Also Im having some troubles with it, I keep getting /home/desktop/Desktop/SteamCMD/steamcmd_linux/Arma3/logs/hc1/hc1con_1497752665.log: No such file or directory
  12. Awesome thanks! Ill start messing around with trying to get it to work, I was wondering what does your hc1_perf.cfg look like?
  13. I was wondering how do you setup the github version? I tried packing the folders into pbos but when I trey to use radios in game they que up for a second and then disappear, then the radio box outline in the bottom right corner is always there
  14. Thanks guys after some googling I found it about the capital letters a few hours after I posted this haha
  15. Awesome thanks! How do you execute that script? Do you save it as a .run?