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  1. The IFA3 mortars now have ammo handling which could be causing your problems and FOW have a similar system. Your best bet for a solution is ask on their dev thread for either of the mods or talk to them on their discords best of luck
  2. Logitech sound bug

    I've got 930's and have only had this issue since buying them, you're not alone but unfortunately there don't seem to be any fixes for it
  3. That's correct buddy, IFA3_AIO_LITE is everything iron Front in one, not sure if WW2_Objects is part of it though
  4. IFA3, FOW, CUP Terrains, ACE, and a bundle which don't effect this picture
  5. A little Joint Op that occurred tonight
  6. It was the night before D-Day, And all through France, Not a creature was stirring Not even the Krauts
  7. [WIP] Static animations pack

    it looks like you're missing a semi colon at the end of the init
  8. Wait... the C47 will come with static line and stand up anims...? you gorgeous, glorious, bastards
  9. German troops round up suspected members of the Dutch Resistance, 1 tried to run Mods Used: IFA3, CBA, CUP Terrains, AresModAchilles
  10. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Does anyone know why you can no longer talk to people when zeus controlling an AI?
  11. Wondering if anyone knows why the US Rocket bags can only fit one round in them, despite being able to carry 3 irl?