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  1. Maybe the screen on the end of the round, the level up screen is abit confusing, as it does not display the skillpoints that you gained, but the skill points that you have not spend yet. So if you are lvl 5 and you only used 4 skill points in the skill tree you still have 1 point left. Now if you level up to 6, it will show 2 skillpoints (1 you already had and one you gained from leveling up) in the end screen. Please provide proof in from of a screenshot that you had an incorrect number of skillpoints or we can close this topic.
  2. Well in terms of scripting that is not possible, though i would not exclude the possibility of creating a mod for that. As the devs probably wont publish the code for that, porting would not be possible. You would have to create your own mod. The Argo voting system is basically the same as on Arma 3, except that it just has a different GUI.
  3. Try deleting “structures_f.pbo“ in the „addons“ folder in your Argo game install folder, after that veryfiy the game file integrity again. It should re download the file and hopefully solve the problem. According to your RPT the problem is with that file: 1:18:20 Warning: Hash of addons\structures_f.pbo is wrong. ErrorMessage: Corrupted data detected.
  4. Stuipid question: but why not just use different ports? -port=2304 for example?
  5. You start with lvl 0 and you gain exactly 1 Skill point per level up. The max level and skill points you can reach is 25. Maybe look twice next time :)
  6. Have you looked into the RPT for errors? Please provide more information: To obtain the crashdump files, you will need to look for them in your PC. They should be generated automatically on each start of the game. Files that you are looking for: RPT, MDMP, BIDMP (best case scenario is that you have multiple of these in sets of three files with the same timestamp) Windows: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Argo\
  7. Have you followed the tips in here?
  8. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653
  9. Well the police probably has a warrant against you and locked up all your bank accounts, were you involved in money laundering ? Or maybe a drug deal? Happens often enough to me... Jokes aside, you have to ask a proper question or at least give more context/information, if you want to have a proper answer. There is no such thing as locking up money to my knowledge. You probably ran out of cash, so you have to play more games, to earn more...
  10. "Steam Ticket Authorization Failed" just means that the client crashed and Steam is no longer able to verify it. 0xC0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION is the cause of the issue. Maybe take a look on this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION Many are saying that the issue was related to certain USB devices, Headset,.... or other software, such as Emulators. Try unplugging everything possible, and then test it. According to you it only appears with certain game modes, so it could be the game itself, but I don't know of anybody else that is having the problem, so I would exclude that. You can also try the startup parameter: -malloc=system It might help to resolve the issue. I am not a Dev and I dont have the problem myself, so my knowledge in this topic is limited.
  11. The play style is different, Ghost Recon is more a PUBG. Argo wins in the following: Map freedom, able to go around, attack from flanks, form behind. As seen in the video maps are basically tunnels. No 3rd person view, srly, who thought it would be a good idea for pvp? Visibility, in Argo it is a challenge to spot the green guy in the green bush, or the gray helmet peeking behind gray rocks.... Gun handling, placing a static 2d texture on the screen is so 2000. Bullet drop, recoil, weapon sway, if you want to play competitive Laser pointer, go for CSGO.
  12. Well answering that is not that simple, it could be your gun, your reaction time, your aiming zone (head chest, limbs,...), your ping, peaking advantage... generalizing on it would be difficult.
  13. When 2 players, equally skilled, encounter each other, using the same equipment, it will always end with both killing each other. As Argo is a tactical shooter, the better position determines the winner. As a defender, know where you enemy is, or will be, and take a position according to that, ambush them. Your location is known? Move and be prepared that the enemy will come for you. As an attacker it is basically the same, know where you enemy will most likely be hiding, listen to gun and footsteps in houses, and clear 1 spot after another. Always take the least obvious path, if your hole team is going on 1 flank, take the opposite side, or go straight in. If your hole team is going straight in, take the flank and surprise your enemy from behind. I can recommend some WW2 Guides for infantry tactics if needed ;)
  14. This game is not protected by VAC, but by BattleEye, feel free to report them here with video evidence: https://www.projectargo.net/report-player
  15. You probably missed it, but it was confirmed that there was an issue with the damage in multiplayer, the damage in the editor is still the same. For example Spar-17 takes 3 hits to the upper leg in multiplayer to kill, while in the Edior it’s always a one shot kill. Locklear already confirmed that they maybe found the source of the problem, and a hotfix will be there soon.