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  1. Did any of you had to go to your internet and set up ports?
  2. UPNP failed, an yes I've done the correct port
  3. Watching this dam youtube videos saying I need to buy a server first.
  4. submarine

    •=======================================================================• Thank you Nightmare515 for the helpful link. R0aki11 for your support so far. Website used for the editing •lunaPic *Have a break, Have a KitKat*
  5. submarine

    I post an screenshot in five hours can you guys handle that time, are do you need one now desperate AF
  6. submarine

    The title submarine mod incoming, witch you don't get it I'm developing the mod, and I didn't not admit I have one and it says in the info it is in the early development, and then on the recent update I posted I'm half way done with the moddeling process with one of the submarines. And then I mentioned a mod that has a submarine, but had a lot a problems. Then I started commenting about the veiws on this discussion because I was so happy on how many people are exited for when it's released. BTW, I never siad almost done.
  7. Noice
  8. submarine

    How many people want it part of the modern day factions| United States Of America, Russia. Or just keep it with the game factions| NATO, OPFOR, Independence?
  9. submarine

    This are submarine designs I think are interesting to do
  10. submarine

    Dev update two Submarine one moddeling is half way done of process, but won't be able to import in Arma when the moddeling process is done so don't ask. Once moddeling is done I'll do the interior, and the texture of the submarine. Then I'll have to work on the physics, and the weapons of the machine gun, cruise missle, and torpedo. Please Note Once The Update Video Is Posted, It will be a beta testing submarine. Have any suggestions, or questions please do ask.
  11. submarine

    It may be dumbed fired, or use a laser designator. But until submarines, and torpedos modeling is ready for testing, I will have to worry on it hitting the sub and exploding?
  12. submarine

    Most of those are addons, in most cases yes •Bow Sonar, and Towed Arrays| So far yes. •Realistic Torpedo Kinematics|Not my main focus, but once moddeling is complete, I'll focus on it. •Can I Can you simulate the effect of thermoclineBlazers|Not my main focus, nor really though of it.
  13. submarine

    You got that right.
  14. Am I required to buy a server first or is this to do free? Because if this for free then I wasted a ton of money
  15. submarine

    Top Submarines Models Ive Picked [Dont take this as offensive,this models that I think are interesting] 1•North Korea 2•Japan 3•Us 4•Israel 5•India 6•Russia