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  1. wich mission is? consider mission loading issues are usually caused by mods linux ds server has some issues with uppercase name files on mod so best way to avoid these problem is to run a script to lowercase every single file and folder in the mods directory
  2. glad to help btw its very simple to set a default mission just put this on your server cfg class Missions { class Mission { template = "YOURMISSIONNAMEHERE.Altis"; difficulty = "regular"; }; }; also if you put this on server cfg admins[]={"ADMIN1_STEAMID_HERE", "ADMIN2_STEAMID_HERE", "ADMIN3_STEAMID_HERE" }; user wich have steamid listed here could #login without password more info on CFG (very useful)
  3. [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. ignore this, its normal so your server should be UP now, then your "background only" screen it's a generic mission/mod load error, if you post full rpt i can see i if could help
  4. no that's good, even a 755 should be enough you're running the server as root or as user?
  5. hi, didi you set execute permissions for
  6. last night i've found a >700mb log on my server, then went to our FOB and i see someone has spawned a M113 so i'm 100% sure that M113 is the cause of this spamming fyi, i sumbitted a ticket on rhs bugtracker
  7. so, that was not the uppercase issue as said in the other post?
  8. you find that in the official documentation ("Headless Client on a Dedicated Server Notes" paragraph) it is intended to take 100% resources on multicore cpu
  9. if on multicore could you run HC's on different cores than DS and take advantage of more compute
  10. i agree, i've got a lot of similar issues with lowercase on linux server @FoxhoundBC my advice is to run a script inside mods folder to convert every file to lowercase
  11. i've never had an official reply on this but i concluded the insignia function on BI Units system is not yet fully implemented on linux servers so my solution was to roll back to the old squad.xml system, and it works like a charm ;)
  12. we often use the m113, i'll take a look on that good catch, thank you
  13. there is no "kick vote" or even admins on these servers?
  14. sure "jets" folder exist in the arma directory? it contains a "addons" folder wich contains these files? sure to have right permissions on these directories/files? air_f_jets.ebo language_f_jets.ebo air_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign language_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign anims_f_jets.ebo languagemissions_f_jets.ebo anims_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign languagemissions_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign boat_f_jets.ebo missions_f_jets.ebo boat_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign missions_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign cargoposes_f_jets.ebo modules_f_jets.ebo cargoposes_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign modules_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign characters_f_jets.ebo music_f_jets.ebo characters_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign music_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign data_f_jets.ebo sounds_f_jets.ebo data_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign sounds_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign dubbing_f_jets.ebo static_f_jets.ebo dubbing_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign static_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign editorpreviews_f_jets.ebo ui_f_jets.ebo editorpreviews_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign ui_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign functions_f_jets.ebo weapons_f_jets.ebo functions_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign weapons_f_jets.ebo.a3.bisign
  15. the name is a lil bit strange wrong, i see this as "Arma 3 Jets" not as only "jets" 5:15:21 Arma 3 Jets | jets | true | GAME DIR | 6ff3e01edd9626b5beb33cbf112c5de32f785817 | 77cce3fc | /home/steam4518/arma3/jets i'm thinking something goes wrong with the update