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  1. Juggernauts anyone? mods: Death Pack PMC, TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms], LAGO KU5K MINIGUN
  2. x2 50cal for driver, what is this Halo!? xD EPIC MAN, what other ships planed?
  3. been hoping and waiting for one for a while now, idk if it will ever happen :_:
  4. it died last year like all 9 attempts at this ship :/
  5. big new everyone time to take this idea further! instead of my small tad reskin faction of the UEC i got a team together to make it better, bigger and we got some good idea's for the future, stay tuned next month for the next update
  6. at bottom of OP let me add it on steam :)
  7. ill have better action pacted ones today, but thats the best i can do for now.
  8. lore update on thread post and offical images will be out soon.
  9. a teaser and version 1.00 will be out tonight on Steam stay tunes and sorry for the delay p.s. will have better and more images out this week
  10. sorry, it dosent look like that map at all, 90% of the custom buildings dont even show up, so a lot is broken, why i dident know it was that map.