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  1. One last warning, use English, this is English speaking forum.
  2. Please be advised, servers will be down due maintenance tomorrow morning from 7:00 - 10:00 (CEST). Check our social medias when unsure.
  3. Hi, EricR has been more then helpful with his answers, please refrain from any attacks. Also I believe we have went off the topic :)
  4. Oh yeah, that. They are very precise with where they aim, I will take a look at it.
  5. This is English speaking forum, please use English language.
  6. What do you mean by tone down? :)
  7. This issue is already fixed in our internal version and the fix should be out with the next update.
  8. I explained to you why the usual lobby is not doable, and provided you with an alternative, rather easy way to play with your friends. But ok :)
  9. Report this here please:
  10. The occasional spawns in rocks, or other objects are a known issue of respawn system and we are working on it. Also AIs are not bulletproof, depending on their loadout, they can have varying level of protection but they are never immortal/bulletproof. But if AI has a weapon 7.62 then it is indeed one shot, one kill. (Max 2 shots, depends on where he hits you ). Same would work if you were to hit the AI with 7.62.
  11. 28-08-2017 Post-Gamescom Update 1.03 Size of the update: 113.5 MB General News: - Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at Gamescom 2017! We hope to see more of you on some other event. - "I went to Cologne Expo and all I got was this DLC" Pack is no longer available to purchase on Steam. We will still give away some codes on our social media channels. Others: - Changed: Gamescom event graffiti removed. - Added: Security fixes.
  12. I will look into it once I am back at the company, we are in Cologne on Gamescom.
  13. That way it would lost all it's purpose :) Argo was developed to be accessible to even those who don't own Arma.
  14. Hi, on our side Leaderboards "Today" stats are updated every 3 hours, all other stats daily. But there indeed was an issue for last week, we are working on fix.
  15. We do :)