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  1. Also the issue should be fixed :)
  2. Please post only in English, this is English speaking forum
  3. It's a known bug, thanks for report.
  4. Hi, first of all, mind the language you are using :) Secondly, right now we will focus on the gameplay, but we can take a look at it in future.
  5. Hello everyone! Today, we updated our website with Community Kit, set of Argo assets which are now available for your use as long as you follow our EULA with it. You can expect Wallpapers, Soundtrack, Voiceovers, Faction flags and logo files, vehicle reskins and mission templates. Enjoy and share your creations with us!
  6. We do plan some tweakings to the length of the rounds.
  7. Argo does not have an official roadmap, as we don't have a fixed goals after release, we now listen to our community a react according to it. The biggest issue which we will address are QuickPlay, hard friendly recognition and difficulty issues.
  8. Videos are better and then we need to make sure that the person is actually hacking, it's not always obvious, keep any eye on that. Yes, even some of those.
  9. That's one hell of a cookie :D
  10. Sorry this seem a bit out of place, lovely Ghetto hear was giving me a bit of hard time :) It's should be all solved now .
  11. Hi, yes Battleye is installed in Argo :)
  12. Hey guys, I am gonna be a bit mysterious here, wait and see for the next update :)
  13. Hi everyone, just a quick note, we already banned some of the players from this thread to which the report had sufficient proof. So report further. :)
  14. We can look into this, but basically this is something blocking the connection either on the client side or on it's way to server.
  15. The system is being tweaked based on the current situation.