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  1. Could you please report it to our feedback tracker using this guide? :)
  2. I would suggest verifying game cache :)
  3. Was that happening for every weapon? Also did you by any chance updated your sound drivers?
  4. Hi, I don't know about any changes in this, but since we share some data with Arma, maybe it merged. I will write it down and investigate. :)
  5. 15-2-2017 Update 0.75 To see your in-game stats in leader-boards go to our website: Size of the update: 10,6 GB Scenarios: Added: New Mission Vote screen at the end of every mission (only on dedicated servers). This means that at the end of the scenario, you can pick the location which will be played next. Added: New scenario difficulty – Hardcore mode. (See the details below) Changed: Clash - Score reward for capturing a point is now awarded after the capturing ends. Fixed: Forced respawn in case of death caused by game at the round start didn't work in some cases. Fixed: Clash - Flag animation states. Fixed: Script error on the round end when airdrop was not captured by either site. Loadouts: Changed: Apparel/Equipment screen is turned off for now and apparel is assigned automatically based on faction. Changed: The LIM loadouts with MRCO optics now use iron sights only. UI: Added: New and nicer texture for hit indicator. Added: Score and time (to round end) are now present in the score board. Added: Respawn locations and loadout of teammates are shown on map on respawn screen. Added: Terminal in Raid scenario now has a new animation to show preparation and disruption phase. Added: The progress of securing the airdrop is expressed by sound. Changed: Scenario names format changed from CLASH in Cancon to CLASH – Cancon. Changed: Tasks are no longer displayed in map diary. Fixed: Firing indicators on friendly markers would sometimes not be visibly triggered. Fixed: Friendly markers were visible in the MVP screen. Fixed: Message "Press key to download intel“ in Raid was shown even when player was too far from the objective. Fixed: Fixed an issue where enemy positions were occasionally displayed in map/respawn. Fixed: Fixed an occasional issue where negative ping value was displayed for some players in lobby. Fixed: Fixed an issue in lobby where pressing Enter or Numpad Enter key would change role assignment instead of changing player's state to Ready. Fixed: On the login screen, Tab key can now be used to switch focus from login to password field. Tweaked: when crossing the zone of battlefield in Raid and Clas mode, screen is desaturated. Timer was also added to the warning message and red lines showing borders were removed from Raid mode. Hardcore mode changes: - 3D markers (objective, teammates) are turned off. - Mission info (score, objective progress, mission time, player count, aidrop availabillity) is turned off. - Weapon crosshair is turned off. - Player’s stance indicator is turned off. - Weapon info is only visible during reload or fire mode change. - Top info messages are turned off. - Player’s bottom info messages are disabled with the exception of messages stating interaction with objectives or when player is crossing or leaving the battle zone. - Friendly markers of all friendly players are shown on the map. - Tactical ping is turned off. - Duration of matches was prolonged.
  6. We are aware of this growing issue and we are working on the fix.
  7. Yes, we are aware of this issue, we are working on the fix. Thanks for reporting.
  8. Hi, thanks for reporting, its always better to do it on feedback tracker by following the guide, but we are thankfull for all the feedback :) we will investigate this issue.
  9. Hi, this forum is for Project Argo not Arma 3. I suggest contacting Arma 3 team either here on forums in the right topic or on our feedback tracker Good luck! :)
  10. That's what bothered us the most, the lack of teamplay. We don't want a glorified deathmatch. We will try iterating the scoring system, but your idea also seems good, I will write it down into our feedback loop :)
  11. I understand. Link actually is the most straight-forward game mode. The reason why we took it down is that it needs some rework. Players were playing the mode as if it was a death-match, to the point where they even started friendly killing team members who tried to capture the objectives. This forced us to take the Link scenario down for some rework.
  12. Hello, thanks for reporting this. If this happens to you again could you please follow this guide - and report it to feedback tracker with all the much needed information? Thanks :)
  13. Hello everyone, Linux server should be available, if you encounter any issues, feel free to report them here or on our forum :) Disclaimer: Only server is available, not a client. You still need Windows to run the game.
  14. Because that's what we have right now :) we are working on improvements as we speak. We are completely okay if players go to their own servers with admin taking care of team-killers :)
  15. The vote kick works :) but 70% of players need to vote :)