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  1. Thanks for reporting, the first is not an issue of level design, but of spawning system bug which we are continuously trying to defeat. The second is as sadly an Art issue, are level designers are working to re-build the location in the way that this does not happen.
  2. Not right now:)
  3. It's a new sneaky feature which we are working on, you are quite observant! You will soon learn what they are :)
  4. Hi, we already have some camo options for certain weapons, maybe you haven't unlocked them yet, but they are there :)
  5. Hi, our servers have always three instances, meaning going 50/50 is not an option right now. Depending on the occupancy of servers we will re-iterate on the choice of ratio of hardcore/casual servers.
  6. 11-05-2017 Hotfix 0.76 Size of the update: 90.6 MB - Fixed: Various small issues with voice-overs - Fixed: Issues with loadouts in respawn screen (e.g. duplicated loadouts or invalid 'Rifleman' loadout appearing in the list) - Added: Reward for re-capture of your node 2
  7. 10-05-2017 Update 0.76 Size of the update: 11.9 GB Disclaimer: Most of equipment tab functions such as levelling, skill tree and saving loadouts are only available to logged players. Known issue: In about 5% of games loadouts in respawn screen are duplicated. It shouldn't cause any gameplay issue, all of the loadouts are functional. Leaderboards: Have been wiped for update purposes and players will now start from scratch. No worries though, we remember who was the top 10 and plan to treat them for their hard work and dedication! Scenarios: Added: Redesigned Link is back - Hardcore difficulty only (Official severs, on unofficial ones both difficulties are available) Added: New voice-overs for certain situations, mostly for Hardcore Link Added: Server auto-kick function, meaning: When player is inactive or exceeds the number of allowed friendly kills he is kicked by the server Rule 1: When player performs team killing more than twice the player is kicked Rule 2: When player is inactive/idle for longer than 60 second he is kicked. Added: Levelling system, meaning that by playing the game you will acquire XP and eventually Level up. Upon Leveling up, you will receive a Skill point with which you can unlock certain weapons, throwables and attachments in Skill tree Added: Multiple beautiful billboards, quite a few of them being from winners of "Create Your Own Billboard Contest" Changed: Clouds uniform to improve the factions balance Changed: Respawn disabled issue was addressed again and hopefully for the last time. Let us now if you encounter it again Changed: Rewards for scenarios were tweaked to correspond better with Leveling and player progression Changed: UGLs have 2 grenades (down from 3) Equipment: Added: New Equipment screen was added - Skill Tree. Players will from now on receive XP for games and when they level up, they will receive Skill points. Using these will open certain weapons, throwables or attachments in Skill Tree and Loadout screen. Use them well! Changed: There are no predefined loadouts in missions. In Loadout screen players will now have the ability to create up to 5 predefined loadouts from equipment unlocked in Skill Tree. These loadouts will then appear in respawn screen. In case player does not create any loadout, he will be stuck with default ones Changed: Guest players will always be able to use only default loadouts in mission UI: Added: New UI for Link scenario to correspond better with new design Added: New kill cam screen will appear after you die, showing the position or player from where you were killed Added: Reward breakdown screen now appears after the end of the game instead of score table Added: Screen between rounds was added to provide players with more information during the game, not just after Added: Field Manual updates Changed: Friendly player awareness improvements: Preview of uniforms added to loading screen as a static picture Changed: We added a timer to "Kill self" button because we noticed players used it to deny enemy players the points for their elimination Changed: GPS is now turned on by default and you can see friendly players on it Changed: Tactical ping turned on by default + visual update Bugfixes: Fixed: Game crash after start - 0xC06D007E Fixed: Multiple Level Design bugs Fixed: Incorrect camera position in the MVP of Raid Radio Station Fixed: Ping refresh-rate Fixed: Countdown in score table is active at the beginning of match and then resets Fixed: Mismatched team columns in Lobby Fixed: Vineyards are not visible on the map Fixed: Incorrect messages in scenarios Fixed: Text overlaps in various display resolutions Fixed: Dead Ficus tree - wrong geometry Fixed: JIPing into last round of a map without the chance of playing shows player in MVP as default model with ANY name. Fixed: When more players are downloading airdrop, only one can hear the ticking sound of progress Fixed: Type 115's secondary muzzle name is now displayed without colour variant in weapon info Fixed: Buildings are not destructible anymore, as intended
  8. Restart your computer and check if some of your sound drivers weren't updated.
  9. This is an elusive error, lets find some options (it happens for other games as well) 1) Possible solution -turn off steam -right click steam and select "run as administrator" -try turning on Project Argo 2) Option well, there is rumor going on that if you have Comodo (not idea which if Antivirus, Firewall or Internet Security or else) then uninstall + OS restart solved the problem 3) Option Will try to find some other ones.
  10. Hi, Error code 81 is an error based on some Steam issue with security, this is usually cause by a third party program like antivirus or firewall. I suggest checking this Steam thread, it might help: .
  11. Hi, the music in main menu should be playing on default. Is it possible you have disabled it in options?
  12. There is no way anything changed on our side, if you have played those games in past 2 months. Only thing I can suggest is verifying game cache, but most likely it's some outside program causing this.
  13. There was no update for two months. Some of the programs you use or your drivers could have been updated, try looking into that.
  14. Please report this issue to our feedback tracker with all the information, thank you:
  15. I can send you a youtube link where all the past broadcasts are stored. We don't plan to do text AMA in near future.