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  1. One of my friends said he got the ibuild mod to work with Ravage, but I'm not sure how it works. I'm assuming you need to collect resources in order to build? Example... cutting trees, etc. I personally prefer locking existing houses, for immersion if for no other reason. That's what people would do in an apocalypse situation. No one would go building new houses.
  2. Breaking Point does not only have basebuilding. They have THE BEST basebuilding system in all of Arma, in my opinion. In BP... you can lock and secure buildings that already exist. You can set traps so that if people try to break in they might get blown up. You do have to gather resources in order to be able to make a haven (or base). You have to collect blueprints and specific resources in order to lock the doors. You can also make storage lockers and other things for your base. This may or may not be compatible with Ravage. I have no idea. Either way... there has to be some good ideas and things to use in that source code though. I'm waiting for the New Haven map to get released on workshop, which might be a while, but I can't wait regardless. It's my favorite map and I think it will work really well with Ravage.
  3. To Haleks and all modders and content creators... Deathlyrage (also known as Matthew) created the Breaking Point mod for Arma 3. For anyone who is familiar, for five years the BP mod has been one of the highest rated and most played Arma 3 mods. They built quite a community for a long time. They announced today that they are officially closing all the Breaking Point servers and giving the source code for the mod to the public, to use as they see fit. I'm bringing this information here, because I know we have a lot of content creators and modders. I'm hoping someone can use the source code here to possibly implement the basebuilding systems they used in Breaking Point with Ravage, or maybe even use some of the ideas to mix with Ravage. My favorite Arma map of all time is the New Haven map, which was exclusive to the Breaking Point mod. That map is an apocalypse style map with bridges that have been blown up, farm lands and closed in barricaded towns where it looks like the crap hit the fan, etc. Regardless... the Breaking Point mod was the most impressive full conversion I've ever seen. Definitely worth sharing this information with everyone! Here is Deathly's official announcement... Here is the source code...
  4. I have no problems searching lootpiles as well. I'm super excited about the new version of Ravage coming! I have a youtube series that I want to continue and have been waiting for the new version to come out.
  5. The only time I've seen vehicles sitting still, are times when the vehicle ran into something that was in the middle of the road and wrecked. It happens a lot on Esseker, for example... because of the apocalypse style of the map, there are wrecked vehicles which sit still and block the middle of the road in certain places.
  6. I have been scrambling on the internet over the last few months trying to figure out a way to implement some sort of basebuilding system with Ravage. I have found i-build on workshop but I have no idea how to implement it. I have seen the EDN fortification mod, but it's not really what I'm looking for. The best basebuilding system that I have ever seen for Arma was the Breaking Point basebuilding system. You see... in Breaking Point, you are able to lock and secure buildings that already exist in the game, instead of having to chop trees and make wood and build from the ground up. I always thought that this system made more sense than building from the ground up. If the zombie apocalypse ever did hit, people would secure houses that already exist. They would likely avoid building new houses until society has gotten back together.
  7. I continue to have the same problems as a mission maker. I cannot figure this out. I've read countless other threads on this topic and can't get a straight answer from anyone. I keep getting conflicting information. First... how do I get custom made loadouts to respawn the way I made them? I will give custom player loadouts a specific gun and uniform, for example, and every time I die in game, it reverts back to the template and has none of the same starting gear I had. I also need to know how to override character profiles made on Arma? For example, if I give my character profile sunglasses, every time I play Arma, my character has sunglasses. Is there a way as a mission maker to override this? If I want my player loadouts to start with a shemag on instead of having glasses on, can this be overridden?
  8. I had someone reply to one of my missions that they were getting this error code Vehicle class Ravage_ai no longer exists Anyone know why this might be?
  9. Has anyone seen the Taunus map on workshop yet? I'm going to test a new Ravage mission I am working on tonight, on that map. It has a real "New Haven" kind of feeling, in my opinion, which is great, because I consider New Haven the best Arma map for zombie apocalypse scenarios. New Haven was the Breaking Point original map. Side note... Deathlyrage (the guy who created Breaking Point) is going to release the New Haven map for everyone to use! The second that comes out, I'm going to put a Ravage mission on workshop. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! I love that map! If anyone wants to stop by and see me that would be cool... I usually start around midnight US Eastern standard time, about a half hour from now...
  10. I just posted my latest Ravage workshop mission. It's pretty straight forward and simple. Ravage in Esseker. This is set up for open roam with no end game other than to Survive. Everything is optimized to maximize bandit and zombie counts without killing frames per second. Hope everyone enjoys it!
  11. I am working on a new workshop mission for the Esseker map, which requires CUP Terrains Core. Am I going to have any compatibility issues?
  12. I have MP save and respawn enabled. Should I turn both off?
  13. I had someone who played one of my missions say that they tried to connect to a friends MP server and every time they try to spawn in the character dies by itself right away. Any ideas what might cause this?
  14. I just posted a new workshop mission... Just a general Ravage in Altis MP survival sandbox. Four players. You only need Ravage and CBA_A3. You can use optional mods like RHS, CUP, etc. Hope you like it! I'm going to stream this with some friends tonight. Come by and see me...
  15. Just finished episode 06 of my "Ravage" series on YouTube. This is much closer to the "Escape From Tanoa" first episide I did. It's an hour long and picks up right where everything left off at the end of episode 05. I had planned on doing this episode on Namalsk but had a change of heart at the last second. Decided to go with Esseker instead. Had a lot of fun playing this!