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  1. Ravage Mod

    This lists "civilian weapons"? Are the AI in Ravage classified as civilians? I'm looking to make the AI OPFOR and Independent and I want to assign a specific uniform (not so much weapons) to OPFOR and Independent roaming AI. I also wondered if I can create a generic loadout for AI and call using the INIT field of the AI Ravage module?
  2. Ravage Mod

    I think Haleks removed the scenario from the last version of Ravage. I'll have to wait until he releases it seperately I think.
  3. Ravage Mod

    So I create a custom loot list. Once I create the list, what do I name the file or do I just put everything into the init.sqf?
  4. Ravage Mod

    I'm looking for help with a mission I'm planning. I'm trying to figure out how to add custom gear to the AI that spawn in Ravage. I would like to set a different loadout for both opfor and independent roaming AI. I know how to create a loadout_generic.sqf and get playable characters to spawn with the same gear. I'm just trying to figure this one thing out and can't seem to pin it down.
  5. Ravage Mod

    Yeah the vanilla showcase is tough man. Probably not for a beginner. lol When are you guys going to update the "Ravage Escape" mission you made? That was so much fun. Would love to play through it again actually.
  6. Ravage Mod

    Ravage is not a mission. It's a framework. What map are you talking about? It sounds like you are blaming the framework for the poor way another person set a mission up. For me personally... the running zombies can be OP. That's why they are set to a minimum in all of my workshop missions. They exist, just to a small degree. I have four Ravage workshop missions that are still being updated and changed regularly. You are welcome to check them out... https://steamcommunity.com/id/donnie_plays/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 Day of the Dead has a story and ending. I'm looking into adding more custom sounds than what I already have added. The other three missions are sandbox style missions, intended to give Arma players a DayZ sandbox style experience with no end game, other than to survive. There is one mission for Altis, Stratis and Chernarus Redux.
  7. Ravage Mod

    I hopped on your server last night for a little while. Only played for about an hour but it was fun. I'm telling people about it. It's the first actual dedicated Ravage server I have seen. Everything ran well. I was getting 120fps with a decent amount of zombies and AI. I had no problems with loot at all.
  8. GI JOE and COBRA

    This looks outstanding! I'm very interested in this. I'm a big GIJOE fan and do not understand why there is not more content. I found some GI JOE mods for Arma 2 a few years ago and did a fun youtube video with what I had. I would love to do more stuff with Arma 3. Looking forward to seeing this project continue.
  9. Ravage Mod

    I have released my first "Escape" style mission on workshop with tasks, a story and ending. I'm planning to expand upon it. I have a question though for mission makers out there. I have entered an intro title text to my mission. I did this with a font Arma allows. I would like to change the font in my intro to the Weltron Urban font. How do I get this font text into my intro? I have looked around but can't find a good answer. Here is the mission for anyone who is interested. It's based on George A. Romero's "Day of the Dead" movie from the 80's. It starts at the end of the movie when everyone realizes they have to evacuate the underground base. The point of the mission is to fight, survive and get to a chopper to get out of there. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=863692776
  10. Ravage Mod

    I love the new search wheel with holdaction. I may have found a bug. While playing hosting a MP game, searching garbage piles and containers only works until the character dies. If you respawn, the option to search goes away. I tried this with just the Ravage and CBA mods being used.
  11. Ravage Mod

    Just released on workshop... DayZ Redux http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1142471713 Simply an open world survival sandbox. No end game other than to survive. For anyone who is curious what the purpose of my workshop Ravage missions are... they mainly exist to give Arma players a chance to have a DayZ style experience without having to own a bunch of DLC or download too many mods. I am planning on adding more to this. I also have sandbox missions for Esseker, Altis and Stratis... http://steamcommunity.com/id/donniepcgames/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410
  12. Ravage Mod

    One of my friends said he got the ibuild mod to work with Ravage, but I'm not sure how it works. I'm assuming you need to collect resources in order to build? Example... cutting trees, etc. I personally prefer locking existing houses, for immersion if for no other reason. That's what people would do in an apocalypse situation. No one would go building new houses.
  13. Ravage Mod

    Breaking Point does not only have basebuilding. They have THE BEST basebuilding system in all of Arma, in my opinion. In BP... you can lock and secure buildings that already exist. You can set traps so that if people try to break in they might get blown up. You do have to gather resources in order to be able to make a haven (or base). You have to collect blueprints and specific resources in order to lock the doors. You can also make storage lockers and other things for your base. This may or may not be compatible with Ravage. I have no idea. Either way... there has to be some good ideas and things to use in that source code though. I'm waiting for the New Haven map to get released on workshop, which might be a while, but I can't wait regardless. It's my favorite map and I think it will work really well with Ravage.
  14. Ravage Mod

    To Haleks and all modders and content creators... Deathlyrage (also known as Matthew) created the Breaking Point mod for Arma 3. For anyone who is familiar, for five years the BP mod has been one of the highest rated and most played Arma 3 mods. They built quite a community for a long time. They announced today that they are officially closing all the Breaking Point servers and giving the source code for the mod to the public, to use as they see fit. I'm bringing this information here, because I know we have a lot of content creators and modders. I'm hoping someone can use the source code here to possibly implement the basebuilding systems they used in Breaking Point with Ravage, or maybe even use some of the ideas to mix with Ravage. My favorite Arma map of all time is the New Haven map, which was exclusive to the Breaking Point mod. That map is an apocalypse style map with bridges that have been blown up, farm lands and closed in barricaded towns where it looks like the crap hit the fan, etc. Regardless... the Breaking Point mod was the most impressive full conversion I've ever seen. Definitely worth sharing this information with everyone! Here is Deathly's official announcement... http://www.thezombieinfection.com/topic/35139-open-source-shutdown/ Here is the source code... https://github.com/deathlyrage/breakingpointmod
  15. Ravage Mod

    I have no problems searching lootpiles as well. I'm super excited about the new version of Ravage coming! I have a youtube series that I want to continue and have been waiting for the new version to come out.