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  1. Against forum rules. Honestly surprised you haven't picked up on that after hundreds of people make that mistake
  2. Thank you very much, this gives us some more information to work with! What we we really need is a few ref pics on the interior now :)
  3. Hi gents, just wondering if anyone would happen to have any detailed references for the British army's close support tanker? Cheers
  4. At the moment, progress is slow (only two of us working on the mod at the moment; Alex and myself) and we don't really have the "know how" to create these in game to the standard I'm thinking of. If anyone is a capable importer/config writer and would be interested in helping with this, PM me :) Adams
  5. As a note guys, I understand a lot of people want this without the rest of the AM Studios pack so once they're completed they will be released on a standalone version
  6. Oh my bad mate - thought you were talking to Alex :P In that case: not my guy not my problem xD But thanks for the apology none the less
  7. Despite it being Russian, I love this truck - the model is ace!
  8. Wow thanks for that mate! Didn't know it existed. We will look into that :)
  9. Hiya mate. We intend on adding all the crates as well as the trailers made for them. We also want to add in most of the vehicles that were made after we get some work done on them. our biggest issue with all of this is the articulated trailer...
  10. I appreciate that, cheers
  11. Right gents, I suggest that if you wish to shit talk to each other over the internet, at least do it over PM so it doesn't clog up the thread. If a mod could deal with this privately I'd be more than delighted. When people constantly kick up shit about this mod I do doubt my reasoning behind this mod and I've contemplated pausing the creation of this mod several times. It's people who get salty over this, it's pathetic that you actually feel the need to come home from work/school everyday and find some reason to shit post on the forums. If you don't like what you see, keep your trap shut and move on. For you PuFu, as an fyi, English isn't Alex's first language, yet he does just fine. Mocking what he said is just pathetic and pretty comparable to the words of a twelve year old, so I suggest you stop it. So to conclude all of this; stop mocking each other, stop shit posting, stop aggravating each other and stop acting like children. If you want to say something that's mean, it's not worth saying - just sod off. Mods - if there's anything I missed here, feel free to add :)
  12. If you doubt the legitimacy of this "handing over" feel free to speak to the man himself. He gave me a download of all his source material, finished, in progress and not even started (ref images etc). Again, if people don't like this then just don't look at it - problem solved :)
  13. This mod has been handed over to the AM Studios conversion mod as the original author has no time.
  14. Of course we intend on using our own stuff, it would be impossible to finish this mod without it.. Just no screenshots of in game stuff yet and I'm not one for showing ugly pictures