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  1. This is some really nice stuff mate! Well done! If you want a hand with anything (in terms of equipment texturing) let me know as I'd love to help out!
  2. That's a good shout^ however I have been told that all equipment storage etc etc is in the webbing as the plate carrier is primarily just the plate
  3. Maybe (as an idea) you could make the different brigade flashes accessible through the virtual arsenal insignias and then have your regular Regimental flashes as separate uniforms? It would allow milsim units to use the uniforms without having to create custom uniforms just a thought :)
  4. Apologies, must have missed it when I was skimming through the thread
  5. I do have one question, will you make different variants that have different pouch and webbing configurations? Sort of similar to how 3CB have done theirs
  6. Looks absolutely fantastic mate! Love the way you've done the scrim, been waiting for someone to do it like that. Will the equipment follow the same camouflage pattern as the 3CB stuff?
  7. Against forum rules. Honestly surprised you haven't picked up on that after hundreds of people make that mistake
  8. Thank you very much, this gives us some more information to work with! What we we really need is a few ref pics on the interior now :)
  9. Hi gents, just wondering if anyone would happen to have any detailed references for the British army's close support tanker? Cheers
  10. At the moment, progress is slow (only two of us working on the mod at the moment; Alex and myself) and we don't really have the "know how" to create these in game to the standard I'm thinking of. If anyone is a capable importer/config writer and would be interested in helping with this, PM me :) Adams
  11. As a note guys, I understand a lot of people want this without the rest of the AM Studios pack so once they're completed they will be released on a standalone version
  12. Oh my bad mate - thought you were talking to Alex :P In that case: not my guy not my problem xD But thanks for the apology none the less
  13. Despite it being Russian, I love this truck - the model is ace!