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  1. thanks. I didnt see that one. i was looking at a different SQF
  2. it worked for me. so after I got inserted, the heli goes back to spawn point. and lands and waits forever, is there a way to despawn it? so if a new player joins midgame it will spawn again then despawn
  3. Ok i'll try thanks for suggrsting a work around!
  4. Editor has got a bug where i cant change marker colour anymore throught the colour dropdown in the parameter window. Symbol marker colours work but the actual area marker wont work. Please help hoe to fix this. I click the color drop down and the list wont show up.
  5. picthanks. i have tried it as soon as ive seen my reply. im not an expert as you can see, and i get an error message. so i have this code, but it manages to transport me to the insertion point and wait for me to get out then they take off. (that's good) but the error i get isn't ,check out the pic. thanks. I had to spawn a group to be the heli pilot because the spawnvehiclecrew in the spawnhelicopter.sqf does not work for me. if anyone can show better solution it would be helpful thanks!" _heliSpawnPos = ["lzblu", [1000,1200]] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; _helicopter = [_heliSpawnPos, "GR_UH1H_2", 80] call Zen_SpawnHelicopter; sleep 0.5; _grp1 = ["startblu", ["uns_pilot1","uns_pilot2"]] call Zen_SpawnGroup; 0 = [_grp1, _helicopter, "all"] call Zen_MoveInVehicle; sleep 0.5; 0 = [_helicopter, ["startblu", _heliSpawnPos], (group player), "full", 80] spawn Zen_OrderInsertion; sleep 0.5; 0 = [(group player), _helicopter] call Zen_MoveInVehicle; sleep 120; heres the pic
  6. Yes thanks. Im going through it everyday. But i do encounter problems when i wanted to use addon units/vehicles. I have encounterrd a problem when doing the helicopter insertion where it calls the zenspawnheli which is also connected to spawnvehicle crew. I have used the classname for huey helicopter from unsung mod and used pilot from unsung. But when i start the mission me and my squad are in the heli for insertion but no pilot so we crashed to death. But when i use the heli from vanilla i can see the addon pilot driving the heli. So i think the problem is using the addon heli? How do i overcome this? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I have figured out the spawn infantry, in have used the view CFG in editor and to find out the paratmeters and it worked. regarding the capturable town, how would I make it so if the AI counter attacks and players are killed it will turn into their side. wanted it recapturable by East side again when no blu for are present. trying to find tutorial for this but cant find any.
  8. how do i find out the correct parameters for these?
  9. can this framework be used to make capture the town where red marker is on the map when not conquered and will turn green when conquered? also how do I do this what scripts to use?
  10. Thanks. Another one... i think i found some sqf in the frame where u can make the AI be a pilot and take players from base to a certain LZ depending where the active mission is. But now i cant find it in the framework. Not sure if its within this framework or another script. Can someone walk me through this please? Thanks
  11. Thanks it worked. I did try putting 4 men in there it just didnt work the 1st time. the zen_spawninfantry is easier as it can put number of units with just the the scalar value but I cant get it to work with the addon units. I have ready somewhere here i need to look at the cfg file of the addon? then put the faction name of that unit and its corresponding classname?
  12. Hi, im doing a COOP mission for unsung vietnam, but i cant get the vietnamese enemy AI to spawn using Zen_SpawnInfantry can you please help me spawn specific unit. I have tried this _PatrolPosition = ["guard"] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; _group = ["guard", "uns_men_VC_regional_AS1"] call Zen_SpawnGroup; 0 = [_group, "guard"] spawn Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol; but it only spawn 1 enemy, i have added after the comma the same unit but I still get 1. Thanks
  13. Can someone help me please. Im trying to make a defend mission for unsung vietnam. Im trying to make friendly blufor AI to respawn 10 times when they get killed. But it does not work my coding is correct because it works with enemy AI vietnamese units they respawn right back up. One thing i have noticed as well is that when the vietnamese units respawn the units lose their weapons except for their leader.. other units just throw grenades at me but no firearms. Help me solve please thanks