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  1. I don't know if its been reported yet but there is a slight problem with clipping on the russian coat and this on the german one
  2. German Soldiers ride their bicycles through the French countryside. Mods used: IFA3 Lite
  3. nice thanks .kju!
  4. yeah i just tested it its the new 64 bit update hopefully the ifa3 team will release an update fixing it soon
  5. Im having the same problem i think it might have something to do with the new update
  6. Its from the ifa3 wog pack they most likely ported it from i44 for arma 2
  7. Im absolutely loving the fallschirmjäger units this mod adds PS: Sorry about the low resolution image I play arma on a telegraph machine
  8. Is that what i think it is?
  9. Sadly I don't have any modding experience whatsoever or I would love to help
  10. Hello does anyone know if dega parachute works with the c-47 from cup?
  11. Hello I don't know if its been asked already but will the c-47 you plan on releasing be compatible with dega static line jump?
  12. opfor

    Never mind keeway was right it had something to do with niarms Thanks thats what was causing it :D
  13. opfor

    Hi im having a problem everytime i spawn units from this mod in the editor most of the units dont have ammo they spawn with the wrong magazines does anyone know what might be causing this?