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  1. equipment

  2. Old Rascals Club persents Hi everyone,I'm so happy to show u our project in this pack.that was our Alpha version in workshop,hope guys will be like it.please link and like and BTW:the patch's flag if u want to edit ,just unpack and open data/flag/flagXX_co.paa to change.we made 1side empty . this version still have some problem and some bug for real version ,if u think they need rework and fix.please feedback us on workshop page item list. fast maritime (6camo 2size in game ps:the helmet version is kill osama benlade's use) Future plan other versions of helmet(ranger、different variations) CRYE G3(different camo/variations) some vest(maybe) some backpack (maybe) WIP Topic(more information): STEAM DOWNLOAD LINK: THX of you all support and wait!
  3. DEVGRU-Mosol 2017 MODS:SMA retex,RR 6094 and JSOC retex,S4G,RHS,coming so soom ORC helmet,private mods.
  4. DEVGRU-Fight for Homeland. mods:SMA retex,RR JSOC retex,S4G CPC retex,coming so soom ORC helmet,private mods.
  5. equipment

    direone is right,these things is private and not mabe by me.
  6. equipment

    thx of your idea dude,but now high cut is not in our project.
  7. equipment

    HI ALL! Now we are so close to frist release,beta version we got 4 different camo,is time to finishing the final things,THX you all support! Enjoy,and see you soon!
  8. DEVGRU-"Good guy always die...but dude you can't." Mods:RR 6094 and KSK 6094,ORC team gear(WIP),RR JSOC(retex),SMA,CUP All,Private mods
  9. thx to answer,i will take a try!
  10. so great!but the milky way seems like not work.I have tried in Altis and Startis.
  11. DEVGRU-afghan,another day. MODS:SMA,RR KSK 6094 and JSOC,private mods,ORC team's tier 1 gear.
  12. DEVGRU-SEALs,Warriors,Heros MODS:RR 6094 and JSOC(private retex),SOC MOD,SMA,RHS,RHARD MK18,Private mods.
  13. DEVGRU-night in kosovo. MODS:RR 6094 and JSOC(private retex),SOC MOD,SMA,RHS,RHARD MK18,Private mods.
  14. DEVGRU-High on the mountain top mods:RR 6094,RR JPC,RR JSOC,SMA,MK18 alpha,Hidden Identity v3,private mods,ORC team's tier 1 gear pack(coming soon)