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  1. equipment

    nah,i think some other guy is doubt our works.there are need to clarify.
  2. equipment

    Also we can provide invoices of 3D scans service. (sorry they are piss me up,because this helmet is took our time and effort.) anyway have a good day.
  3. equipment

    (important) If there have any misunderstanding about our helmet because the NVG.that was bad,because WE ARE MODELING THE HELMET. Here is UV mapping,they can prove this helmet is completely original. Early in the helmet dev,we used to 3D scan real ops core maritime,we've got a rough model. So this model is not from any game.
  4. equipment

    that was not our works,is from a private mod.just for showing helmets with NVG.
  5. equipment

    Oh i got it.We will make a discuss in our team.Thx to feedback.
  6. equipment

    @warlord554 @road runner Thx a lot to answer! Folks,We got a new size adjust to our batteries and peltors.and that was a different helmet size have to show.(size M/L) Cheers!
  7. DEV...wait?miller?? mods:RHS,CUP,RR KSK,JSOC,private mods,ORC's TIER1 Equipment Pack(wip and coming soon)
  8. equipment

    what idea dude?
  9. equipment

    yep,used before.
  10. Hi guys I'm Memura for ORC mod team,Today we will be show you our mod's and our plans. as you can see the ARMA3's SOF gear mod is More and more but is still Imperfect . We think we can make some new stuff of this,so this mod was born. we hope you enjoy and will be like this,so here is our fist step of the Equipment Packs: a new OPSCORE FAST Maritime. We spent a lot of time on modeling,in real life we have family and job,making mods at same time is not easy.but anyway,here we got a brand new hight quality model,your support and like will be our motivation.thx to ARMA3 community. The Maritime will have more variants(different helmet gear) and camo,also with more different sizes(like M,M/L,X/L,XXL),Refer to the reality sizes of the Maritime make it got more individuation.With a right size comtac II headset.we try hard to be realistic and more meticulous. Here is some testing pics of helmet↓ Pics of model: Preview of different camo Pics in game Soon we will have more helmet preview pics in game with more variants and camo!so pls stay follow us,that will encourage us. P.S. If you want to help us,to make the progress faster and better,pls PM to me,I would appreciate it. anyway,have a good day guys,and.... LONG MAY THE ARMA! Cherrs!
  11. DEVGRU-Boys incoming mods:RHS,SMA,RR 6094,JSOC,SOC MOD,Private mod,FAST Maritime for ORC team's gear project.(WIP and coming soon)
  12. DEVGRU-Midnight action Mods:RR JPC,RR 6094,RR JSOC,SMA,CUP,RHS,VSM,Private mods and retex,FAST Maritime for ORC team's gear projetct(WIP and coming soon).
  13. DEVGRU-Irap,Enduring Freedom. Mods:RR JSOC,RR JPC,RR KSK(retex),RR 6094,MGP,RHS,SMA,FAST Maritime for ORC team's gear projetct(coming soon ;D)
  15. DEVGRU-Red Demons Mods:RH M4,SMA,RHS,SOC mod,RR 6094,RR JSOC,private mods.