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  1. Yes, that's possible. I suggest watching some Arma 3 modding tutorials to see how it's done.
  2. Yup, unfortunately it seems no medical system expansion made it into the DLC :/
  3. Imho Arma is supposed to update automatically once you buy the DLC. Or at least for me it worked.
  4. Depends on which IL-2 title are you referring to /OT
  5. I think its a really nice feature.
  6. Whoa! Edit: First!
  7. Well, they dont have to ask anyone, as there is fixed wing lib from RTDynamics (similar to what BIS use for AFM for helis) available - Besides that i suppose its not a matter of knowledge but instead a matter of available effort.
  8. orange

    I hope for high command improvements so Arma can be played like a tactical RTS :)
  9. Screw the balance, ArmA is supposed to be realistic. I mean, isn't mission designer supposed to balance the scenario he sees fit?
  10. Canister shot would be nice, but considering ArmA 3 doesn't even have shotguns, there's imho small chance it gets implemented.
  11. My very subjective IMHO priorities are: 1) Complex damage model 2) Realistic driving physics There are many other cool ideas in the thread, but for me are just nice to have, not necessary :)
  12. That would be great. Although i would significantly slow down those animation in order to have them realistic...
  13. Is it be possible to create a poll with multiple choices to see what people think should be a priority?
  14. Now imagine the surprise when it happens IRL. I was indeed very surprised :) Though reality provides you with additional effects so you may quickly realize what's wrong...
  15. I don't think huge crew would be any issue, since crewmember in vehicle is basically nothing but a value in variable.