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  1. I'll take a look and try to see what needs to be cleaned up when I get the time. that pack was super fuckin sloppy, sloppier than even my """"good"""" pack. I just took the previous version and cut out everything I updated and relocated, while doing a lot of other stupid things with it.
  2. yes, sorry. I wanted keep the workshop to just the main file, bot really sure why tbh. maybe I was putting my best foot forward or something its cool dude don't worry lol. sorry I was kind of an asshole
  3. Belgian Armed Forces on patrol in Brussels British and Danish Armed Forces during a joint exercise in Denmark Dutch and French UN Peacekeepers on patrol in Mali RHS, WS RHS Extras, 3CB, RH ACC, CSW, RDS Civil, CUP Terrains, MBG Celle 2, GOS N'djenahoud
  4. Arma 3 Aegis (Alpha)

    that's mighty brave of you, I could never commit myself like that lol.
  5. Lowlands Warrior

    I'm itching to get my hands on that C7 NLD too. Looking very good guys!
  6. The Steam Workshop file is updated now. I had some I was testing but they looked shitty so I dropped them. I may revisit them later on though. No, it wasn't. Not sure what the problem, that is strange. Might just be a corrupt download or something, you could try reinstalling and see if that fixes it. I figured the closest I could get to the vest the finnish defense forces use was the 6B23/6Sh116 vest, but it didn't fit the M93 unfortunately. If its really that much of a problem, I can change it I suppose.
  7. I'll get on it later today. Sorry about that.
  8. Version 2.0 Update !111!!11! First page for download link (note, armaholic and the workshop are not up to date yet) Main archive has the new mod. You can delete whatever .pbos you want out of there, it should be pretty modular. Legacy archive has a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit in to my vision for the new mod but I still wanted to be available to anyone who wanted them. And last is the ACU archive, which is an updated version of the standalone ACU. Most of you won't have to worry about this file, its mostly there for those who only want the ACU. When I started getting back to work on this thing, the poll leaned towards no flags on the uniforms, though currently the poll has a majority wishing for flags. Unfortunately, the uniforms do not have flags on them at the moment, but if there's enough outcry, I can add them on there I guess. I hid the old spetsnaz 6B23 vests and the OD harness because I thought they were obsolete thanks to YuEmod and the new ALICE in GREF, but they aren't removed completely. The preview pictures on the first page should have everything in the main file currently. Hope you guys enjoy it, thanks for bearing with me through everything!
  9. I've thought of doing finland, but I've always felt these guys do it way better.
  10. tactical opeations army special force malden (ws rhs extras wip, rhs afrf)
  11. Unfortunately, that is not possible.
  12. If they come after me, I will gladly change it, though I don't see how it would directly infringe on any of the IP of RHS. Appreciate the heads up though, I may want to consider changing it. edit : changed !~