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  1. I saw your post about this problem in another thread too, but since it is not related to that problem I will respond here. At first, lines 418-419 of your log are just warnings, notice the W letter: thread 00000004][W][38551]; errors are marked with 'E'. 'I' stands for info. However, error messages are not quite informative too, since they most likely show errors that happen when things have gone pretty bad already. Notice also (line 404) temporary directory 'C:\tmp\arma3z8I967\' mentioned in your log, which is most likely corresponds to '/tmp/arma3z8I967/' on your system. After every Arma3 crash instance of similar temp directory remains in your /tmp and occupies space here, hence you have less and less time Arma 3 working on every next run. Remove those dirs and you will at least have every crash to be 'first crash' after 30-35 minutes with no need to reboot system. I can't help other than that, but you can also check this feedback tracker howto: search for relevant issues and create a new ticket if not present. Don't forget to attach memory dumps along with RPT log, that might help (check the howto entry 'How to report Game Crash' on this part).
  2. Just finished performing these steps again (after switching from legacyports to main branch): 1. Cleaning download cache in Steam 2. Manually deleting Steam's depotcache directory contents. 3. Downloading 4.8 GiB from main branch 4. Checking files' validity (just in case) NO full reinstall of Arma 3 this time, sorry (I don't have time for this shit) 5. Bad version 72 in p3d file 'a3\vegetation_f_exp\clutter\grass\c_grassbunch_hi.p3d' Nothing changed. I mean not a single bit (I still have list of shasums from the time of my previous post, Jan 2nd; all sums identical, now and then). I don't know what BIS fixed in ports version, it's not in my Steam copy of Arma 3.
  3. Yep, landing Su-25 is challenging. Its landing speed is 210 kmph, make sure you're close. The closer the better. Watch your vertical speed too. Flaps full down for more lift on low speed. Mind the ground effect (more lift near the ground). When you're on the ground, notice the angle your aim makes with the horizon. That means when you aim the horizon on landing, your nose is significantly pitched down. Crash guaranteed. Ideally land on three points, or at least on the back two with lower vertical speed. If you were counting for all of the above you'd have at least 5 of 10 landings done without damage. However, I'd say problem exists. Even landing autopilot 9/10 takes damage on soil airstrips. Not much though, usually couple of percents.
  4. These actual .torrent files we use right now provided by PuFu are made from mod directory, so yeah, partial download is possible. Rehash on update is one of intended BT uses. BT also guarantees bitwise identity of data when finished. So no risk unless you accidentally mess with destination directory and overwrite old one which is still in use. In case of RHS 0.4.2 you could get this numbers just by rehashing directories: 724.0 / 4088.8 for @RHSAFRF and 648.0 / 3935.7 for @RHSUSAF. Not that much as if with delta patching (which is indeed the most effective way) but still something.
  5. First, thank you all RHS Team and all involved community members for your hard work bringing the best Arma 3 mods out there. Second. Please, consider continuing of using BitTorrent as distribution platform. Thank you!
  6. What I've tried so far with main branch: 1. Cleaning download cache in Steam 2. Manually deleting Steam's depotcache directory contents. 3. Full reinstall of Arma 3 (with above steps performed too) Nothing helped, I was still getting bad version 72 error, until switched to legacyports branch. So I decided to find the difference between those branches. Here are lists of shasums of differing files: legacyports: main branch: Steam server used for download: Russia - Novosibirsk There are people in ports users community who are - using Linux - using main branch of Arma 3 in Steam - had no problems with Apex and/or Tanoa I found at least two (and I heard of more), and both of them confirmed they have exact same file ./Expansion/Addons/vegetation_f_exp.ebo in main branch as I have in legacyports (checksum f1a1992bee936b1eae89ce6bc1fef8a32f3e94dc). So I guess there might be some Steam/distribution issue messing the files in branches. That explains BIS QA Team had no problems with main branch either (they might get correct files for main branch).
  7. It's not dev branch you use, it's legacyports one. Access code Arma3LegacyPorts
  8. This contains no useful information about your problem. See details of your crash report (in crash report dialog).
  9. Some older related post and replies to it: this and this. From It's not that mods authors pursue compatibility with Windows only, but more like BIS pursue compatibility of their tools with Windows version of Arma only, so that not only modders' content is incompatible with legacy ports, but even their (BIS) own content is incompatible too! Modders have little to no control of compatibility there. From Assuming branch is not meant to be used at all, I hope non-branch Apex content gets fixed soon.
  10. Yes, Tanoa worked. Campaign missions start, editor opens Tanoa, etc.
  11. Ugh, ok. I made Tanoa great again. In Steam I opted Arma 3 to legacyports branch (using Arma3LegacyPorts as password) -- something I never did since first installed legacy port client (though I did it for dedicated server) in September of 2015 -- had to redownload some 4.7 gigs, then everything worked like a charm.
  12. Yes, verified the cache before reporting. Started without mods.
  13. Apex is out, but the (second) problem still persists, it's only version 72 now, not 71. That is, Tanoa is not playable on legacy ports. We still require -world=... option to start the game. Other than Tanoa, update is playable, I could use new weapons in Virtual Arsenal, etc. If required, rpt-file, crash report, crashdump (.dmp) and .bidmp files are available in archive.
  14. Why do you think this branch will be publicly available? Has "port_158" branch become available? And yeah, "legacy" 1.62 branch is not for ports.
  15. That is not C++: there's no extends syntax in it. That is not Java also which has that extends syntax but does not have destructors. Of course that is not C also (because of classes and inheritance). It may be some other language, looking a bit like Java and C++, having files named after C (to be more confusing I guess), and usable nowhere else in the Universe except under DayZ hood. Knowing proper C++ has limited use here.