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  1. Sabre is running into the same problem I am. It's not the plane that's the issue, but rather the faction and it's vehicle class that does not appear to work. The custom faction appears in the game, but the custom vehicle classes do not. It's odd. Thank you for all your help so far. Hang on, I just thought of something incredibly stupid. I think I understand what you're saying. Let me check something now....
  2. Nothing, and I'm curious as to what it should inherit from.
  3. Ahh, that would make sense. Thanks, I'll have a look into it Edit: I've looked through the game's cfg for factions, and I don't see anything that I'm missing. I'm just stuck it seems.
  4. Ah well, that's a shame. My next best suggestion would be to patiently wait for a release of another version of Operation North Star (ONS). You can download an old version from Armaholic here. Or follow their development here: Be warned, it appears development is slow. Addon makers have lives, too
  5. Hey all, sorry if this is has already been answered, I've searched the internet and can't find an exact remedy. If there is already a post answering this, please just point me to it. Sorry then. Anyways, so my problem is with the custom vehicle classes being overwritten. What I mean by this is that after I make a custom faction, and custom vehicle Classes, the faction appears in game yet the vehicle Class names do not. Instead, they are replaced by the vanilla "planes", "cars", "men", etc for the type of unit respectively. For example: class CfgFactionClasses { class test_fac { displayName = "My Test Fac"; author = "hnchmc"; flag = "\a3\Data_f\Flags\flag_quontrol_co.paa"; icon = "\a3\Data_f\Flags\flag_quontrol_co.paa"; side = 2; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class test_fac_vehicleclass_testplanes { displayName = "Test planes"; }; class test_fac_vehicleclass_testcars { displayName = "Test cars"; }; }; Then, when applied to vehicles using side = 2; faction = test_fac; vehicleClass = "test_fac_vehicleclass_testplanes"; in game it reverts back to the vanilla vehicle classes, where they're found under "planes" or "cars" Maybe I'm missing something? Anything helps
  6. Have you tried the CAF Mod for Arma 3?
  7. Duda, you are a tank Only an hour after having the suggestion to have a gun emplacement on a train, he goes and makes it so. Continue the excellent work, I just don't know how you do it.
  8. Figured I'd give a little update here. in005 contacted me about the little autogyro for his Mad Arma mod. I've made this specific version a standalone from both my planned release of the hornet autogyro and Sabre's aircraft library dependency to be specifically included in this mod. Some repathing and a making a rough texture later, here's in along side some of the other vehicles. I'm going to work on the texture as it's a rough looking WIP thing, and re-map some of the textures (some parts are stretched). I may also do some modeling to make the current autogyro look more like the one seen in the movie, as pictured above. Keep an eye out, it may be in that pack soon.
  9. This is quickly becoming one of my most favourite things in Arma 3...
  10. Wow... I just don't know how you script so well. Amazing work as always, and looks great! BI, you guys are going to need to make a train interior now...
  11. Looks pretty cool, I'll keep an eye on this May I make a suggestion? Keep it clean. Have the payload internal. Either that, or just throw it between the main undercarriage. Best of luck with this project.
  12. Sweet Jesus, that's a big ship I thought the first one was big, but it looks like you've decided
  13. @in005 Well, if you have a model of that, I'll gladly make it, since my modeling skills are terrible However, maybe we can arrange a copy of the auto gyro I made to end up in your mad max pack, and have it supported. It won't be exactly like the one flown by the Gyro Captain, but hey, it's an autogyro PM me if you're interested
  14. That drawing is so beautiful, it's going on the fridge Anyhow, here's what the trainer looks like (courtesy of Helijah's website)-
  15. Well I suppose we think alike. I've already created one for CSAT Viper. I'm currently at work writing this, so I'll attach an image of it when I get home :) **ADDED** Here's the images of the current liveries :)