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  1. Looks pretty cool, I'll keep an eye on this May I make a suggestion? Keep it clean. Have the payload internal. Either that, or just throw it between the main undercarriage. Best of luck with this project.
  2. Sweet Jesus, that's a big ship I thought the first one was big, but it looks like you've decided
  3. @in005 Well, if you have a model of that, I'll gladly make it, since my modeling skills are terrible However, maybe we can arrange a copy of the auto gyro I made to end up in your mad max pack, and have it supported. It won't be exactly like the one flown by the Gyro Captain, but hey, it's an autogyro PM me if you're interested
  4. That drawing is so beautiful, it's going on the fridge Anyhow, here's what the trainer looks like (courtesy of Helijah's website)-
  5. Well I suppose we think alike. I've already created one for CSAT Viper. I'm currently at work writing this, so I'll attach an image of it when I get home :) **ADDED** Here's the images of the current liveries :)
  6. On a side note- I may be doing a tandem, dual control trainer auto gyro in the future. Would anyone be interested if I added a mounted MG (say something 7.62 or bigger) in the rear seat to aim only on the one side, or would you prefer it to be firing from vehicle from the rear seat?
  7. Hello everyone, I decided to share a little thing that has been sitting on my hard drive since (I'm sorry for this joke) last year. Thanks to Helijah for the model, I imported the Hornet Auto Gyro in Arma 3. It was a little side project that I did to show, teach and be a proof of concept aircraft for a friend of mine who I am teaching. Started off pretty simple with it belonging to the civilian side. Then, I decided what the hell, and strapped a .50 and 4 rockets to the side of it, with a couple of grenades dropped by the pilot. It has some great STOL capabilities and flies at roughly 80 KM/H in cruise. Currently the auto gyro is found under BLUFOR, OPFOR, and CIVILLIAN, with it's armed variants under the armed factions. *Side note* I just realized I left the instruments out. Oops. The three of them will be added shortly Here's some screenshots of it. Here's a little video showcase of the auto gyro I won't be releasing it until the friend I am helping is finished with their import of an auto gyro, but hopefully that will not be too much longer PS, if there's any flight model magicians out there, can you help me? It's a stubborn thing to slow down, and I'm not sure what's causing that. Any advice? If you have any comments or suggestions with what I should add/do with the auto gyro, feel free to tell me :)
  8. Couldn't agree more with NightIntruder. Along side hoping for a better flight model in the DLC, the points he brought up are desperately needed. The aircraft should be affected regarding CoG and it's all-around maneuverability in flight along side the visual aspect. I'd love to see fire effects from the engines, something better than the one I made for Sabre's and my aircraft. And, I suppose stoking the fire, not always are the aircraft brought down by missiles, but small arms and cannons from aircraft alike. I second the motion to give some love to wing destruction, as said before they are the biggest surface on an aircraft and are the most commonly damaged. CAS aside, close dogfights employ the use of an aircraft's cannons and air-to-air combat aircraft are all outfitted with cannons, even in the modern age (As was proved to the U.S. government by the lack of cannons on the F-4 and since then have required air combat aircraft to have cannons). Besides the fact of air to air, surface to air missiles usually hit wings as that again is the biggest surface area of the aircraft. Just my two cents. Can't wait for the DLC
  9. With the model.cfg
  10. Does it not do it automatically? You could do an animation with the engines selection, then use speed as the source... Possibly this in your config.cpp: vtol = 3; // V-44 Blackfish, VTOL using a vectoring near the ground (to avoid blades collision with ground) But I think you should try making an animation with speed as its source. That should work
  11. What do you mean by increments? As in a multi-position animation? (0 degrees of engine rotation, 20 degrees, 60, 90?) Or do you mean how fast it moves or far it goes?
  12. To help with your cfgs: Includes the A-164, The V-44 and the Caesar BTT for config examples. And take a look at this for model animation source: Look at thrust vectors, that's what you want.
  13. Odd. It's always worked for me. I'll copy and paste my animation from my P40 here: That's always worked for me. Odd that it isn't for you O_o
  14. Try removing the rotation inheritance and do what I did?
  15. I think I found it. I've noticed when you have two selections using the same animation source, they are inverse of each other. So, I either recommend adding both your elevator selections to one single one, or making them negative/positive of each other. Here, I'll fix your animations. //Option 1 class Elevator: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="elevator"; selection="elevator"; //Changed to one single selection, includes what used to be elevatorL and elevatorR axis="elevator_axis"; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=-0.49916399; angle1=0.49916399; }; //Option 2 class ElevatorL: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="elevator"; selection="elevatorL"; axis="elevatorL_axis"; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=-0.49916399; angle1=0.49916399; }; class ElevatorR: ElevatorL { type="rotation"; selection="elevatorR"; axis="elevatorR_axis"; angle0=0.5; //Noticed I changed the angle 0 from -0.5 to positive 0.5 angle1=-0.5; //Same thing here. }; Likewise, with your aileron, do something like this: class AileronL: Rotation { source="aileron"; type="rotation"; selection="aileronL"; axis="aileronL_axis"; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=-0.43633199; angle1=0.52359903; }; class AileronR: AileronL { selection="aileronR"; axis="aileronR_axis"; }; See if that works?