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  1. wait, this mod fixes the aiming deadzone? that function in Arma 3 named "FreeAim/DeadZone Aiming" i remeber the issue that haven't been fixed year or more ago, when you zoom while aiming at the border of deadzone your aim is going to centralize
  2. remember when it was? Also RHS said long ago that there will be only US and RU?, well its RHS they do what they want to do, maybe a little bit later we could see some Sa80 rifles
  3. hey, when can we expect update for Prei Khmaoch Luong with non-apex owners, bi relased with malden Tanoa structures and stuff. My unit tried to play on your map but guys without apex couldn't connect, but when we switched to other terrain that is based on apex too everything was fine
  4. IF* up-armored humvees are made, RHS makes what he want's, but your comment confirms that are humvees are in the works?
  5. Looks nice, hey i have question about magazines, do you have any plans to add dynamic mags, like in VTN mod or NiArms?
  6. for you its meme, for me nice weapon: And i wonder how RHS is going to do their RPK im sure they will do it better for now its just placeholder for our unit
  7. because noone did it, as i remeber corectly Red Hammer studio do what they want to do, i Still wait for change scope of Sraw, for me works pretty well :p, and for that RPK you mentioned, its done but you need to put a model, really thats all
  8. im polish just i changed it for my polish unit, for these who wonder what that functions does, if you want i will add you credits in config, not only as a author of addon
  9. private ["_vehicle"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; fnc_Sgu_Odrzut = { _vehicle = _this select 0; if {player in {Crew_Vehicle}} then { addCamShake [1.2, 1, 45]; }; }; _vehicle addEventHandler {"Fired",{{{_this Select 0}} call fnc_Sgu_Odrzut;}}; what im doing wrong?
  10. Hey mate, i've got question, is your Hilux variants still can be downloaded i ported hiluxes by myself and i need for my unit some skins, could you send me these? for now we have only 1 skin woodland, im loving your mod, and i need skins for only personal use and if i will ever publish it for my unit i will give you all credits
  11. well, a lot of groups use full RHS because often it dependts on each other
  12. not going to revive it, but im at vacation and i wonder if they fixed it
  13. im not sure, but they could just remove FFV slots and make interiors or not? and animated hatches, seems a lot of work but new model?
  14. about 2, maybe a another variant that have hatches instead of sitting on? Of course if you could, and can, just a idea for you guys
  15. well i did, if noone mind i can put link here